"I’m all for protecting “thought that we hate,” but not speech that incites hate."

Newspeak is alive and well

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Why would someone want to install new guardrails on a highway that's pitted with huge potholes & deeply in danger of collapsing?

Why do liberals always feel compelled to come up with cheezy metaphors that, in the end, only prove how liberals are lame & bankrupt of ideas.

Why does America have to consistently pat itself on the back about its "greatness" while its quite apparent that whatever "greatness" it had has left the building for an undisclosed location & an undetermined rest period?

Why does no one in the media notice that America's leadership Olympics just pitted an orange windbag with a Twitter addiction against a handsy old grandpa who never had a real job or a good idea in his life?

Why would anyone sane think this shitshow of an election is an indicator that "America's guardrails are holding?"

Is there a special journalism class entitled "Bullshitting Yourself & The Public 101?"

Is this shit scripted?

One thing that I've learned from the last 4 years is your average card carrying partisan liberal

Democrat is every bit as credulously stupid & butt ignorant as the right wing rednecks they love to parody.

After watching the huge smelly piles of shit your average liberal Democrat is willing to swallow to maintain his mental safe space I wouldn't trust a partisan Democrat to change my car tire let alone decide what ideas I see.

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When I worked in higher education, I was convinced that there was a "Journal of Cockamamie Ideas" that only Deans and higher-ranking administrators could subscribe to, because they couldn't possibly come up with those ideas on their own. Now I am convinced that journalists subscribe to a similar publication.

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I used to think that people were overstating the threat, the ubiquity, of 'political correctness'. But the left now seems to have a mania for suppressing speech. I don't think I've voted for a single Republican in my life (only because Democrats seem marginally less bad). If they start to implement "guard rails", that's what will eventually force me to vote against Democrats.

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If any of these writers rode a motorcycle, they wouldn't be so enamored of guardrails.

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I'd like a "inside baseball" from Mr Taibbi on how these phrases seem to crop up on all the usual publications at almost the same time.

Don't want to go all Alex Jones, but it almost looks like a memo was sent.

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Guardrails are a big fuckin deal, man. My grandfather used to say, "Joey, enjoy the ride but mind the guardrails". Then my grandmother would shout down from the porch, "Joey if you're riding to Delaware, just make sure it isn't so easy to get out from under credit card debt." I mean, come on man. Workin' across the aisle, man. Soul of a nation.

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Oh, no..

They removed all the guardrails with prejudice.

The "Blue Ribbon Panel" headed by James Baker and Jimmy Carter issued a report that gave warnings on how elections could be compromised and the Democrats took that as a road map to cheat and has spent the past fifteen years making sure that NONE of the recommendations would ever be implemented.

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"Guardrails" should be certified as a new entry in the Devil's Dictionary of Democrat Demagoguery.

Guardrails (noun, plural guardrails) -- Government and media institutions in countries that describe themselves as democracies that exist to perpetuate -- through propaganda, law and force -- the power of political elites against the will of the people.

Yes,. the guardrails held! hahahahah.

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Guardrails dovetail zero sum dispositive Potemkins.

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That high pitched sound you hear is David Frum's mother (an honest to goodness Journalist) spinning in her grave.

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Here's an article by Glenn Greenwald that confirms something that I thought was pretty obvious.

That Obama was the perfect candidate to run cover for the bail out and, more importantly, the war machine.


"What made this document so fascinating, so revealing, is the CIA’s discussion of how to manipulate public opinion to ensure it remains at least tolerant if not supportive of Endless War and, specifically, the vital role President Obama played for the CIA in packaging and selling U.S. wars around the world. In this classified analysis, one learns a great deal about how the “military industrial complex,” also known as the “Blob” or “Deep State,” reasons; how the Agency exploits humanitarian impulses to ensure continuation of its wars; and what the real function is of the U.S. President when it comes to foreign policy.

"What prompted the memo was the CIA’s growing fears that the population of Western Europe was rapidly turning against the War on Terror generally and the war in Afghanistan specifically — as evidenced by the fall of the Dutch Government driven in large part by the electorate’s anger over involvement in Afghanistan. The CIA was desperate to figure out how to stem the tide of anti-war sentiment growing throughout that region, particularly to shield France and Germany from it, by manipulating public opinion.

"The Agency concluded: its best and only asset for doing that was President Obama and his popularity in Western European cities."

I can already hear the accusations that Greenwald is a Russian agent.

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2. Finds, based on the facts and evidence presented and our own Board of Elections data, that the Presidential election held on November 3, 2020, in Pennsylvania is irredeemably corrupted;


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Frum is to liberals what Luntz is to conservatives. Spinner in chief.

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Seems like the “guardrails” differ from writer to writer.

Is there really anything wrong with calling out lies? Is there anything wrong with operating within institutional norms? Is attempting to overturn electoral slates with disingenuous arguments about fraud not something to be condemned?

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It is difficult to imagine what it is the rails are guarding against. I suppose it could be said that they secure free speech, democracy, or any of the other catchphrases of the republic, but these are not ends to themselves. Domestic tranquility? When has it ever been so? And that manner of tranquility can be bought with the coin of foreign conflict as easily by monarchs as by senators. A more perfect union? Of what? Increasingly, I get the sense we've figured out how to do a billion different things, but nobody knows what the hell we're doing anymore. If they ever did.

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