Beware of the “Military Industiral Complex”. Eisenhower warned us. Second, remember Chuck Schumer’s words about Trump: “If you cross the Intel community they have 6 ways to Sunday to get back at you”. How those words are reigning truth…keep revealing this evil.

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Pls keep the focus on govt involvement, especially the IC that have charters against domestic surveillance.

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What has become disturbingly clear to me through the release of the files, people don’t care. They cannot see the danger and think that the role of government is to police thought, content, and speech. Good students of history and those that have escaped authoritarian systems seem to be the only ones who can intelligently interact with the files. It appears those people are the minority now. It keeps me awake at night. Thanks Matt for your courage.

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I love how Ted Lieu is posting “silly you Matt, don’t you know we’ve been doing this all along, since 2017 (ahem, when Trump was President)”. As though Twitter readers will just say, “Oh, well, OK then”.

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RB is one of the shining lights, like JDore. as far as pop media goes, they are different but important. the corporate "press" has been insane. but i bet it works on a lot of people, at first. gr8 interview. _JC

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What to think of Elon Musk? I don't know. He's too rich and powerful for the rest of us to know his motivations. However, the guy he put in charge of deciphering and reporting the Twitter Files is the ONLY guy in the whole wide fucking world that I trust to do the job!

I think I speak for many in here when I say I'm proud of you, Matt Taibbi! You're standing strong against a hurricane. You are the old man in Poe's 'A Descent into the Maelstrom'. Just keep swimming, Matt. Thanks.

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"Same language like they got a memo or something."

Slow on the uptake again. This was the standard all throughout the Russia! hysteria and Trump's entire presidency. References to 4 a.m. talking points, complete with roles and responsibilities by media organization.

It's all corrupt. You're just now seeing it b/c you are the current target.

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I can’t wait for the twitter files on covid.

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"...I don't know how they think this isn't a story, to see screenshots...where the FBI has asked you to look at this and this and this. That's not a story?"

Actually, it's very much a story to journalists like yourself but not to mass media which isn't populated with journalists any longer...but, you already knew that and have been writing about it for years. March on MT, the world needs journalists now more than ever...

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"In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king."

What a load of dung that little saying turned out to be.

It's more like "In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man will be socially ostracized by the blind because the blind no longer believe that something called "sight" actually exists."

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Meanwhile Musk is losing in his poll asking if he should step down as CEO. Either he did it to flush out the bots, of it is proof that the numbers of free-speech-hating people is bigger than we know.

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Aaron Kheriaty, MD


I said it a year ago and I'll say it again because it's even truer now: The real division today is no longer left/right, liberal/conservative, or Democrat/Republican. It is between those who will accept a technocratic biosecurity surveillance regime and those who will resist.

7:11 PM · Dec 13, 2022


I've always loved reading William Gibson's books I just never wanted to live in one.

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Early on in the Ukraine proxy war I commented at NYT, which has been promoting obvious war propaganda from the start, and was promptly banned from Twitter.

@Nytimes Ukraine is a proxy war propped up by our CIA and Pentagon to destabilize Putin. We want Ukrainians to die to create a failed state on Russia's border.

I think my comment was completely correct and is proven by the US resistance to negotiations, but more importantly it is my opinion as an American citizen and I am entitled to express it.

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Without Trump, the Dem/establishment could never have:

- sold censorship to liberals so easily

- handed Ukraine more money in a few months than we spent in Afghanistan on a yearly basis

- generated such uncritical support for a lackluster Pfizer product

- moved so far to the right on regulation, the environment, monetary policy, labor, war, and surveillance (Liz Cheney is now a liberal hero, for crying out loud).

Once one realizes that insane, anti-democratic activity like the kind Matt and Russel discuss above would be impossible without Trump, then one has to stop and wonder if Trump isn't a willing partner. That Trump himself is a Black Flag operation.

After all, despite what Trump says, he gave Wall Street what it wanted, increased NATO partner spending on US weapons, and oversaw Warp Speed, which (contrary to conventional wisdom) was the most successful vaccine mobilization ever -- arguably the most coordinated planetary human endeavor ever.

And then there's the fact that Biden has kept most of Trump's agency appointees, is still building the Trump wall that "appalled" liberals, has fought in court to protect the right to reject amnesty seekers at the border (as Trump "appallingly" did), gave tens of billions to increase police presence domestically after George Floyd's murder, backed Joe Manchin's attempt to deregulate expanded new fossil fuel drilling, and so on....

For all the partisan bullshit that is used to rationalize government actions/"reactions", we really are going in just one totalitarian direction.

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Dec 19, 2022·edited Dec 19, 2022

Deep State on dissenters: "What we have here is a failure to communicate."


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Thank you !!

https://jonathanturley.org/2022/12/18/censor-or-else-democratic-members-warn-facebook-not-to-backslide-on-censorship/ -- Dec 18, 2022 -- “Left” fascists in panic

Censor or Else: Democratic Members Warn Facebook Not to “Backslide” on Censorship

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