Gotta say I love this feature of having the articles read. I have a lot of walking / bike transit time during the week and this way I can enjoy Matt's writing without getting hit by a car. Thanks!

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How is being dishonest about medication testing results that end up killing people any different from murder for hire? Murder for hire is murder this person and you get paid whereas this is get paid for what amounts to shooting into a crowd. And as this is a crime requiring lost of thought and planning and calculation of risks and rewards why not make it a crime in which the death penalty and/or mandatory minimum life sentences so that those calculating will have to consider how much 'their' life is worth since they are, in fact, calculating how much another's life may cost. Same moral reasoning would apply to any product that might result in death and in which corporate employees figure in wrongful death costs. just saying if you calculate other's death from your actions you will be held to calculate your own. A variant of the golden or silver rule if you calculate about other's mortality..... fill in the rest.

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Thank you -- all is known about the modern original sin. The question is what we should / can do about it...

Oliver Stone Full Interview -- Dec. 2, 2021 Breaking Points (Krystal and Saagar)


Oliver Stone: We're Living in a Censored State – Dec 2, 2021 – Useful Idiots (Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper)


"Russiagate: An obituary." -- And now to the damage done.


It is not better but also - it is not worse --- we do live in CONTINUUM.

FBI and Edgar Hoover’s crimes and surveillance === CIA-FBI and St. Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Hayden === SAME despicable dangerous bastards.

The Murderous History and Deceitful Function of the CIA


Remember unspeakable horrors in Indonesia started shortly after CIA's JFK assassination.

Unlike Vietnam -- in Indonesia the US victory was total - "The Jakarta Method" -- the population is terrorized to this day...

And Obama’s mother, as a honey pot to Suharto’s colonel, was a part of this horror…

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Great article. I did want to point out an error that Thacker made though. He described black and white thinking as something associated with people having NPD and APD. In actuality, even though it IS common with those with NPD, that kind of thinking (referred to as "splitting") is most commonly associated with people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. BPD is still in the Cluster B category with the other two though, and it's still notorious for manipulation.

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The part about personality disordered ‘black and white’ thinking is coming up again and again, in many other podcasts and articles.

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What? Fact checkers are policing narratives rather than actual misinformation?? Next you’re going to tell me water is wet!!

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An outstanding 4-part (so far) Fox-Nation video – “Who is Hunter Biden”

It details the corruption and monstrosity of US president and his family. Obama organized coup in Ukraine and Biden as his VP was a de facto governor of that beautiful country, selecting and removing its government members, judges and heads of the industry.

US has three main exports – coups, corruption and weapons – in democratic Ukraine it exported, at enormous profits for many US politicians and their children (Pelosi, Kerry, etc.), -- it exported ALL three – introducing enormous corruption while -- “fighting corruption”.

The documentary failed to show Biden infamous speech in Senate celebrating his new Draconian law for drug use “which no judge will be able to overturn or soften” – while his son, “the smartest businessman he ever knew”, was consuming for a decade hard drugs at rate of $40K/month or higher.

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Developing a state-of-the-art drug with cutting edge applications for large swaths of ailing populations is hugely expensive, but also potentially lucrative. Like the latest and greatest appliance, marketing and commercial production often cut a few corners (outsourcing mandated

lab protocols), or program product obsolescence (boosters?). It is no surprise that these misdeeds exist. Pharma's hunger for profit excludes tried and true products, as well as those with far reaching efficacy and ungainly cost. There is no winner in the commercial medical merry-go-round, and even a good muckraker takes some hard knocks...

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Greenwald and Assange could learn a thing or two about protecting whistle blowers from this guy!

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Thanks Matt. Now I can have it both ways! :)

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