Hi Matt. Bruce Yaffe here. (You and your dad know me) The real question is why is this drug not even being studied in western academic centers when in fact it has been vetted by some very serious infectious disease people. In fact the head biostatistician of the NHS put out a YouTube plea to Boris Johnson to encourage academic evaluation of this medicine and her plea was taken down off of YouTube.

I have been using this drug on my patients since March 2020, and have had very good clinical results across-the-board. I have been pleading with academics to research this product in an academic center. It’s inexpensive generic, safe and a very easy product to study.

A simple study would involve treatment of 50 patients with fever treated early with ivermectin versus 50 treated with placebo and after two weeks there could be a very simple outcome study at very little cost.

This has been done in centers around the world in at least 38 randomly controlled studies, but there are no studies ongoing in western academic centers and there’s no explanation as to why there is no study ongoing!

I approached a serious academic center last April before it was a political issue and I was shocked that there was no interest.

Ivermectin has in the past showed some benefit in other virus illnesses such as Mers Sars, and aids. Many studies in small far and institutions show that it works preventatively, in early disease, and even in advanced Covid.

One study even suggest a 70% decrease in mortality. Why is this not even being studied???

And why is it being suppressed and taken down like hate speech??? I do realize that this could cost the pharmacy industry billions, but I cannot personally fathom that the pharmaceutical industry’s interests are not totally focused on ending Covid‘s global holocaust.

It’s insane that Dr Marik and Dr Kory are being accused of quackery. It is equally upsetting that QAnon has adopted this cause now and accusing the deep state of suppressing a valuable product. I would hate to believe that this gives Qanon credibility.

I believe that Ultimately this drug will be proven to be of great value and in retrospect this will be one of the greatest tragedies of medicine.

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Simple: It's illegal to bypass the usual red tape and deploy an "emergency" vaccine unless all other alternatives have been thoroughly exhausted. And this emergency vaccine has turned out to be VERY profitable. Not to mention that mRNA "vaccines" have gone from "promising but experimental" to "largest trial of unproven medicine in human history". in order for this to happen, they had to sell the story that there were ZERO other possible alternatives. Hydroxychloroquine was easy. Just mention that Trump supported it and watch the lemmings form ranks. Ivermectin was harder and required this kind of full court press to suppress even the POSSIBILITY of its effectiveness.

I'm not against properly vetted and tested vaccines, but you won't get me to take any of these. I had a family member end up in the hospital from the Moderna one. They were told in no uncertain terms that it was the direct result of the vaccine, and they if they hadn't come to the hospital when they did, they would've died. (And I know that the J&J vaccine isn't mRNA, but it has its own problems.)

Now to be clear, I have no earthly idea if ivermectin, or hydroxychloroquine, or vitamin D, or any of the other alternative treatments are effective. But their life saving potential is irrelevant as long as they threaten profits.

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Well, as a retired NP who has been studying Covid treatment possibilities studiously and unrelentingly for the last year and almost half, I’ve had the pleasure of helping 20 different people, mostly in their 60s, 70s, and upper 80s, follow the FLCCC -I-Mask+ protocol for early treatment of SARSCov2 infection. Everyone has done beautifully, even people with comorbidities besides just their age. Not one person has had to go to the hospital, not one person has gotten Covid-organizing pneumonia, not one person has ever dropped their oxygen saturations and not one person has developed Long Covid. I’ve been on it for prevention since September. Yes, it works. Does it ever!! As research has progressed, I recommend adding fluvoxamine to the I-Mask+ regimen which the FLCCC recently added as well. Get well and get well fast. Or better yet, take ivermectin weekly and virtually never get infected in the first place.

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This was a great article that dealt primarily with the censorship issues around scientific discussion. That is an urgent matter that needs to be highlighted. But let me focus on ivermectin as a treatment for Covid, since I have followed this drug's story very closely over the last few months.

If I have one complaint with Matt's piece it is that it is agnostic with respect to the effectiveness of ivermectin - fair enough, he is new to this issue, is not a doctor, and does not want to be tarred with the same brush as the people he is profiling. But at this point the results are in. Over the last few months the evidence for the effectiveness of the medication has been established as essentially dispositive. Many countries have started using it with - indeed - miraculous results.

The most dramatic example is India. Remember all of the hubbub a few weeks ago that India was going to be drowning in Covid corpses? The discussion around Bill Gates' refusal to drop the patents on the vaccines so that the Indians could vaccinate their people, or else disaster? You don't hear about India anymore and that is due to the wide use of ivermectin, particularly in the most populous states. Ivermectin was widely distributed in Uttar Pradesh, for example, following which Covid cases fell off a cliff. Same for Goa and Gujarat. Sadly, Tamil Nadu stayed within the medical establishment's dictates of ivermectin dismissal and they have paid a steep price. See: https://youtu.be/pQiv8I9Peqk?t=2776 for chapter and verse on how much magic ivermectin can bring to this problem.

Even the normally reserved Dr. Campbell of Covid internet fame is now frustrated at the obstinate lack of interest by the medical establishment in this medication: https://youtu.be/R0-90kvoQac?t=626 .

Ivermectin aside, this crisis has been revelatory of the corruption of our medical establishment. The larger scandal is how the scientific narrative around treating Covid has been cattle-shooted into ‘vaccination for everybody or else you are a dangerous yahoo’ as opposed to – say – an emphasis on treatments that are cheap and widely available. Specifically, if the real objective of our medical establishment is the health of our citizens (looking at you, Dr. Fauci), these three questions deserve a good reply:

1) Why no discussion about the importance of bolstering the immune system? Almost all studies show that the people most in danger of dying from this disease (the old, the fat, people of color, etc.) have very low levels of Vitamin D in their system; almost no one that has high levels of D has severe complications from the disease. (Vitamin D is key in regulating the immune system and is particularly important in moderating the ‘cytokine storm’ that takes place in the second week of the disease and that can prove fatal.) Not a peep about Vitamin D from our health thought leaders when they should be shouting it from the rooftops.

2) Why the immediate dismissal of hydroxychloroquine when it was first proposed by Didier Raoult, one of the top epidemiologists in the world, in early 2020? (Ok, yes, in the US Trump's advocacy did not help but that was not a significant factor in Europe and the establishment pushback there was just as fierce.) There was never any real curiosity about its effectiveness from the medical community; indeed, its use was actively sabotaged via fraudulent, and since retracted, studies in prominent medical journals. In fact, while not a magical cure, it is quite effective at reducing mortality when taken early in the course of the disease. Did the fact that HCQ has long been off patent and sells for pennies a pill play a role in the obstinate disinterest of Fauci and his epigones?

3) Why is ivermectin currently being ignored by the medical community?Like HCQ, ivermectin is off patent and dirt cheap; unlike HCQ, it is a magic pill. Its effectiveness against the disease, both as a treatment and a prophylactic, is remarkable (see the links above). Yet the medical community continues to oppose it and discussion from the authorities is non-existent or censored.

The lack of answers to these three questions has caused the scales to drop from my eyes regarding the medical profession in this country. It is a rigged game and Big Pharma is the house. For those seeking a good accounting of the corruption that has taken place during the Covid crisis, the best book that I have run across is “Big Pharma Démasqué” by Xavier Bazin. Unfortunately it is in French, but he footnotes everything he says and the cumulative effect is a damning chronicle of our entire western health care complex, which is an unholy alliance of captured regulators, medical authorities, and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Ivermectin was buried because it would have voided the emergency use status of these $billions-making vaccinations. Scandal writ large. Creepy corporate psychopath-ridden Big Pharma through and through.

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Thank you so much for covering this. I've been following the Dark Horse Podcast. This censorship cannot be allowed. It's about to get a lot worse if people don't put their foot down right now and say "no more." This should be the red line for everyone. Forcing children to get vaccinated with new experimental technology, and using ice cream to try and coerce them, is as Brett Weinstein said, evil.

However, as bad as things are now, it does get worse if nothing is done, but it's also possible to defeat this stuff. I think if we consider the discussions around the Great Reset, it's important to recognize that these discussions about healthcare and rights are part of a much broader attempt to overhaul Western society and bring it under the kind of dystopian technocratic feudalism so unabashedly promoted by the World Economic Forum crowd.

That being said, then I hear Klaus Schwab openly talking--with a straight face--about everyone getting microchips under their skin so that they can directly interact with the digital world within the next ten years:


While many don't even want to look at some of this stuff, I think of the story of the Olympian Gods and Prometheus, as told by Aeschylus in his Prometheus Bound. The titan Prometheus stole fire from the Gods in order to give it to mankind. Though Prometheus was punished by Zeus for doing so (he was chained to a rock with a crow pecking at his liver for 10,000 years), Prometheus never let up, because he foresaw the blindness of Zeus, his pride and power lust, and he understood the true nature of humankind, which was something wholly other than what Olympians saw. These Olympian types see humans as beasts, and they don't really appreciate or understand creativity.

The reality is that a lot of this censorship is now creating something very much like a Promethean impulse within society. People who would in another time not done anything, or even thought about certain things, are suddenly activated and compelled to act. This is beautiful, and I think we should approach even the darkest of these developments with a sense of optimism. The oligarchy, the "Gods of Olympus," do overplay their hands.

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Asked our family doctor for an Ivermectin script for prophylaxis use. She said she’d be fired. She then said her father is a doctor in Nigeria, regularly prescribes it, and has had great success beating back SARS 2.0. Follow the $$$….

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"Ivermectin was an alluring possibility, Hill said, because a course of treatment in third world countries costs just $1-$2 . . ."

I think you identified the problem right here.

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Thank you. Great article. I think time will come when you, Greenwald, Mate, Weinstein and a few others should consider joining forces under a single media brand name to crush other media and overcome tech censorship. I have nothing personal against them but it’s increasingly obvious they stand in the way of us building a thriving and balanced society because of their so many conflicts of interest.

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The most interesting aspect of this story(to me) is the transformation and subjugation of the open internet to this suppressed/oppressed model of controlled speech

Another interesting development is the lack of understanding of Science and the destruction of Science and Scientists credibility.

It’s a strange time.

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I think we were heading here eventually but the anti-trump movement made it a requirement to stop him and now it is built-in to everything and almost everywhere.

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The premier of Manitoba explained it quite well in a recent press conference. When asked why ivermectin was not being discussed as a therapeutic or prophylactic, he responded that Manitoba’s major export is drug manufacturing. In other words, he inadvertently admitted that there’s no money in it for the drug manufacturers and his job is to keep them happy.

If you had asked me two years ago whether I thought pharmaceutical companies were so malicious and our politicians so cynical that they would collaborate to suppress an inexpensive treatment in a crisis I would have said no way.

Today, I am fully convinced that they are suppressing cheap treatments and they are pushing exceedingly hazardous ones in the form of gene therapies that they call vaccines because the FDA changed the definition for them last fall so they could.

In all honesty, I can see this ending with executives and regulators hanging from lampposts because of their complete abandonment of professional and personal ethics, no matter whether it was motivated by greed or fear. Our elites have failed miserably, perhaps we’ll take note of it for next time or maybe we’ll continue to be sheep.

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Matt, it is my understanding that if there were known effective and available covid treatments, that it is against the law to grant an EUA for a vaccine. If this is true, it makes perfect sense why the information was so controlled, especially considering big pharma is the top contributor for commercial revenue (in non-election years) to media as well as to congress.

Please follow-up on this and report it.

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The irony here is that from all accounts ivermectin has little or no side-effects. Yet, vaccines with unknown side effects and a special exemption from lawsuits for their big pharma manufacturers have been rushed to the market; patient beware!

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I still haven't had anybody explain to me what business this is of anybody but me and my doctor? If we both think that it can help, what's the issue? Are Joe Biden & Mark Zuckerberg now in charge of our healthcare decisions?

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"One of the challenges of the pandemic period is the degree to which science has become intertwined with politics."

And one of the most revealing things about the pandemic is how emotional, partisan, and actually primitive most Americans are. For all the claims by the enlightened that they "follow the science", in reality they are no more scientifically literate--or inclined--than primitive villagers supplicating their favorite shaman and eager to burn witches.

Perhaps its a good thing to see the veil ripped from our pseudo-educated society, and we can more openly yell at each other purely on emotional and ideological grounds. Of course, this means that other pretenses, like fair and unbiased media, have also been umasked.

Does this mean the American experiment is nearing its end? I would like to hope not, but I see too many human and institutional factors actively working against it.

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