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The truth is this. The Left and Right are more divided than ever, but the people who are on Twitter, and YouTube and everywhere else are the fringes of each side. The Internet left is happy to go out and find the super whacky right, and the Internet right is happy to go out and find the Super Whacky left.

The truth is that most of us live in the middle. Most of us are shocked by the stupidity of both sides. The MAGA brains and the LBGT#E@OUTLKNM< ASOUQWW+-2372huthut crowd are insane.

That doesn't mean that your politicians are crooks and mine are acquitted. No... it means MOST of our national politicians are dirty, and likely all of them should be behind bars. The truth is that most of them enter office fairly wealthy (because it's the only way you can get there), and by the time they have spent just a few years in office they are INSANELY wealthy while collecting a measley $175k per year to do a full time job. You do the math folks.. It's not hard to do.

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During the last two podcast episodes, Walter has voiced the concern of many that we may be heading for some sort of major national calamity, driven by the media's seeming desire to foment as much mutual animus as possible. What might that calamity look like, one wonders?

I could imagine widespread rioting following a possible Trump 2024 victory. The Left, it seems, has reason to believe they can riot w/o any serious penalties. Other possible scenarios for where this all may be leading?

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Mayor Adams is insanely racist. Hard to believe somebody that racist can get voted into power.

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The forces are being aligned for a civil war. Extreme polarization of the people by the media. Ideological takeover of the armed forces and police. Blatant disregard of the rule of law by the elites.

Mass realization by the people that the government an oppressor, not a helper.

This has happened before - read the History of the Weimar republic in Germany.

When will it occur? My gut tells me in the winter of 2023 or early spring 2024 - before the 2024 election.

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The Democrats should have been destructed and reformed beginning with 2012. Obama was not popular. But that was the first election where Wall Street and the media, including Hollywood, collaborated with the Democrat party apparatus and broke American democracy by changing what was simple political spin to a full-blown coordinated propaganda enterprise to influence both consumer choice as well as voter choice. It began the massive election interference that Democrats needed to stay in power.

Democrats need to run their party politics like this because Democrat ideas have proven to suck.

Republican ideas are better, but the Republican party politicians suck at politics.

There was a recent analysis of mainstream media reporting on Trump's indictment and the FBI disclosure that there is a tape recording of Joe Biden taking a $5 million bribe payment from a Ukrainian business man. The stats were 291 to 0. Zero reports on the Biden story except Fox News of course. But for that day there were 291 hours devoted to the Trump indictment.

So if you are Bobby and Sally the regular American voter you didn't even know about old Joe's bad behavior, but you got blasted with a repeated story of Orange Man Bad.

This is propaganda.

This is election interference.

The mainstream corporate media is THE threat to democracy.

The mainstream corporate media is a weed that needs to be pulled out by the roots.

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Thank you.


Kennedy Legacy – Robert Barnes - June 17, 2023

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Awesome video

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I was simply repeating the word “wacky,” which is obviously open to the observer’s interpretation. My point was that we don’t have the luxury of sitting by comfortably & quietly when others liberties are removed. The discrepancy & random punishment of people who speak their mind should alarm all of us.

Eventually, every govt throughout history decides to suppress their citizens. We can deny that it could, or would, happen in America, but here we are.

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10 Random Thoughts

1. The dude in the video with the fake Trump hair did a pretty good Trump imitation!

2. The camera work was really pretty good. Some of the stills could almost be Martin Parr photographs.

3. If this isn’t a picture of insanity then insanity needs a better definition.

4. You could take any high school civics class to this and it would be a better lesson than any book. Same for Ivy League govermint professors — they don’t know what they hell they’re talking about. If you took them here they’d probaably get into a fist fight. By their fruits you shall know they’re frrruitcakes.

5. The only thing this movie is really missing to be a box office mega success is a plot. In fact, the entire country doesn’t have a plot. And this is it.

6. You’d think people would have better things to do than this, but then you look at your own life. . . .enough said.

7. You could make a real movie that looked like this and nobody would believe it could happen like this in real life.

8. Probably 1 in 100 people is certifiably totally insane — that’s over 3 million people in the US alone. At least half of them were in this movie.

9. It’s hard to interview lunatics and get interesting answers. You really sort of put the psychiatrists hat on and wonder what medication they need.

10. Political psychosis is an undiagnosed mental illness.

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This video got me to thinking back a few decades.

Division among the masses became a prerogative of the Gov since Clinton’s term. The Security State and the DOJ have been fixated on those espousing certain forms of patriotism or deemed anti-gov. It is prevalent under Democrat presidents.

Janet Reno - Ruby Ridge (Bill Barr as a private citizen jumped in to protect the FBI), and Waco, the warning to all of us. Janet Napolitano DHS – 2009 report ‘veterans among terrorist risks to US’. 2015 DHS eyes them for ‘rightwing extremism’ so oops only meant ‘to give law enforcement situational awareness’. May 2021 doubles down - country is still struggling to deal with what she calls "enemies to democracy." "I think it's hard for us to recognize that we have enemies to democracy who are within our own population." Obama purged over 100 officers from the military and installed his finest. At least under Milley and Austin we can be thankful that all ‘rightwing extremists‘ were purged leaving an equitable military in a unique position in the world of being totally inclusive, without racism, bigotry or misogyny.

Democracy being the buzz word since Obama, who complained about the limitation of a republic as defined by the constitution. Biden’s FBI has issued numerous threat assessments. 90 percent warning the nation that ‘rightwing extremist’ are the most prevalent threat to our safety. Labeling is its preferred tool, but it also engages in entrapped and holding false flag operations. All you have to do to be a ‘rightwing extremist’ is not support the uniparty agenda and appear to vote the wrong way. Biden is also using Obama's 'gun toting bible thumping' euphemism to go after parent’s rights and right to life supporters.

Not to worry, Democracy - the election of Democrats - is secured in advance. We saw it with Biden’s basement campaign and a few outdoor drive-in events where he yelled at a half a dozen cars who braved the outing by honking back. I believe there were a few other outdoor events where maybe a dozen formed two distant circles to avoid the virus swirling around their heads in the open air. Biden was a sure winner all the way through the Democrat primary winning DC and 31 states, losing 19 including 7 Blues states. Surely his inauguration would have topped Obama’s in attendance given his vote total if D.C. had not been shut down and barricaded.

It is such a blessing that there are no extremist groups or individuals on the “Left” peacefully tearing apart cities, burning buildings and cars, killing people, and rioting on inauguration day Jan 2017. If there had been, they all certainly would have been giving jail time.

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Watched it with the sound off. Don't feel like I missed anything.

Tried to play spot the narc/cop/fed/whatever. Alas realized I have no idea anymore. Bring back shiny black shoes!

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Americans don't have enough to do.

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Not saying this video isn't newsworthy, since the MSM has decided that we need censorship instead of facts, but this is such a bullshit distraction.

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You should be ashamed. You make these people look ridiculous and yet you show no images at all of the Antifa rioters dressed in black throwing bombs and burning cars, businesses and killing people. How dare you? Where is your honesty? You have no right to imply anything about these peaceful supporters unless you counter it with truthful images of Democrat thugs. I might consider watching more of this when you do the only honest journalistic job of comparison.

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Oh my! Ronald Reagan?

Pretty nervy of you to lecture Americans about America!

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Absolute Soveriegn Immunity is the cancer that has grown since it's first return as "Royal" powers again for a class or titled people in government in 1793. It's return was decided by the US Supreme Court and it has grown into the DEMS - Democrats Empowering Marxism Socialism via central controlling powers to enforce millions of laws in-discriminately and selectively against Americans that still believe in the rights of liberty and it's protections within - the United States Constitution.

All gov employees are immune to the same laws Citizens are under when it comes to being accountable to Constitutional violations gov employees violate against the citizen they wrong - mostly today by weaponizing the laws and never being accountable under scrutiny of a JURY OF YOUR PEERS.

Soveriegn Immunity powers blocks you having a right to drag gov malfeasance people into court to be judged and accountable in your absolute constitutional right to a jury of your peers to evaluate a gov employee's abuses against you no matter how bad.

Only they can allow you to sue them which is insanity. How can there be 2 systems of justice, well there are and your watching the "Immunes" work it against Trump. And its coming for -YOU!!!!

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