The only thing more corrupt than American government is our presstitute media!

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Please also send these articles in a written form -when possible

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Two systems of justice in this country. This corruption and evil cannot go on forever. Nixon was a piker compared to Clinton

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Hello Matt,

I’ve read and enjoyed your book Hate Inc. I believe you diagnosed something about the American media that people urgently need to hear.

I think there is potential for a screenplay adaptation. I wish to ask your permission for the to adapt the book into a script.

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And Watergate IS Pizzagate.

According to Fiona Barnett who was trafficked to Bohemian Grove to catfish Nixon for the child sex tape that was crafted to compel him to resign, she was the child in that tape.

The breakin to the dnc was an effort to obtain the photos and vids of that particular honey pot.

Epstein and Maxwell perfected the art of political extortion with their various venues, junkets, and strategically placed video cameras.

This is all about to be vomited up on the worlds stage, so buckle up.

Here is my interview with Fiona. She also wrote a book:


Great work Matt. Stelter is STILL a potato.

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Awesome article, thanks Matt!

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I am really sorry Matt Taibbi, that you need to go so far to disprove Russia gate. The democratic party chose a horribly repulsive candidate when they had a decent option with Bernie Sanders in 2016. If Bernie was any type of real revolutionary, he would have gone independent in 2020.

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Hey Matt, did you know that you have a lot of Trumptards posting here, more than likely because they think that you are saying that Trump did nothing wrong, which is the lie that Barr told in his purposeful misreading of the Mueller report, such as starting on page 187/448 (at https://www.justice.gov/archives/sco/file/1373816/download) or starting on page 368/448.

These posters are either trolls, purposely misrepresenting your meaning of "Russiagate", or poorly educated Trump supporters who never took the time to read the report. I think that you really need to clarify precisely what you're talking about here to reduce the confusion that these people can cause others who may be ignorant of the details.


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Bill Clinton is in ICU has sepsis. This is serious, but they say he should recover. Thoughts and prayers.

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OK, the implication here is that Trump did nothing to warrant an investigation and that is NOT true:

a) Trump did indeed act to get Russian help with his campaign, to get dirt on Hillary, meetings were held that ultimate failed to provide them anything of value. Had Trump not been so contemptable and morally bankrupt, he would have notified the FBI about Russian offers of help, like Adlai Stevenson did, but he didn't. Therefore, an investigation into his dealings was warranted.

b) Trump did in fact lie about his relationships with Russians. Therefore, an investigation into his dealings was warranted.

c) Trump did in fact lie about his business dealings in Russia. Therefore, an investigation into his dealings was warranted.

d) Trump did in fact act to obstruct the investigation. He should have been impeached.

So, implying that "Russiagate" was about nothing is itself a lie if the allegation does not clarify its boundaries whenever the topic is brought up, as here. Some sort of disclaimer is necessary.

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