It is really annoying how prior to every election, abortion and gun control are dragged out to distract the population from their real problems……inflation, food shortages, homelessness, lack of access to health care, open borders, over 108,000 dead from fentanyl poisoning, funding another regime change war, and 30 trillion dollars of debt.

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“My body, my choice!”

“My body, my rights!”

How many people shouting these slogans were fanatically in favor of vaccine mandates (aka forced injections)?

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Here is Democrat Rep. Katie Porter explaining how high inflation, higher food prices & higher gas prices "reinforce" the need for abortion. https://twitter.com/RNCResearch/status/1524589035083251712

Thank goodness she didn't say something stupid like all of those problems reinforce the need for competent government instead of the demented train wreck of an administration that's running our American Titanic these days. That would have just hurt Joe's feelings.

Luckily those wacky, yet humane & caring, liberals up in Canada are realizing that abortion shouldn't have to stop with fetuses.

According to this piece Canada will pay to euthanize folk who are "too poor to live with dignity."


You see, sometimes adults need a good aborting too. I think that this is what they really mean when they talk about "equity."

Although isn't it neat how the aims of the eugenics movement, removing weak genes & sterilizing the poor & "undesirable," have been packaged in such a way that the target audience of the eugenics gene pool cleaners just does it to themselves? This must be what they call progress.

Just to be clear, if you can't feed your kid you should abort it and if you can't feed yourself you should also abort yourself.

Oh Hell, just go on and abort yourself. That way you would leave zero carbon footprint, believe zero disinformation, never storm the Capitol, never vote for Trump, never buy a MAGA hat, never point out the real reasons for the Ukraine/Russia cage match, never quibble with a transexual about their mental state, never stop your kid from transitioning, never oppose adults sexualizing your toddlers...my god, the list is endless as are the benefits. Look at your self-aborting as an early Christmas present for liberals everywhere.

But if you get whiny and uppity and needy and pissed about the $40 billion the US just sent to Ukraine, thinking the money would be better spent helping Americans, here's Nancy the Pelosi invoking the Gospel of Matthew to explain that aid.


You might be thinking right about now, "My God, do these people have no shame?" Let me save you further mental anxiety: No they do not have any shame. None at all. Not even an atom's worth.

Finally, here's what happens when young impressionable teens mistakenly head down the Trans highway.


Of course none of this indicates, in any way, that modern day liberalism has taken a very nasty turn into a very dark place. Not at all. Remember, they are the ones who care.

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Ideology has taken over our society. We have forgotten to judge policy on actual outcomes. People keep trying socialism and communism because the ideology sounds appealing, but the reality is death and suffering.

The bodily autonomy crowd, which mostly abandoned their ideology for Covid, denies the humanity of a fetus. I get that viability is firmly grounded in bodily autonomy, but the reality in the outcome is the legalization of ripping a living, feeling, human apart limb by limb, or burning it alive in saline. That’s cruel.

Likewise, the pro choice argument is firmly grounded in the right to life. However, in practice at the extremes, it gives a male rapist’s sperm more rights to the reproductive function of his victim than she has over her own reproduction. “Love them both” from the pro-life crowd often fails to acknowledge that legal or not, woman will find a way to abort unwanted babies, often with tragic results. Where is the focus on less human suffering, for both?

I wish we could skip the ideological screaming and find a way to compromise on a policy that acknowledges both the humanity of the baby, and the rights to bodily autonomy of the mother, considering the world as it actually is.

Like many voters, I will vote for the less extreme position. I’d like an elective ban around 8 weeks, but could tolerate anything from 6-12 weeks. I will not vote that women give up entirely meaningful rights over their reproductive organs at puberty. I will not vote to legalize ripping humans apart limb by limb. People who don’t see humanity in a 4 month old human tend not to see it in 4 year olds and 14 year olds. People who demand the outlawing of plan B tend not to see nuance or understand conception is a process that isn’t instant after sex.

Where ever one stands on this issue, consider if your policies will accomplish what they set out to accomplish, or if they are motivated by ideology. Western Europe has sane policies. They protected their kids relatively better than we did for Covid. When rights come into conflict setting policies based on actual outcomes, not ideological wishful thinking, tends to be more positive for society as a whole.

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If the leaker was on the right we would already know their name and they would have been taken down by a SWAT team. Let’s prosecute the criminals threatening Supreme Court justices, a MUCH more serious offense then wandering around the Capitol taking pictures. We cannot go on as a country with so much unequal justice. The center will not hold.

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The "party of science" refuses to engage in meaningful debate on the morality of abortion. The emotional tyrants they encourage to riot petty children throwing tantrums over pronouns. No one takes them seriously. Wokies, your fifteen minutes are up. It's time the adults take the streets back and restore some logic to the world.

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SCOTUS is faithfully executing what it was created to do. It is protecting the Elite caste from the masses by keeping the masses fighting amongst themselves.

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We ain't seen nuttin yet! Every media arm has been cranking up the hate in the population for a lot of years. That's where the big bucks are. The actions and propaganda of the west over the Ukraine exceeded the trans and even Covid-19 and the theft of money from Russia will put the last nails in the coffin of the US dollar. The coming recession/depression will be at a level not seen since the thirties. Hello, most people haven't even seen a real bear market. Everyone knows that the US cannot and will not pay back it's debts. Well, other countries, especially in the global south with their client oligarchies may choose to feed their people rather than the western banksters. They've been sending us stuff, especially China and we've basically been paying for it by issuing IOUs in various forms. That's coming to an end as the more and more clever financial engineering is too. 40B for the Ukraine, actually for amerikan business and ZIP for the amerikan people and it's right in their face how much their ruling classes care for them. Hang on to your hat's, it's gonna be a tough ride!

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You guys realize of course that 99.9999 percent of the population doesn't give a s*** and is not protesting about anything. We're just sitting around drinking beers and giving our opinions about it but not marching in the street or attacking anyone. The obsessive navel-gazing of a tiny class of people it's not interesting nor is it news.

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People are addicted to outrage. Self-important lunatics putting on a performance.

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I really have to wonder how many of the protestors actually read the leaked draft of the opinion.

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Virtually all of the anti-abortion arguments hinge on the idea that a fetus is an actual separate human being, going so far as to claim abortion is murder. If this was the case, why doesn't the census count them? Why aren't murderers of pregnant woman charged with 2 counts of homicide? Some laws of recent origin might apply but they've almost never been used and these laws are aimed at abortion, which makes them sorta fruit of the poisoned tree.

There simply is no objective answer to this question. I would bet that at least 99% of those asserting life starts at conception do so for religious reasons, almost all of them involving having a soul which is a RELIGIOUS concept, a matter of faith without the slightest evidence supporting it as a real thing. There are plenty of objective reasons to say it's a ludicrous proposition, e.g., there is no BRAIN FFS! If it's a separate human being, it's brain dead and can be taken off life support. This should be a 1st amendment, freedom of religion issue, the same for all the LBGQT arguments, there are no non-religious serious objections to adults deciding who they care to love just as there is no justification for calling a fetus a separate human being. Alito's opinion is rife with religious crap, it's pervaded with that nonsense and as such, it's really bad law and violates the constitution.

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Many people think Roe v. Wade was badly reasoned. RBG was one.

I can welcome it being overturned without wanting abortion, within limits, to be outlawed. Not every bad thing must be illegal. Often, making some bad thing illegal leads to other bad things. In such cases the law should stay out of it as much as possible.

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At least Senator Warren isn't wasting any opportunity to publicly pander to the fans. I fear that it will be a rough, hot summer.

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"Trans rights begin at conception!”


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New Title suggestion : Hypocrisy, Unleashed...............

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