The only thing more corrupt than American government is our presstitute media!

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Please also send these articles in a written form -when possible

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Two systems of justice in this country. This corruption and evil cannot go on forever. Nixon was a piker compared to Clinton

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Hello Matt,

I’ve read and enjoyed your book Hate Inc. I believe you diagnosed something about the American media that people urgently need to hear.

I think there is potential for a screenplay adaptation. I wish to ask your permission for the to adapt the book into a script.

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And Watergate IS Pizzagate.

According to Fiona Barnett who was trafficked to Bohemian Grove to catfish Nixon for the child sex tape that was crafted to compel him to resign, she was the child in that tape.

The breakin to the dnc was an effort to obtain the photos and vids of that particular honey pot.

Epstein and Maxwell perfected the art of political extortion with their various venues, junkets, and strategically placed video cameras.

This is all about to be vomited up on the worlds stage, so buckle up.

Here is my interview with Fiona. She also wrote a book:


Great work Matt. Stelter is STILL a potato.

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Awesome article, thanks Matt!

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I am really sorry Matt Taibbi, that you need to go so far to disprove Russia gate. The democratic party chose a horribly repulsive candidate when they had a decent option with Bernie Sanders in 2016. If Bernie was any type of real revolutionary, he would have gone independent in 2020.

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Hey Matt, did you know that you have a lot of Trumptards posting here, more than likely because they think that you are saying that Trump did nothing wrong, which is the lie that Barr told in his purposeful misreading of the Mueller report, such as starting on page 187/448 (at https://www.justice.gov/archives/sco/file/1373816/download) or starting on page 368/448.

These posters are either trolls, purposely misrepresenting your meaning of "Russiagate", or poorly educated Trump supporters who never took the time to read the report. I think that you really need to clarify precisely what you're talking about here to reduce the confusion that these people can cause others who may be ignorant of the details.


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He does know that. He shares their opinion. You may be too stupid to get it, but Taibbi is of the view that - regardless of your opinion of Trump's policies - that he is not a Russian intel agent or asset. Why are you spinning moronic conspiracy theories that he is/was?

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He may know that but he never states this. Yo may be too stupid to understand that not providing a disclaimers noting what I posted above allows people to ignore that Trump actually did things to warrant an investigation, like that Bokk dope above.

Mueller outlined his finding on Trump's behavior and activities, no Russiagate there. No conspiracy theory there. Matt needs to specifically state that by "Russiagate" he does not include that so that cretins like Bokk and the other Trumptards can't spin it their way. Got it?

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Imagine being so mentally damaged that you can't admit defeat on Russiagate, yet still feel justified in calling out "Trumptards".

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Imagine being so mentally retarded that you can't understand that the investigation was due to Trump actually doing things as outlined in the Mueller Report. I am justified in calling you and the other Trump supporters Trumptards.

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Well, aren't YOU the gatekeeper of knowledge. LOL!

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Someone has to be!

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Bill Clinton is in ICU has sepsis. This is serious, but they say he should recover. Thoughts and prayers.

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OK, the implication here is that Trump did nothing to warrant an investigation and that is NOT true:

a) Trump did indeed act to get Russian help with his campaign, to get dirt on Hillary, meetings were held that ultimate failed to provide them anything of value. Had Trump not been so contemptable and morally bankrupt, he would have notified the FBI about Russian offers of help, like Adlai Stevenson did, but he didn't. Therefore, an investigation into his dealings was warranted.

b) Trump did in fact lie about his relationships with Russians. Therefore, an investigation into his dealings was warranted.

c) Trump did in fact lie about his business dealings in Russia. Therefore, an investigation into his dealings was warranted.

d) Trump did in fact act to obstruct the investigation. He should have been impeached.

So, implying that "Russiagate" was about nothing is itself a lie if the allegation does not clarify its boundaries whenever the topic is brought up, as here. Some sort of disclaimer is necessary.

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You are a liar too. His “meeting” with “Russians” was a setup by the corrupt group. You make me sick.

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This is absolutely true. Thanks for the reminder.

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LOL! You're a Trumptard and thus have been sick for quite a while.

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Let's Go Brandon!

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Yes, let's.

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a) Big Nothingburger

b) Intellectual dishonesty

c) Does repeating a lie make a person a double liar?

d) Muller report clearly exonerated Trump from this fake obstruction claim

The malfeasance and power abused of the political establishment along with the Obama-planted justice department was breathtakingly dirty by any historical measure. It was much, much worse that Watergate. Durham is going to be handing out a bunch more indictments in the coming months.

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I hope so, but doubt it. DC is hopeless

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Yeah, you whining little trumptards with your lies, DC is hopeless because of the likes of you, supporting the corrupt GOP.

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70 million patriotic Americans voted to punch down the vile and disgusting Lincoln Project swamp rats like you back to the lower levels of human hierarchy where you belong. 2022 and 2024 will finish that needed job. A larger percentage of minority voters will help make it so.

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You mean 70 million loser, whining, poorly educated, ill informed, stupid Americans voted for a narcissist incompetent. Trump lost the popular vote and the electoral college. The fact is that you are just an idiot, a tool defending someone who claimed to be for the "little guy" while he and the corrupt GOP implemented a tax break for the very wealthy at your expense.

He did nothing to fix anything that makes life worse for working people because that's not his nor the GOP's goal, which is to misdirect your anger. It worked. Trump had the most corrupt administration since those of the Civil War. He didn't even attempt to cleat the swamp and that's not in the GOP's interest. You got played because you're not bright.

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I have an MBA and am a CEO of two successful companies employing many and I voted for Trump because your favored politicians sucked and still suck. They are all BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street dick lickers. You don't have a fucking clue. You have TDS so far up your ass that it has caused you to lose all objective reasoning. I would suggest therapy so you can get your life back on track... assuming you are not just living off a mommy and daddy trust fund or government pension.

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I read something from someone credible that explained why it is taking so long and it gave more more confidence that Durham is putting together the pieces in a methodical way. The comment in the article was basically that these people that did this malicious and dirty coup attempt are very sophisticated around the laws, but that the payment records were going to be their downfall. Money exchanged hands to pay for the dirty actions and Durham is tracing it and will uncover enough evidence to take down the people responsible. This gave more more hope.

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LOL! Those are facts. Trump did indeed act in a way to warrant an investigation and even be impeached by a) and d). You are obviously a dull Trump supporter, low information and poorly educated.

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LOL. You should turn off CNN and stick with the real facts and stop with the personal insults as clearly you are a poor judge of just about everything.

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LOL! See! You're precisely the low information person that needs to be presented with a disclaimer about what Matt is actually referring to in the term "Russiagate" because you are either absolutely ignorant of the points that I am bringing up or you are a Trump support presenting your propaganda. You need to turn off the cartoons and pay attention:

a) Trump did indeed try to get Russian help in his campaign, see page 118/448 of the Mueller Report (https://www.justice.gov/archives/sco/file/1373816/download). There were other meetings, but as the report states on page 20/448:

"The Special Counsel’s Office exercised its judgment regarding what to investigate and did not, for instance, investigate every public report of a contact between the Trump Campaign and Russian-affiliated individuals and entities."

They were not all investigated. While you consider that he as a candidate for the highest office in the country was seeking help from a foreign government in his campaign nothing, I do and that is a tell about you as an American and it isn't good.

b) That dishonesty warranted an investigation

c) That dishonesty warranted an investigation

d) The Mueller Report did NOT even remotely exonerate Trump, see starting on page 368/448 of the Mueller Report. That you say that he was exonerated shows either that you are absolutely ignorant of real facts or are a dull Trump supporter lying about those real facts that Matt is unintentionally aiding.

As to why Trump was not charged, see https://www.justice.gov/olc/opinion/sitting-president%E2%80%99s-amenability-indictment-and-criminal-prosecution. The Mueller Report provided congress with the evidence that it needed to impeach Trump and remove him from office, but as that is a political process and the GOP is absolutely corrupt, there was no chance of that happening.

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When you illegally spy on an opposition candidate's campaign, then nothing you find from that illegal spying should be considered "evidence" and those that did the illegal spying should become the primary focus of the investigation if your interest is for justice and democracy.

However, if your interest is partisan hate of Trump, then you might support any and all efforts, legal or not, to uncover over-sensationalized media twaddle crap that you can wallow in to feel good about your otherwise miserable self.

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False. Trump did precisely what I said he did, there's no excuse for it, no matter what you throw at it. Trump's behavior, as I laid out, warranted an investigation and that included looking into his campaign's operation with regards to interactions and relationships with Russians.

You're a trumptard, aren't you? Defending a horrible, useless lump of meat. You have no point, so just stop now.

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Fuck off scum

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LOL! What a loser. Big mouth when you're all safe in your mom's basement and when you're with your white supremacist loser friends. You're the problem in this country and it's sad that Matt doesn't see the likes of you on his site and therefore why he needs to provide a disclaimer so that others who might not know would understand. But you're a trumptard and you are concerned only with your propaganda.

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Just to clarify:

1. I am a trauma surgeon

2. Very, very well off

3. Currently rereading “The Brothers karamazov”

4. Drive a Lexus convertible

Trump was and is awesome. Great policies. Best wishes

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Actually, you're an idiot. That you support Dump tells anyone all they need to know. Of course, you can be anything you want people to think you are, we have no way of knowing.

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Ok Tool, have you read anything Matt has written? I say you probably did but you have your mind so far up your ass it doesn't matter.

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Yes, Tool, I have and that is why I posted what I did. Without a disclaimer, people will come to falsely believe that Trump did nothing related to Russia when he did. Take your head out of your ass.

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A disclaimer? One only you are aware of? Like I said egress your anus.

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Help your mom and get a job. You gotta pull your weight and not let here do everything for you.

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Ad hominem counter attack means you lost. GFY.

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Nope, I win you little girl. See my post to J Boone above that details precisely my point, that Trump's behavior warranted an investigation and so the term "Russiagate" does not include that.

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Comment deleted
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But China, Qatar, Iran, UK,Italy,Australia, NZ,US, France,Ukraine and our government played no part in inference, hacking, planting false stories, running cover for real terrorist threats, hiding information and toppling other legally elected leaders of stable nations protecting their borders and focused on the needs of their citizens , standing in the way of the globalist plan to create a NWO.

Biden’s blatant claim, “ Imagine if we interfered in foreign elections? It would be the end of democracy and everything America stands for”

And the MSM with their Deep State godless flu lies lauded him for his impeccable patriotism.

I truly wish Huxley’s “ Soma” was available. At least the surreal universe dystopian reality we’re witnessing would be suppressed by medically induced bliss.

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Comment deleted
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David, I love you. As in the swooning genre.

A partial list of elections we have and continue inference:







Great Britain




El Salvador









Czech Republic,



















Saudi Arabia















Dominican Republic












Many more

Here’s the catch. The interventions and regime changes are never for the better or the greater good. The targeted nations are often stable, sovereign, have reformed themselves, somewhat conservative and nationalist. Not in the sense the talking heads use language to demonize.The language is remarkably playing off the same script- oppressive, racist, tyrannical, fascist, apartheid, having WMDs, corrupt, wading war on their own people…

While our government is and has been waging war on the American people, selling us out to tyrannical and corrupt regimes,rigging and stealing elections, creating a civil war within, importing terrorists, trafficking weapons, allowing the spread of deadly narcotics, murdering whistleblowers, false prosecutions, holding political prisoners, completely deprived of their rights,censoring, mass surveillance, open borders, creating pandemics for the purpose of control and the Great Reset global One World Government, central bank, author Ian,totalitarian billionaire ruling class, social engineering, medical and technocratic tyranny, confiscation of property-“ You will own nothing and be happy” . And we are willingly succumbing. They use panic and fearmongering, bold faced lies and have been infiltrating our universities, public education curriculum which has been in decline by design for decades, class warfare, climate change, expansive bureaucracy, violent street mobs, wealth confiscation , destroying small businesses, brick and mortar stores, excessive regulation , whittling away our second amendment, multinational corporations,NGOs,destruction of energy independence, disruption of supply change, color wars, false flags, progandized 24 hr/365 day news cycles,media and entertainment and distraction.Demoralized military, demoralized law enforcement, destruction of every historical monument, classic literature, removal of God in every government document, mocking, marginalizing the working class, hypersexualizing the elementary school curriculum - not to create compassion or. tolerance, but to create confusion, robbing children of their natural preadolescent innocence and freedom to enjoy their wonder years.Most of us have long accepted the LGBT and don’t give a damn about the sexual preference of others. Most of us believe that everybody deserves happiness and the security of a soulmate to grow old with. Most of us just want to be left the hell alone, free to make their own choices without forcing our own ideology on others.

Halloween no longer. Columbus Day no longer,the Constitution and Bill Of Rights no longer. Thomas Jefferson, Washington, Ulysses Grant, Lincoln, MLK, Frederick Douglas.. no longer. A fair justice system.. no longer. CRT, BLM, Antifa… blatant antisemitism is the norm. Bolstering radical Islam simultaneously criticizing and stifling Muslim voices who fled the oppression of theocrat fundamentalist Islamist regimes, abortion on demand during labor, Mengelian scientism, forced experimental vaccines for viruses that should never have been while criminalizing safe, cheap, readily available therapeutics and prophylactics.Cancelling Hristmas, thanksgiving, weddings, celebrations that are traditionally shared with loved ones, watching our elderly loved ones die alone- forbidden human contact in their ultimate time of need.

And as all this unfolds, our supposed elected representatives are doing NOTHING! Because they are either complicit, cowardly, self serving or even worse, oblivious. The end of America and they really seem not to care.

The Red/Green Axis of global CommunuFascism. The Republicans keep screaming “ Socialism”, but we are way beyond that. This is Communism. Brought to us by the UniParty, unabashedly. Bush, Cheney,Clinton, W, Obama,McCain, Menendez,Pelosi,Schumer,CardinKerry,Biden,CBC ,EPA,CDC,NIH,CIA,FBI,DOJ,Pentagon,DOD,NSA,NIA,State Dept,FED,FCC,FISA,CAIR,ACLU,SPLC,NAACP,USAID,OXFAM,Red Cross,Human Rights Watch,WEF,G-20,NATO,DAVOS,Trilateral Commission,Big Pharma,Big Tech,China,OPECKerry, Soros,, FDR,Rockefeller Foundation, Tides Foundation,Ford Foundation,Media Matters,Willie Brown,Jerry Brown,Newsom,Leahy,Romney,Ryan,Lincoln Project,Jackie Spier, Kaine, Murphy, Dingle, Carter,Warner Schiff,Getty,Guggenheim, Rove, Nadler, Fauci,Gates,WHO,Military Industrial Complex - the enemy of mankind: The UN

The last of the great Americans- Eisenhower, McArthur, Moynihan, Scoop Jackson , Goldwater, Mike Flynn and had he not surrounded himself with losers, the silly tweeting, and given a tremendous platform to the diverse crossovers, Trump.I wish he hadn’t gone so far right to appease the Evangelical religious fundamentalists. That’s not who he is, but they were very loyal. But so were all the grassroots movements who never before crossed the aisle. The best Republicans in office were Dems. The best Republican in office is DeSantis and he would better be described as Independent

They are nations who are resistant to globalism, the stream of mass migration and self reliant. They do not want interference and preserve their cultural mores. And they are not engaged in spreading a threat elsewhere… until we push them.

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