After nearly two years of this how can you not be unreservedly convinced there's something truly sinister going on with this Covid hysteria?

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Yes, it is nuts. And I'd be willing to bet that my family and friends who gobble up this shit would not even have a clue as to what you are speaking about in this piece; they simply wouldn't get it! Most of them still believe in their heart of hearts that Trump was a puppet of the Russians, the virus almost certainly came from nature, Hunter Biden was the subject of a last minute bid to boost Trump's election chances, Ivermectin is only a horse paste, and I could go on. They are truly the useful idiots (and I include my own immediate family - there is no chance of convincing them otherwise). This country is marching down the path to a unique brand of totalitarianism.

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"The natural immune protection that develops after a SARS-CoV-2 infection offers considerably more of a shield against the Delta variant of the pandemic coronavirus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, according to a large Israeli study that some scientists wish came with a “Don’t try this at home” label. The newly released data show people who once had a SARS-CoV-2 infection were much less likely than never-infected, vaccinated people to get Delta, develop symptoms from it, or become hospitalized with serious COVID-19."

Even though this was published by Science magazine, uttering the results of this Israeli reserch had become an invitation to get banned online. Why are people scared of the truth?

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A few friends and I have concluded that one reason folks who have been jabbed are so insistent everyone receive the jab is because even though they hope it was a smart, safe decision; on the chance it was a bad decision, they want everyone to have been equally deceived. It stems from the same trait that causes their craving for “group think”.

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I object to the presumption that the blue cities are somehow more intelligent than the hinterland. People are pretty stupid everywhere, and it's no surprise they just want comforting news that agrees with their existing biases, otherizing anyone who disagrees.

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I'm vaccinated. But, for the life of me, I cannot understand the "cult of vaccine" group. Are they related to vaccine company executives? Are they just "sheep" of the left? What in the world is their motivation?

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". . . the journalistic equivalent of child-proof caps on every paragraph . . ."

Goddammit, Matt, you did it again!

Your personal integrity and early experience in the USSR makes you very well qualified to report on contemporary media insanity. Plus you are funny as hell, and we really need that.

If was the comments section of your article from yesterday that brought me around on the ivermectin thing. I'm vaccinated, but of course now realize that doesn't mean much: I can still get COVID and pass it on to someone else. This is a fact. So wouldn't it be nice if there was some inexpensive treatment available for the day when I, like pretty much the rest of the entire population, eventually contract COVID?

There is a lot of propaganda swirling around ivermectin, so it's hard, maybe impossible, to arrive at any firm conclusions about its effectiveness. But here are some things we know (more facts):

o It is safe, having been administered to billions of humans in the last several decades. In fact, some higher-rick populations take ivermectin routinely, as a prophylactic.

o It is cheap.

o It might be effective at:

a) preventing or reducing the chances of contraction of COVID in the first place;

b) reducing the symptoms of COVID to the point that a hospital visit can be avoided;

c) speeding the course of the disease leading to recovery and (important point, this) future partial immunity; and

d) reducing the chances of spreading COVID to others.

Or it might not. Some studies say yes, others say no. But it doesn't really matter because:

o The present medically-approved alternative, should you contract COVID as so many fully vaccinated people do, is to sit home and stew until the symptoms get bad enough to send you to the hospital (I don't know for sure about this last one, but I have not been made aware of any actual treatments for COVID aside from interventions to reduce life-threatening symptoms when they appear).

So taken together, these facts make pursuit of an ivermectin prescription a no-brainer, and also make the Red State deplorables look a hell of a lot smarter than the bicoastal vaccine-addled media elites.


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Yes, it's nuts. I got the vaccine, had nasty side effects, then had to learn that it didn't prevent me from getting COVID, or passing it on to others. Evidence shows it does reduce my chances of croaking from COVID -- for another month or two. So, I really don't understand the position of Team Blue on this. If the pill is effective I'd rather have a few handy in case, rather than get endless vaccine boosters and lose more work to the side effects.

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Oh Matt, it’s balls-on, swinging, hanging-fruit nuts! A study published Sept 30th from Israel notes that even with a 96% vaccination rate, a vaccinated SICK Covid patient, came into the hospital dialysis unit and as patient zero, spread the virus to tens of vaccinated staff and patients. These vaccines will NEVER “end the pandemic.” They’re not built to do so, being non-sterilizing vaccines that allow catch and spread. Nor is Molnupiravir much of an answer- it works by causing the virus to mutate to “disable it.” It is, in other words, A MUTAGEN. Oh, what could go wrong?! Lol. It’s full-on, batshit insane what passes for novel medical “treatments” these days. And ivermectin, well, if you want to hear a REAL doctor speak, tune in to this week’s FLCCC update where Dr. Robert Jackson schools the South Carolina legislature on the very sacrosanct doctor-patient relationship and his successes with this humble, safe, effective true Covid Crusher of a drug.

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If the mainstream media's narratives were supported by evidence, logic, and reason they would not need to hysterically brow-beat the public with scripted, coordinated phrases and narratives (insert here: endless list of headlines that were blasted from every news outlet and later proved false). Sadly the "educated" class in this country appears to be by far more susceptible to such obvious propaganda - which is surprising and disappointing. Wouldn't "journalists" of all people be aware? Sadly not...they are the ones leading us off the cliff. At least we have Tiabbi, Greenwald, Atkisson, and a few others to rely on. So sad.

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This line explains one of the single biggest issues with the media today:

“ the issue of whether or not there was “wrongdoing” in Hunter Biden accepting a no-show $50,000-a-month job from a crooked Ukrainian energy firm was a matter for readers to decide, not an issue of fact.”

Yes, yes, yes. Please share the facts (like Matt does) and let each of us decide how to use the facts in our individual decision-making.

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First we had Trump derangement syndrome TDS and then we had the covid variant TDS-C. Now we have the immunization variant TDS-C-I which is morphing into the therapeutics variant TDS-C-I-T. Is there something that is in the water at major Universitys that's creating such psychosis or is this the natural process of an overly pampered and affluent society naval gazing to the point of Extinction?

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So you're saying that I should eat parasitic horse paste? Do you know how many people your irresponsible stories have killed? Trillions.

I don't understand why you need to punch down on journalists trying to protect us Americans from ourselves. If not for mandates, censorship and ridicule of alternatives, I would have lost faith in the political class of this country whose job it is to filter truth, process it, chew it up for us and then vomit it down our throats via independent and objective journalistic institutions, guided by sagacious former heads of intelligence so that we may sustain ourselves.

How dare you try to interrupt this sacred process.

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Anyone ever thought about what would be occurring right now if Trump were elected instead for Biden as far as this vaccine obsession? That’s why I don’t buy it from the left. They are a bunch of opportunistic hypocrites. Also more and more I’m convinced they want COVID forever. More opportunities for ways they can swoop in and “help”. They also like their voters fearful. Can control them easier. I have zero trust they have the ability to do anything for the greater good.

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Trust is involves saying I don't know - but yet we have an intelligence culture who knew right away who killed the Kennedy's, MLK and who was responsible for 9/11. Yet the high frequency trades that profited off of 9/11 go un-prosecuted or the people who murdered Le Tellier and Randi Moffit in DC decades ago are not pursued.

We have been lied to on such a regular basis on just about every aspect of our formative history (from Native Americans to the Patriot Act) that it is no surprise that we have such a sizable segment of the population who does not want to be vaccinated - regardless of efficacy. Our history of the germ warfare in Korea, or the racially abusing syphilis Tuskeegee experiments or secretly importing half of the Nazi aerospace apparatus after WW2 or the toxic dumping in the love canal or tobacco industry withholding cancer research for decades or the foreclosure and robo-signing mills put in place by banks to foreclose more homeowners during the 2008 financial crisis to the massive abuses done by Sacklers in the opioid crisis.

So we have a trust issue. And when the timing between a crime and an explanation of who/why this crime happened is so small --- it is not difficult to see that the ones explaining it are the culprits.

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Last week on the morning Hen Hut, two of the cackling queens were diagnosed as positive for Covid, preventing kamala from coming on the show (yeah...THAT'S what stopped her). As humiliated as the vaxholes SHOULD have been that they'd been diagnosed as having covid, they returned to their respective soapboxes the next day when it was revealed that in fact the results were 'false positives'.

This naturally - to anyone thinking past the nose on their face - demands the questions:

1) of the untold millions of those who've tested positive for covid in the last nearly 2 years, how many were false? 100% as on morning Hen Hut? And,

2) if 2 of the 4 clucking vaxholes WERE positive, how could we have been lied to so badly about vaccine efficacy?

Of course all media dropped this story almost instantly because hey... it shot holes in both narratives big enough to drive the whole pack of lies, saint faucci, and the craven dnc through.

...damn it feels good to be a gangster

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