NATO wants a full blown war with Russia and so do the people in the state department because they do not want negotiations with Russia. Gen Milley says we should negotiate now.

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The number one most important factor for determining quality of life on Earth is this:

What kind of system do you live under?

Think about it. If you tell us what kind of systems you live under - from systems of government, medicine, infrastructure, education, community, religion and more - chances are we can predict what kind of life you have.

Let's examine some recent problems: FTX. Voting systems. Medicine. Corruption. War. Homelessness.

It’s our own fault. All of it.

We have embraced the wrong kind of systems that govern over us - centralized ones - and they have become corrupted. It is time to change that. We need to understand and embrace decentralized systems, and fear centralized non transparent ones. And we need to be able to spot the difference.

Can you?

Once we recognize a system has been corrupted, it’s time to bust out the anecdote: TRANSPARENCY and DECENTRALIZATION.

We need to decentralize that power but then still organize in a meaningful way. We're talking to you too Matt Taibbi! You are a decentralized news journalist, and at The Rationalist we commend that and that is why we pay to subscribe (bravo and kudos to you for being intellectually brave). Decentralized media like you is taking down the centralized propaganda media conglomerates. It is beautiful.

But in order to reach your full potential the decentralized news outlets - you, and all the trusted independent journalists like saagar and krystal, and the podcasters, etc - have to find a way to organize better - but it must stay decentralized (there is a fine but clear line).. The best system isn't just a decentralized one. It is a highly transparent and highly organized decentralized one. One that mimics what a centralized one can do in terms of execution, but is still not under the control of any one central entity. Think of the difference between single cell organisms and multi celled organisms.

Who wants to be part of a society of problem solvers instead of just complainers? Please, let's talk.


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I find it a little misleading when Kirn says that we should be singing the praises of our democracy and how well it functioned when a divided country comes out of an election with a divided govt, and when Taibbi agreed with him.

Yes a divided govt is representative of a divided nation, but that doesn't mean that people's votes aren't being suppressed, or that partisan gerrymandering isn't a problem, nor does it mean that the base of at least one of our two major parties hasn't stopped believing in democracy. Those things are real, as is the sentiment that winning is good enough, and the majority of the people's wishes are immaterial. These things are real. In conversations with MAGA friends I hear it a lot. They won, and how they won doesn't matter. Political operatives and politicians may have always felt that way, but regular voters didn't. They wanted their side to win, but they still embraced the Democratic process...well the process we have, that is at least based on democracy

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Ukraine is the money laundering capital of the world. Everything else is a distraction. Burisma ( Hunter Biden 'employer' )!is in Ukraine

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You both expected the usual "how to survive Thanksgiving" columns from the press, but I guess they decided to give the journalists the day off and just go direct-to-the-consumer:https://thehill.com/homenews/3747822-white-house-releases-turkey-day-talking-points-for-family-dinner/

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving -- all football (real football, not oppression-washing soccer) and no politics!

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More about Ukraine’s Nazi government and Nazi state:


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You have a very strong cogent view. I admire that. Putin has been an enemy that the West can not stand and is very popular. With the PSYOP we are living in about creating social scores and a one world government, it is pretty easy to view things through an identity politics lens.

Putin is popular because he got rid of the oligarchs that hollowed Russia out. Mikhail Khodorkovsky was his greatest enemy. Oligarchs like khordorkovsky took state owned facilities and bought them for pennies on the dollar when Yelsen was in charge. Khodorkovsky ran the oil and some of the banking business and killed a few Siberian mayors who complained about losing jobs when he shut down nonprofitable operations.Putin restored all that and saved jobs. To be in Russian politics you must be brutal and be a killer. Khodorkovsky is lucky to be alive, exiled to Britain and not having drunk plutonium tea yet.

Sanctions only hurt the Russian people. They will not learn to love us more. I sometimes wish we had a nationalist leader like Putin. The leader would be a nationalist that would create opportunity by bring back good paying manufacturing jobs to restore equality through economic opportunity. Instead we have shitty service jobs that pay nothing and equity through outcomes as part of the mantra. At least the Russians got Putin but what did we get? A personally flawed, pugnacious, and Washington stupid America first Donald Trump. See now we get into politics again

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NATO caused this war. Putin, however started it and it is an ILLEGAL war as awful as the US invasion of Iraq.

Three US Presidents did nothing to stop this war from happening. Still, it was Putin who ordered the start of the war and Putin who, like Bush, is a War Criminal.

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Thank you...

Scott Ritter at his best – a must see short video: https://youtu.be/iAhdHIOd-9w

Scott Ritter: Talks German (and US) Government Politics – Nov. 19, 2022

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Trump needs to retire from the field.

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