They were having discussions among themselves, but were quick to throw dissenters off social media for asking THE SAME QUESTIONS being asked by the experts. And we never once heard those questions get asked in public.

The more we learn, the worse this looks.

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“Since 1992 the virology community has known that the one sure way to make a virus deadlier is to give it a furin cleavage site,” writes Dr. Steven Quay, a biotech entrepreneur interested in the origins of covid. At least 11 such experiments have been published, including one by Shi Zhengli, the "bat woman" who was the scientist leading gain of function experiments at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“When I first saw the furin cleavage site in the viral sequence, with its arginine codons, I said to my wife it was the smoking gun for the origin of the virus,” said David Baltimore, an eminent virologist and former president of the California Institute of Technology.


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So, the elite ... the 'smart set' ...the people who told us we should Trust The Science ...

... they lied, and schemed, and tap-danced and did everything they could to politicize Covid, and backdoor their way into the conclusion they wanted.

Seriously, given all that's happening in media and the alphabet agencies, how can any rational person trust any of our institutions any more? Crooks.

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Thanks, Matt, for naming Baric in these escapades. It very well may not have been engineered in Baric's lab. The point though is that he started this Franken-science. The US needs to be willing to point the thumb and not just the finger here.

Baric has a biography out, which he clearly co-authored. He poses himself as the Superman of coronavirus science, the gifted genius who was ahead of the curve knowing we needed to engineer more pathogenic forms of coronaviruses in order to be able to create a vaccine to overcome what he saw as an inevitable coronavirus pandemic. Mind you, coronaviruses have likely existed since the dawn of time. We only developed the technology to identify them in the last fifty years. He and Fauci were vaccinologists in search of a deadly pathogen, so eventually they saw to it that the world created one. Baric trained Shi in his NC lab in this technology.

In the name of Biodefense, we have weaponized infectious disease and militarized healthcare. These are unsustainable practices for humanity.

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This reminds me that nasty immoral people with degrees and positions of influence are the most dangerous of people.

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Someone owes RFK Jr. and Rand Paul a huge apology. Wonder if it will ever come.

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So in the United States we’ve got the DEA threatening pain doctors, violating their charter, and the intel agencies (figure CIA/NSA) being “high ups” dictating science messaging, also violating their charters.

Is their literally any federal agency out there not violating congressionally mandated charter? The CIA in particular, as Matt has shown for 9 months now, has is nearing, or even surpassing, MKULTRA scale scandal of running domestic psyops, and yet not a single educated liberal I know even believes it, let alone cares.

In a Machiavellian sense, I kind of gotta hand it to the Feds and Intel agencies, they managed to get practically the entire elite class, all their critics in the 2000’s, and a whole damn political party to be their puppets, which does take a bit of skill.

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And now the WHO after appointing the very actors that caused the global pandemic and covered it up want vastly expanded powers over global health. The audacity of these people tell us everything about the sorry state of our democracies.

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It's hard to read this and not see how soulless these scientists are. Dare I say evil?

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There are several good links out there to the climategate emails from 2009, i remain convinced that anyone going in cold and reading those cannot help but conclude that all involved should be fired and prosecuted.

Various institutions rallied around the "team" and cleared them of wrong doing, we know how that works now.

We need to see what happens on this Proximal Origins paper, lets see if they whitewash the authors or if they decide to toss them under the bus.

They were obviously acting on orders from above, its those that gave the orders that need to brought to justice.

Again, all of this is simply following the patterns and traits laid down by the climate scientologists.

To a T

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Lest we not forget "Nature". They seem only concerned about who you are when you publish, not what it is that you are publishing.

If they are not going to vet what they publish, then they are simply a common-carrier, not one of the world's preeminent scientific journals. As far as a source of truth and true scientific discovery, Nature is no better than Facebook.

Retracting the March 2020 article, imposing a more in-depth review on anything submitted by the same authors before publishing anything else from them, and re-evaluating the other papers they may have rejected for political reason since might help to restore their reputation.

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What are the political ramifications and do they even matter when the administrative state has already overthrown the government?

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Strike 1 - Russian Dossier

Strike 2 - Dismissal of the Hunter Biden Laptop filled with Hunter videos of himself

Strike 3 - Dismissal of the Lab Leak theory although our government knew a) evolution was an unlikely answer b) The Chinese were working with Bat Viruses , experimenting with how they could be genetically modified to infect humans c) The work was being performed in a poorly run Level 2 lab v Required Level 4 lab

Strike 4 - Deliberate steps to hide communications from discovery under Freedom of Information requirements

Strike 5

It is clear in many of the videos (especially the clear videos without the blurrs placed there to simply get a XXXXXX rating that part of the compensation to the sex workers was the abundant amount of cocaine provided by Hunter. In fact many of the club girls are yours for the evening for just the cocaine. However back to Hunter, he was exchanging cocaine and money for sex with young women and therefore how is Hunter also not a crack cocaine dealer with a mandatory prison sentence in his future....???????? I think Dad was talking 25 years in the filmed announcement touting his legislation. Perhaps I missed the fine print that only black crack dealers go to jail.......

Truly creatures from the floor of the bullpen

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At this point, anybody who believes in any government, or politician, or "scientist" in an oversight or other "government" position, should just realize that they are an NPC. It's all rigged now. Cash wins. The game is going to get more rigged now. The US was the last hope, and the global money fought well and hard and have taken that nation over as well.

The news everyday is just more terrifying from an authority, or totality standpoint. And the masses cheer it on, and label those that actually use brains. It's how liberty dies... With thunderous applause.

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If our government can't fix the potholes in the street. If it can't make sure every person in America has clean drinking water. If it can't provide for the population what we can't provide individually . . .

The US government had a system supposedly to prevent this. As someone else in this comment section suggested, we need a "911 style" commission. But let's not have it comprised of people like the former governor of Illinois, et al. How about it's like a jury, randomly selected people to hear the evidence. What if The People that the pols boast they care for and love started demanding "records?"

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THANK you, Matt !! A Qurestion:

Will anybody in the end go to jail for human and economic consequences of this genuine US horror?

On a positive side -- today was a happy day -- three treasures in same day, including finally locating Rick Sanchez:

Rick Sanchez on RT.com -- https://www.rt.com/search?q=Direct+Impact



J6 was a Setup – same players as in Russia-gate – Jul 18, 2023


Biden Moves To DISQUALIFY Trump From 2024 Race | Another ARREST | FBI Whistleblower ENDS Biden


Prof. Jeffrey Sachs -- Destruction of Russia was planned in early 1990 -- Jul 18, 2023


NATO summit failure and further Biden escalation w/ Jeffrey Sachs

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