Whatever ARE the odds? NBC reports that the Democrats managed a clean sweep of every single “toss-up” race. That’s even more suspicious than the miraculous last-second touchdown drive by the Buccaneers on the day Tom Brady passed 100,000 yards passing.

The Democrats really seem to like brain-damaged puppets who aren’t even capable of speaking coherently on their own. And if we are to believe the electoral Narrative, the voters just love them too!

We must get out and VOTE!! OK Boomer.

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All right, I'll elaborate. You're aware that the owner of this Substack didn't vote for either major party candidate in the last general election, right Daniel? It was hard for me to fault him because it really was a vomit milkshake in 2020:


At the time I at least bothered to make a "fuck both these guys" write-in vote for Nina Turner for POTUS. The next year, when running for Congress, Nina started talking about how if she got elected she wasn't going to do everything people wanted her to do and they should just deal with it, which sounded an awful lot like she was just going to be like the rest of the Squad, or like her old boss Bernie Sanders has become. I.e., people who say that X needs to happen but vote against X when the time comes and who make ridiculous excuses for why we should still support them specifically and Democrats in general. People who unironically say that Joe Biden deserves a grade of A or A-plus.

This time I didn't bother at all. Not even symbolically.

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Wow, pretty cynical, I just thought it was about voting. You know the thing most of us pretend to do? Like hey how vote. Literally no context in the cartoon. But you guys are submasters. Tell us what to think. Do you.

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Hans-Herman Hoppe's "Democracy: The God That Failed" roundly defenestrates the mythic dogma of democracy, and (IMO) makes a strong case for the comparative advantages of monarchy and natural order.

Moreover, as we've all recently seen, "western democracies" seem to have an inexorable tilt towards totalitarianism, thanks to the seemingly limitless accretion of ever expanding legal codes, taxes, social welfare programs, permanent wars and restrictions on individual rights.

Speaking of totalitarianism, let's remember that during 2020 nearly every so-called democracy on the planet locked down its citizenry, aided by police and military and a mindlessly compliant and uncritical populace.

But yeah. Yay democracy!

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