“which was like a leftist version of The View“…

Wait, what?

Wouldn’t that just be “The View”?

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The Hill should have run Halper’s piece and then done another segment on why she’s over simplifying the situation to simply parrot the likes of Tlaib who is in no doubt as anti-Semitic as anyone can be.

Then they could have run a piece taking apart what actually happens with Hamas in Palestine and Israel and who attacks whom and why.

Then, in a random act of journalism, they could have looked into how and why the journalist was killed and informed us of the circumstances.

And then as an aside they could have looked into what would happen to you if you’re LGBTQ in Palestine.

After that perhaps they could also look at which country besides Israel is a democracy in the Middle East and how women are treated in Arab countries as opposed to Israel.

Maybe after that some more actual journalism could have helped us all to understand how Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) is being used against Israel by Palestine.

That would have gone some small way to reassuring us we were enjoying some professional journalism.

This way, the way this is all being presented, including disappointingly by Mr Taibi, is not telling the whole story and consequently as journalism is as guilty of omission as commission.

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Israelis would probably dispute that taking statements from Amnesty International/Human Rights Watch at face value really counts as "approaching the subject with great care". They're about as impartial regarding Israel as the Kremlin is regarding Ukraine.

That said, Katie absolutely should not have been fired over it.

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I've never understood the insistence on using "Apartheid" as an epithet against Israel. AFAIK, Arabs can and do vote in Israel and serve in Knesset. However Amnesty or other Progressive-captured NGOs define Apartheid to make use of it in this case must be tortured. So I stopped reading there.

It's too bad Katie got fired but maybe she shouldn't parrot stupid arguments. If Israel is some horrible bad actor tell me why, don't try to trick me into thinking Arabs in Israel have no rights.

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This is a sickening sob story. Israel is an apartheid nation? How then is it that the Arabs called Palestinians are members of the ruling Knesset coalition that was finally able to dispatch Netanyahu?

How is it that they even have voting rights?

Show me an Arab nation with Jews in their ruling legislature/government? Let alone a substantial Jewish population. Members of my family were born in Iraq and Syria and were chased out after 1948. They weren’t paid for their homes. They aren’t allowed back in.

And what about the Arabs who started wars in 1948, 1967 and 1973 to erase Israel from the map? Even today, the common refrain among Arabs is a “Palestine” from the river to the sea. Their operating charters say their goal is to destroy Israel. They shoot thousands of rockets without provocation. They blow up busses with innocents on them. They are terrorists.

But these idiots who criticize Israel never address these facts. They never address that the so-called occupied territories were taken in WAR and were considered strategically important to serve as a buffer from which three wars of annihilation had previously been launched from?

Where are the urgings to boycott and sanction these murderous people?

Arabs were given many opportunities (foolishly offered in my opinion) to have their own state. At the end of the Clinton presidency, Arafat was offered 90% of what he wanted. (It’s common for Israel to make concessions and Arabs to not. But he didn’t take it and went home and intentionally touched off a violent “intifada”.

There is no sympathetic view of the Arabs in the occupied territories from fair minded people. Unless you just don’t give a shit.

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Matt, there is no "Occupied Palestine". 1) there is no "Palestine"--there never has been an Arab state called that, and there isn't one now. If there were, what is its capital? Its' borders? Its currency? Etc. Also, the "Territories" are not "occupied". Israel unilaterally pulled out of Gaza. And Gaza shares a border with Egypt, which Egypt is welcome to allow them to cross. The reason that they very much don't want Palestinians in is something you could dig into further, perhaps.

Israel does make incursions into the WB and Gaza when necessary. It might have something to do with the murderous, antisemitic terror coming from those regions. Wouldn't call it "occupation" though.

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Wow Matt. Super disappointed. First of all greenblatt is right - it’s not apartheid, unless you don’t know what apartheid is. Second what Tlaib said is exactly what all progressives believe so why is that so surprising. Third, no one knows what happened to Abu Akleh and we probably never will, so this lady needs to stop acting like it’s a foregone conclusion. Given how Pallywood treats every other event, including exhuming dead bodies in Jenin to increase death counts, I don’t believe a thing they say. Maybe she shouldn’t lose her job over this but calling Israel an apartheid state is antisemitism.

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The Palestinian’s never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Their leadership is divided between an President who hasn’t stood for election for over a decade and a terrorist organization.

So, apartheid, I don’t think so.

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You can’t be progressive if you aren’t a River to the sea card carrying BDS member. Apartheid. Nice? Sounds Antisemitic to many. Israel, while not perfect, is the only inclusive Democracy in the Mideast. Palestine sadly has been used as a Proxy enemy of opponents of both Jews and Israel presence in the region. Violent strikes against Jews and the Israeli state happen routinely and emanate from Palestine. Crazed. Make no mistake, the Democratic Party has taken a blind eye to growing Antisemitism in the Progressive wing of the party. I imagine it’s ok because it’s a requirement. ;) Groovy.

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I think its time to resign the phrase "quiet part out loud" to the dustbin of history. There's no quiet parts anymore, everybody's just bat shit crazy out loud. Its like we're all living in a South Park episode.

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Oct 5, 2022·edited Oct 5, 2022

It's not about Israel. It's about the right to speak or think independently. That's no longer tolerated, and this intolerance is practiced by the most annoying, self-proclaimed "tolerators." You know, the "nice" people with the virtue-signaling lawn sign proclaiming their awesomeness who routinely curse out some old guy wearing the wrong hat.

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Oct 5, 2022·edited Oct 5, 2022

Since these "Radar" pieces appear to be opinions, not straight journalism, Katie Harper's was fair game, and The Hill should not have censored it or fired her. You want opinion journalism, Hill executives, opinions come in all flavors.

That said, Katie Halper's opinion is full of shit. Israel is not the "racist apartheid state" she claims; if it were, there would not be one single Palestinian Arabs alive between the river and the sea. To the contrary: the Palestinian population has increased a dozenfold since the founding of Israel. Some racist apartheid genociders those Zionists are, huh, destroying the Arab population like that.

As for "who often tiptoe around the subject of occupied Palestine," seriously, Matt? Israel does not occupy Palestine; the latter disappeared in 1948-49 when Arabs lost the war they started to steal both halves of then-geographic Palestine for a Jew-free Arab State of Palestine. Arab invasions in 1967 and 1973 to accomplish the same theft backfired even more spectacularly, enlarging Israel's legal land space to what it has now.

Rep. Tlaib remains a racist.

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I'm just gonna say it. We have a problem with primarily young female college graduates who end up in jounalism and are motivated to push a radical left and cultural Marxism ideology. I would prefer we don't censor, but when so much of this opinion is out there masquerading as fact, some counter is needed.

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Oct 5, 2022·edited Oct 6, 2022

I love Matt. I love Katie.

What I love most is that the people who respect them enough to pay for their content are calling them out on their Israel Apartheid bullshit.

For the life of me I have no idea where the support for all of that adolescent crap comes from. There is no country in the ME, or most of the world that treats it citizens in a more gender/race equal and democratic manner than Israel. How is that even in question?

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Don't know about this. I like Katie Halper. I hate seeing people getting fired because of opinions. But labeling Israel as an "apartheit" state? Right now there is an election going on there, and Arab parties could determine the next governing coalition (if they turn out and vote). Of course, in Arab states Jews are always welcomed into the governing party, right? But strangely, it's only Israel that gets that label. You offer no evidence that Israel is an "apartheit" state, other than the opinions of assorted individuals and groups, many of whose track records on this subject are well known.

The Hill has first amendment rights, too. Maybe their wish not to be associated with this sort of rhetoric has to be respected.

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Israel is fighting for its existence. Everything else is detail.

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