The Nobel Committee announced that they will be awarding President Joe Biden the Nobel Peace Prize for failing to start WWIII in the Ukraine. A spokesperson for the committee said had President Biden been successful in starting the war, ten of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of people could have died. President Biden thanked the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the honor, and congratulated his fellow nominees at the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, the UK Guardian and others in the MainStream Media for their exceptional work, claiming they all deserved an Oscar of their own.

In other news, The Nobel Committee announced American author Joyce Carol Oates the winner of the literary prize for not writing a book this year, if she's still alive.

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Feb 18, 2022·edited Feb 18, 2022

Holy crap. Did anyone notice that NBC sent their Chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel and a video crew to Ukraine, specifically Mariupol. The NBC crew shot a propaganda video for an armed neonazi group called Azov Battalion. The propaganda video about training grandmothers and other citizens to shoot was played on Rachel Maddow, Morning Joe, and NBC Nightly News among other places.

The video features nazi emblems promenently on the uniforms of the men who are conducting the training.



Let this sink in: NBC produced and distributed a propaganda video for an armed neonazi group.

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This is unrelated but I don't know whom to reach...

Tucker's daily Tucker-Tonight and some of his interviews, for example with Dan Kovalik "Russia, Russia, Russia" of Feb. 4 are a national treasure - invaluable and countering the immense daily establishment propaganda..

It would be a great service to the nation if, perhaps with some delay, they would be available on, e.g., Rumble and elsewhere. I write ONLY about Tucker, most of other programs on Fox are as unwatchable as CNN or MSNBC…

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Hmm, imagine if Russia installed missile batteries in Cuba, what would be the US response? 🤭 If civilians are lucky, Russia 🇷🇺 will give an hour’s notice before hammering the offensive emplacements with a missile strike. No need to invade.

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Really good writing and fun to listen to. Matt your style is one I recognize from the past when we I sued to read newspapers with breakfast. Mike Royko is the one that I think I liked the most. I think your style is along those lines. Humor is the best way to approach life.

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Flash! Entertainment Tonight has just blown the doors off this story by reporting that a "conscious" Administration official (who spoke on the condition of no further questions) revealed that President Biden has appointed Mike "My Pillow Guy" Lindell the arbiter of all future revelations of Vladimir Putin's war plans and dinner entrée selections, predicated on Lindell's success with his February 16th forecast.

"He knocked it outta the park!", Biden said during the brief ceremony from the President's Winter Bunker.

"I have petabytes of data in my cellphone which will prove the existence of all future events.", Lindell said. An emotional Lindell concluded the ceremony tearfully, saying; "Oh Joe! You're the Charlie Browniest!"

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Hi Matt, your narrator is good. I have finally gotten my wife to enjoy your prose by playing it in the car.

Technically, however, the recordings have subpar ineligibility. The problem is reverberation of the room (reflections from walls, ceiling, floor). The fix has traditionally been to modify the recording space, e.g. record in a walk-in closet full of hanging clothes, or add acoustic absorbers, etc. Moving the mic as close as possible to the mouth can help. Maybe a shotgun mic.

But for your recordings, the modern software fix might be sufficient. Ask your narrator to try something like this:

Izotope De-Reverb https://www.izotope.com/en/products/rx/features/de-reverb.html

Acon Digital DeFilter https://acondigital.com/products/

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So I do believe that the planet earth that we live on will be a lifeless rock hurtling through space in another 100-150 years. If human beings do not decide to dismantle industrial civilization immediately, very likely this will be the result. There are other doomers out there. Dr Mc Pherson is a person that is frequently referred to as a doomer. I am pretty sure that he refers to 2026 or so. Personally I agree with the leaders of extinction rebellion (XR), that likely in two generations there will be a massive human die off, likely in billions of humans dying out. I do not think that the USA should go to war with Russia under any circumstances. The USA should stop funding the war against Yemen immediately. Stop giving arms to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia immediately. Just my idea. Thank you.

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Feb 19, 2022·edited Feb 19, 2022

not apropos anything I trust Zelensky and Biden and Putin are on both my shit list and list of shits.

Since Americas only national language is Newspeak and nobody know what Socialism is I thought someone might be interested in what Capitalism is. This is the definition of Capital a century before Marx. I leave it to the reader to put in the ism.


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It is interesting that the idea of looking at someone's past actions, what they have supported, what they have said - should have no bearing on whether you believe someone or donate to them or join. If you go through life taking none of your experience with someone as a guide, I would wish you well. It brings to mind the old " I have a bridge to sell you". Listening to arguments in a vacuum means you really do want to be taken It surely does not mean that people can't change.

I disagree most all of the time with fox. and yet, occasionally, for whatever reasons, one of their mouth pieces says something I agree with. They very occasionally have people on that I agree with. William Binney for one. MSM I find to be fallacious most all of the time as well.


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Operation Collective strength by the WEF was to kick off on 02/17/22. Coincidence? This was to be a cyber attack on global financial systems. Event 201, then we got COVID, Cyber Polygon the we got Supply chain issues, Collective Strength , a possible collapse of the financial system. The Olympics ends 2/20, perhaps after that but watch for signals about financial system issues, maybe this summer. Note there always was a several month lag after the initiation of the above mentioned events and reality. The ground in the Ukraine must be dry. My prediction is in the summer.

(This is just conspiracy speculation just for fun, maybe of substance maybe nonexistent)


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Loved this article. Hilarious and terrifying wrapped together.


perhaps you have written more about the "workers" trucker strike in Canada. There is certainly plenty to be grieved about on this planet, however, vaccines and mandates seems a pretty low bar. a kind privileged people's protest to say the least. There are worlds of suffering in this country, not to mention the world. Regardless, I wonder if you have rethought your article about the truckers. much information has been revealed about who has organized and financed this adventure. What it's purpose really is and how many Canadians feel about it. Truckers in Canada are quite diverse. That diversity is certainly missing here. Perhaps you have heard Doug Henwood's interview with John Clark. also perhaps have read this - https://www.commondreams.org/author/abby-zimet



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Hi Matt. If you need more help with readers for your articles on podcast, please let me know. johnjonesmunich@gmail.com

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