great stuff, I enjoyed it on this slow Sunday. You put into written words the disbelief I feel at the way America and its flunkies in all the faux international and allied organizations have used coercion and threat, overt and implied, to silence dissent. So glad I'm a nobody, too nothing-burger for the FBI to bust down my front door. Oops. I probably shouldn't say that out loud, or too loudly.

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The part where Matt sez about the Prince Harry thing....."Matt Taibbi: But then why do we do it too?"

Yeah. Why do we do it too? Why does anyone give a shit about anything any of the royals have to say? I would love to hear anyone's opinion on the why.

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Musk would be nothing without 'taxpayer' help. And besides he gave the Ukrainians a ton of Starlink terminals didn't he?

In other news: Is the Biden Regime Disappearing Whistle Blowers?



Figured this might be something Matt would be interested in following up on. Turns out this particular BlueCheck tweeted out some inconvenient facts about how long the US's proxy war in Ukraine has really been going on (tweet image embedded at 2nd link).

"Meek’s tweeting about the situation in Ukraine since 24 February was fairly sparse, but on 4 March, he revealed that America’s Germany-based 10th Special Forces Group had “spent a decade training Ukraine’s special operations forces in unconventional warfare, almost exclusively. They are seeing those tactics being used very effectively against the Russian Bear.”

In exposing this secret schooling, Meek was notably ahead of the curve – it is only since late September that Western news outlets have acknowledged the decade-long 10th Special Forces Group training provided to Kiev. This indicates he knew something the rest of the media didn’t, or maybe wasn’t allowed to mention at the time.

Meek’s other posts on Ukraine suggest that while far from a Russian apologist, he was very critical of US policy in the region, particularly plans to ship endless weapons to Ukraine, believing it would be difficult for the cargo to reach the frontline, let alone be used very effectively by local troops. Both obvious outcomes have been subsequently admitted, leading to online backlash, and official denials.

The ABC journalist’s knowledge of that covert training, and the US intelligence community exploiting the post-Maidan regime’s brutal war on the Donbass civilian population as a petri dish for prepping war with Russia, strongly suggests insider access. Combined with public skepticism over Washington’s war effort, could it be that Meek planned an expose of inconvenient hidden truths about the Western proxy war in Ukraine, or alternatively knew too much, and was dangerously well-positioned to publicize it?

Declassified documents reveal that the rule change protecting a journalist’s possessions from seizure contain massive loopholes. If the FBI is trying to identify an individual who leaked documents to a reporter, or attempting to surveil someone they believe to be an intelligence operative, those protections evaporate, and the bureau can monitor privileged private communications without the Attorney General office’s approval."

Has the Deep State asserted control or is Sleepy Uncle Joe breaking another campaign "promise"?

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Is it possible, that since Musk at this point is being forced to buy Twitter, and the NatSec apparatus doesn’t want him to, that they are just figuring out how to provide the force majeure so everybody can go home happy?

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Nice discussion. Thanks, Matt. Scares the crap out of me.

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"Matt Taibbi: (irrationally angry)"

I love the subliminal commentary going on in these transcripts.

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Isn't CFIUS the committee that Hillary Clinton was on in her position as SecState, and with her voting in favor approved the sale of much of our domestic uranium assets to a Russian firm?

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Free speech is only free if you exercise it without restraint, but

"The amount of censorship in this society that’s run through Silicon Valley onto places like Twitter, Facebook, et cetera, is great, but the amount of self-censorship that’s going on in the minds of the people is far greater. And you begin to wonder if America can even speak in the way it used to, either personally or across the wires. Uh, I’m starting to get a sense of people talking in code retreating to sort of bunkers of like-mindedness, or simply being false in their public presentations. It is a cold digital curtain that’s falling on America, and whatever the specific justifications for it are, whatever the individual raids are predicated on, the feeling that reigns is one of inhibition."

In online discourse we have no choice but to "retreat into bunkers of like-mindedness" since if you say what you really think on any of the major platforms and it violates the sacred cows of its leftist overseers, you will be suspended temporarily or permanently. Online censorship works one way, and anyone who says or believes the right gets to freely air its opinions in the digital public square to the degree that the left does is lying or stupid.

The outrage that leads to defiance has got me permanently banned from both Twitter and Reddit. (Facebook has never accommodated political discussions, but is a place for self-promotion.) Still, the threat of censorship makes me more sure of my Libertarian political views and less inhibited in arguing against the left, broadly speaking, and its most pernicious features like anti-white racism, the neo-Marxist capture of our institutions, and the trans-sexual mind virus/social contagion.

The establishment has become a Fascistic symbiosis between the state, big pharma, big tech, weapons manufacturers, and corporate media that uses the cultural acid of neo-Marxism to advance and maintain itself. The Hydra is an apt symbol of our current "republic."

Alex Jones and Elon Musk are canaries in the coal mine.

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I have a small anecdote about The New Yorker and Time magazine.

When I was a senior in high school in 1968 my English teacher told us that the two magazines were so well written and edited that if we could find a typo in either one he would give us an A equivalent to a major test.

No one ever got the A.

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Waiting for the analysis that S. Africa is bad because they largely shunned the "vax", so by association Elon Musk is threatening to proper society.

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I have been a free speech absolutist my entire life but I am starting to wonder if social media isn't a different kind of beast. One of the great things about democracy and the criminal justice system is that they force people to slow down. Mob rule is a real danger in society.

I am glad Elon Musk is buying Twitter. It is already the freest of the major social media platforms. I think it's fine if they deplatform people for advocating violence. They should stop deciding what is "disinformation" or not though.

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Here is an interesting article on Musk's SpaceX Starlink satellite Internet access constellation (with links to technical analyses). A proprietary system, Starlink is the subject of worldwide investigations by computer scientists and engineers, some looking to use Starlink for GPS replacement, and others looking for methods to disable the system altogether. https://www.technologyreview.com/2022/10/21/1062001/spacex-starlink-signals-reverse-engineered-gps/

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Oct 24, 2022·edited Oct 24, 2022

There is always the possibility that Musk broached the topic of negotiating peace with Russia on twitter knowing exactly what would happen. Musk is overpaying for twitter and wants out of the deal. Having the government veto his acquisition would be an easy way out.

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Matt, a humble suggestion if I may. Right now if I go to taibbi.substack.com to see what's new, here are the leading links:

1. Transcript: "America This Week" with Walter Kirn and Matt Taibbi

2. Who Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines? "Russia, Russia, Russia!"

3. Listen to This Article: America This Week, October 16-22, 2022

4. America This Week, October 16-22, 2022

5. Episode 10 : "America This Week," with Matt Taibbi and Walter Kirn

I'm a longtime subscriber and I still find this a little bit confusing. 3) and 4) are the same thing in different formats as are 1) and 5). 4) has a very similar title compared to 1) and 5) but contains different content. Also, there are separate comment sections for the article and audio when both probably should link to the same discussion. I think things would be much cleaner if there was an audio link next to the written artilcle, and the audio link did not have a comment section. Anyways, thanks for all the great content.

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On the Twitter sale: you may have overlooked the fact that on purchase of Twitter Musk would gain access to all the records of *past* interactions between it and the state...

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