Matt, I saw your interview with Brianna on Bad Faith. I'm amazed you were able to keep your cool with her non-stop badgering. I could tell you were frustrated with her interrogation. Bravo for not going off on her. I think she's just jealous that she didn't get the story. And probably still angry at Twitter for helping to take down Bernie. That's besides the point of the Twitter files. You rock Matt!!!!

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Thank you -- and - another two outstanding -- OK three, no five:


Former US mercenary in Ukraine talks war crimes and CIA involvement | RT exclusive (Mar. 1, 2023)

John McIntyre: Former Mercenary in Ukraine / RT Interview -- OUTSTANDING


https://thedreizinreport.com/2023/03/05/dreizin-on-belief-and-unbelief/ -- March 5, 2023


US lab designed/created Corona virus – DARPA document



Gaetz: Republicans Need To DEFUND Every Politicized Government Agency!



Tucker Carlson Features Jimmy Dore's Anti-War Rant! – OUTSTANDING !!!


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Matt Taibbi—“let the ever more sophisticated machinery of digital deprivation, do the rest”

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Matt, im fuming listening to brianna joy gray try to "bring up the real criticism " of your Twitter files coverage.

She's making the classic Christian argument that the absence of evidence isn't the evidence of absence.

It is sickening to me that she spent 30 minutes complaining about the existence of the flying spaghetti monster....

"I only have limited resources and time...." yes Briana, reality exists.

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Looking forward to further analysis. One unknown is did this actually impact anything of importance given how few people probably paid attention to Twitter posts by those that Twitter may or may not have removed. Compare this to the huge impact of the lies put out in 2020 by Fox News (as proven by the current defamation lawsuit), OAN and NewsMax. So far the only really effective disinformation and misinformation campaign is the one that makes millions of people and the majority of Republicans believe that Trump won in 2020. They believe in massive voter fraud and machines switching votes. A smaller group believe that Democrats and Tom Hanks eat babies and drink their blood and are pedophiles. A smaller group believe in lizard people and dog men. That is some good old world changing disinformation.

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2019 9.5 million died of starvation.

2020 into 2021 23.5 million died of starvation as the world economy shut down.

The vast majority were black and brown.

The "covid will kill you" conspiracy directly starved 13 million more people (95% black and brown) than the year before and any year since 2003.

I would say double the holocaust of starvation deaths is a catastrophe, and the covid narrative was a conspiracy....

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Millions more believe in 2016 election conspiracy that is pushed from the "small number of Twitter users" to nyt, wapo, msnbc, NBC, cbs,PBS, npr - every news outlet that isn't fox.

What policies are based on right wing conspiracy exactly?

We have safe and effective vaccines that people believed would prevent the spread pushing at risk people taking unknown chances based on a known lie.

How many people died because of that lie? How many people died of starvation because we shut down the world economy for 2 years?

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Could someone possibly transcribe these interviews into written form?

And what about a counter-point argument of these claims about the GEC, also in writing? That way, skeptical readers like me could make up their own minds.

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Matt, just a general thank you!

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State Sponsored Religion? https://substack.com/inbox/rec/106075354

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Wondering what Matt's sources think might happen if the ten biggest federal contractors had their boards of directors replaced with people chosen at random, like jurors, and instructed to act in the public interest.

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To include an organization in this monologue such as the Free Palestine movement with the implication that the main target is/was everyone, and not only conservatives, is ludicrous.

The "threat" to the left is still Trump. By the left I include progressives, globalists, socialists (much overlap here).

They got such a shock in 2016 that they decided to use the power of government to shut up any conservative voice, in the end even president Trump. Trump is an existential threat to their plans.

They were so comfortable in their bubble that they never thought this would come out. Musk buying Twitter changed everything.

It's the left, your side Matt Taibbi, that you should be pointing fingers at.

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Elon, you foodletter, let my Hunger Games begin!

In fact, the tyrant's primary goal is the freedom of the citizen. He wants to enslave the citizen by killing his or her personality. And starving the citizen is the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to make them a slave. Make the citizen starve, thereby losing their strength, and therefore being unable to defend their freedom! It is that simple, without bread, there is no honor, and without honor, there is no freedom! I am a Jew, and therefore I am being tried, starved by the Nazis. Guess who the Nazis are!

In the bioweapon scamdemic we ordered all grains edible by humans kept for direct consumption by people and the excess animal herd slaughtered and frozen as reserve food. The newly fallow land was then put to the plough. This way we fended off the starvations that have historically followed disease.

And the churches are full of those who fear God's wrath. And those who plead for mercy which is the opposite of wrath. No, no, I do not feel sorry for those who die of hunger. What I feel is rage. And I see no harm in stealing to eat. While the poor devour food, the rich toy with it!

The control of food is the control of people, of the right to live in comfort as opposed to suffering. Starvation in a world of enough food is a clear sign of neurological damage in those that make global choices.




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In your simplistic logic Twitter shuts down some users and millions starve, plus all kinds of other awful things. Therefore before the Twitter actions there was no starvation or other problems.

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