Clever Pseudonym's tactics in this thread are straight out of the COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum. They include:

Technique #1 - 'FORUM SLIDING'


Technique #3 - 'TOPIC DILUTION'


Technique #5 - 'ANGER TROLLING'


Take a good look. His arguments are not arguments, they are FUD, only intended to provoke, humiliate, and derail ANY real discussion on the topic at hand. In this case, 9/11. He wants you to feel embarrassed and small for questioning the nonsense government narrative.

He dismantled this thread with these tactics. Now you know how it works.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the September 11, 2001 Official Story—The Series of Anti-Miracles that Irrevocably Changed the World:

9/11 was the day physics didn’t show up for work. Two planes managed to fell 3 skyscrapers

9/11 was the first and last time "office fires" were responsible for the disintegration of a steel framed skyscraper (WTC7)

9/11 was the day the BBC could see 23 minutes into the future—when they reported the demolition of said ^ skyscraper before it fell

9/11 was the reason the United States invaded 7 countries in the middle east, for no reason (according to General Wesley Clark)

9/11 was caused because our enemies hated our freedoms, so to solve this problem our freedoms were promptly stripped from us

9/11 was the day the Pentagon was hit by an invisible plane in the Army Budget Office which was missing 2.3 trillion dollars

9/11 was the day that a passport from one of the hijackers survived the wreckage of the fireball plane crash and landed unscathed on the ground a few blocks away—one of the biggest tragedies of all is that the planes and the buildings themselves were not made out of this indestructible material

9/11 was the day Ahriman decided to make his first televised public appearance in a BIG way

9/11 was the day the towers which spelled the number 11 were destroyed to later be replaced by a building that looks remarkably like the world's new idol—a syringe. Nineteen years after the destruction of said towers - on 3/11/2020 - the WHO declares the COVID scamdemic

9/11 was the day that 19 hijackers armed with box-cutters effortlessly caught the vast military and intelligence apparatus of the US off-guard because they happened to be running war game simulations of terrorists flying planes into skyscrapers at the exact same time the hijackers were actually doing it, and thus were rendered incapable of distinguishing fantasy from reality

● 911 was the day that objective reality threw in the towel, and the world was riven between those who believed their own eyes and those that let the government see for them

If for some unfathomable reason you don’t believe that these lies - which as predicted by PNAC handed the world to the US Government on a silver platter - are true, or if you somehow believe that the aforementioned outcome of this totally legit series of impossible events is against your best interest—your ass is going on a watch list. The American government loves you and would never lie to you and if you suspect otherwise you are a hazardous threat to freedom and justice everywhere.

References plus a lot more info here: https://tritorch.substack.com/p/the-best-911-truth-video-you-will

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Governments love emergencies as much as they love wars. The pretext of an emergency gives them power, control, and the capacity to impose obedience. It allows them to sidestep public opinion and democratic deliberation by exploiting the suspension of normal rules.

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We end this day by ending the unrelenting expansion of safteyism into all aspects of our lives. People need to put risk in perspective and understand the massive opportunity costs that come from living a life sheltering from fears, which are increasingly imagined, rather than real.

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Lot of words to say that Ron Paul was right.....

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How do we end this day? Can we do it like we always have: mass demonstrations, broad enlightenment of the population, general strikes if necessary?

Well, a friend who survived twenty years in East Germany recently observed: “ In East Berlin, we MINDED the surveillance, we didn’t believe our politicians, and we didn’t believe the lies.”

So, what about the US? A country of sheep, afraid of their own shadows , and pampered beyond belief by 24 hour shopping and free shipping.

I wish I had a better answer, but mass demonstrations and general strikes are the only real weapons we have. They’re still powerful, still, sort of, possible. Oh, and we still have Taibbi, Greenwald, Hedges, Hersch, Nader, and a few others. Hope is not lost. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.

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I simply cannot believe that we still have the Patriot Act. It makes me pessimistic that Americans really value freedom. We live in a surveillance state and very few people seem to notice. I used to take some comfort in the government being bad at pretty much everything, but with the advent of social media and then AI, even the imbeciles running the country can be effective censors.

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“How do we end this day?” Those words gave me chills as I fear the answer. Coming back from a Palm Springs vacation last Christmas, I watched repeatedly as individuals were pulled aside for extra screening in airport security. I commented to a woman, after she was fully “patted” down, if she felt it was excessive. She assured me she didn’t mind as it kept everyone safe. Moments later, it was my turn to be scrutinized, this time in a private room for a beneath-clothing search (I am a sixty year old woman, less than 100lbs). The trigger for this additional screening? A candle I was taking home as a Xmas gift apparently had traces of “something”. It was later determined to be a benign substance and I was sent on my way. I was left feeling violated and questioning whether those measures put in place 22 years ago have really benefitted our lives today. Covid took this culture of safety-ism to new extremes. People have so bought into the guarantee of safety through surveillance, I fear it will never end.

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Sep 11·edited Sep 11

Obama is a fraud.

And I still hate John Ashcroft.


Patriots Day is a state holiday in April in Massachusetts, celebrating the battles of Concord & Lexington. (Ask Matt--he lived in Massachusetts.)

Obama will NOT appropriate that holiday.

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And using the attacks to start wars in Afghanistan and Iraq when it was the Saudi’s who financed the whole thing. They never paid a price.

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To end the war you need to stop the terrorists, and the biggest terrorist organisation is the CIA military pharma industrial complex. They together have killed tens of millions of people all over the world.

More here; https://truthaddict.substack.com/p/alien-terror-or-smoke-and-mirrors

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Obama used the security state to spy on political enemies. Rules on “unmasking” of Americans were eased before the 2012 election. He spied on Trump for years using NSA intercepts and FBI “outside contractors” pre-FISA, who violated the 4th amendment rights of Americans (including Trump and other opponents) and forwarded the fruit of their illegal searches outside the government. This was never prosecuted or punished. He lied to Americans about all the spying and then spied on Congress and lied about it, too.

He knew Biden and Hillary were raising money from foreign oligarchs and governments whilst ostensibly serving the people.

In summary, Obama was a criminal and an accessory to treason.

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My sister claims to be a practical person and discounts the possibility that the official narrative (19 hijackers, etc) is all a Big Lie constructed by the Media/Military Industrial Complex on the basis that she doesn't know what to do with that information. I tell her that what you do is stop believing the MMIC, but she just goes right on listening to NPR/NYT/WAPO etc...and believing it! Boggles my mind.

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Two pieces of legislation I remember giving me indigestion, NAFTA and The Patriot Act. Both have nearly ruined our country. One stripping us of our industry and the other stripping us of our privacy.

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Our military-intelligence-governmental defenders have turned on us.

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Unfortunately, I do not think the Deep State ever intends to see "this day" ended. It is a FACT that, throughout history, dictatorial regimes have suspended civil rights, by declaring a 'national emergency' of one type or another. The 'emergency' never ends. Once a nation has allowed itself to go down this rabbit hole, only God can save it. And I mean that most seriously.

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How do we end this? Either get an outsider like RFK Jr in via the DNC (extremely unlikely) or close your eyes, swallow hard and it’s for the most likely RNC candidate Trump

More importantly we need people to stop being cowardly lazy intellectual zombies who would prefer death to loss of liberty

The speed and the enthusiasm with which Americans passivity surrendered all their basic rights (including control of their own bodies!) and couldn’t place themselves under house arrest fast enough was astonishing even to a condescending cynic like me

Also we need to shut down completely the pathetic argument that “if you have nothing to hide” the fourth amendment is unnecessary

I’m so sick of ignorant morons using their cowardice as justification to repeal my rights!

I know not what course others would take but as for me give me liberty or give me death!


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