I can’t really agree that the Democratic Party is “weak” or “inept.”

Anyone who’s spent time close to their actual political processes sees firsthand what should be obvious to any distant observer: the Democrats who occupy office, and the paymasters who own those Democratic politicians, loathe—loathe—the working class and the middle class. The only people who hate Democratic voters more than alt-right online trolls are probably elected and appointed Democrats and their various moneyed pimps.

That’s why Democrats have spent the last thirty years aggressively (if covertly) supporting policies that intensify poverty and class division and perpetuate war, and, in the last four years, reviving the Cold War and spreading the most disgusting and obnoxious brand of racism. At some point even the most brand-loyal peasants will surely notice that, with the exception of a few well-intentioned weaklings like Bernie Sanders, Democrats are laughing their asses off at the suffering of the working poor.

Nancy Pelosi is getting exactly the deal she wanted.

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Pelosi had a chance to get a 1.8T bill before the election. She and the Democrats have failed so pathetically because of their deranged hatred for Trump. Ro Khanna was right: They had a moral obligation to act and yet they didn’t. Now there may be no bill at all. The Media tried their best to gaslight us on Pelosi’s failure but I think many saw thru it.

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Is anyone really surprised? This was of course what the Dems were going to do.

They are literally destroying their own states with the lockdowns. Why aren’t we hearing if explosive death counts in the retirement state of Florida? Give me a break.

If you thought the Dems were ANY good, I have a bridge that falls off a cliff to sell you.

The Dems got caught cheating in the primaries in Iowa, changed the rules throughout the primaries to stop Tulsi from being a part of the debates, had governors that sent Covid patients into nursing homes ensuring the death of the elderly in their states, forced Bernie to concede to Biden because they continued the primaries IN PERSON in the middle of a pandemic, filled the CARES Act with a bunch of crap going to their donors, had Dem mayors and governors allow autonomous zones in multiple states during the riots which resulted in multiple kids dying, had some members ENCOURAGE the looting and rioting, created funds to bailout the rioters, and are NOW ensuring the destruction of small businesses all through their states with draconian lockdowns (martial law with curfews) that didn’t work the first time with Costco, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. packed to the gills with people.

Again... if you still think the Dems are in any way going to help anyone but themselves, you haven’t been paying any attention. They will literally kill people to get what they want.

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Don’t you love it when politicians play power games that screw the average worker? How does anyone get behind any of these long term scumbags? How does Pelosi keep getting re-elected? How does McConnell? Ugh.

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Listen, progressives...Anyone But Trump was the goal. Mission accomplished. Congratulations. If the people you cheerfully voted in have already shown you their asses twice before Inauguration Day, I don't know what to tell you. "Gee, what a surprise." Get used to it for a few years. Find some way to enjoy the view. Elbow your way into line for some of those identity politics trinkets they'll be handing out as consolation prizes. Take up transcendental meditation. 2024 is only four years away.

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Maybe I'm slow but why would anyone expect something different?

The election is over.

They already have the presidency.

They now have no use for voters.

The time to pressure politicians comes before you vote for the little sociopaths.

Once you cast your vote you are, at best, an annoyance.

It's not like the Democrats give a shit about the poor & the working class.

They've been shafting them for, at least, the last 30 years.

Then again, maybe this is really a Dem Xmas gift for America.

Pelosi & company understand that money is just a burden.

All those decisions people have to make.

Do I pay rent?


Do I pay for a cheeseburger?


Do I buy my meds?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

But with the Democrat method, no decisions at all. A nice pressure free holiday.

And once people are evicted they'll be guaranteed more sunshine.

Folks just don't get enough sunshine these days.

Y'see Nancy Pelosi really is Momma Bear.

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Matt is so brilliant and fair but I just do not understand how he could not say the incredible harm the Heroes Act supported went far beyond bailing out blue states in debt. It enshrined voting practices rife for fraud, i.e., universal vote by mail forever. The Heroes would require every state to allow “no excuse” absentee voting, provide postage-paid mail-in ballots, mandate that votes are counted up to 10 days after Election Day, and eliminate voter ID laws.

Please do not respond to argue using your unsupported opinions- I already know you do not believe this, and I assume you have not looked at the text of the Heroes act. I won't respond to trolls. Of course, if you have proof this is false, post it, but otherwise, I do not see a reason to argue and I won't respond.

As for 3T stimulus - easy to reach some compromise there or even give in, though doubtless much of it was not needed and would not go to people who needed it. The voting problems listed above are the real reason the so-called Heroes act could not be passed. They would have resulted in a one-party country, which would have lead to totalitarianism.

I think Matt is eventually going to come out with a piece attacking voter practices that will lead to a one-party country, such as no voter ID, required ballots to all on voter lists that are never purged, etc. so I will wait for that. He is too good and brave not to see this and say something.

Don't you see? The left believe the right are facists and believes it is perfectly moral to cheat in order to defeat facists.

Worse, the leadership of the left does not care what terrible suffering they brought about from Covid merely to make Trump look bad (and also pander to certain groups). ***Witness all other countries where kids got to go back to school - science says they can - while ours are confined. *** That is just one example. I deplore Democrat leadership for what they have done to children and small business.

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Both parties seem so desperate to beat down the other , while neither seems to concerned with the peasants caught in between. Meanwhile the press and many state governments, like the one I live in (NYC), cheer the perpetual lockdowns and closings.

If anyone here thinks either party cares about any of us plebs, I think you might be delusional. Again cheers to Matt for creating content no one else is writing.

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This piece, quite apart from leaving me properly aghast (distinct from "surprised"), reminds me of what I perhaps appreciate most about Matt's work -- these dollar figures we're all seeing arithmetically laid out in a single comprehensible piece had to be culled from a bunch of sources, all of which I assume go to some trouble to obfuscate what's being said.

So yeah, while I'm among those who enjoys the zingers and wordplay, I have a feeling that the meat here takes a lot more effort to separate from the bone (and from the wild itself) than most forms of journalism. There may be others who do this, but from the liberal side? They're all cowards.

But seriously, these fuckers in Congress? This isn't some abstractable from of government harm. This is as tangible a fuck-you as it gets.

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The Democrats were more than happy for the entire working class to drop dead if that's what it took to give Trump the boot. I mean, all of THEIR voters were working from home which was made possible by all the blue collar schlumps they love to hate being exposed to the virus while they were safely hiding under their beds.

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It's impressive that the Democrats still have the capacity to amaze us with their duplicity after decades of straight bullshit, but there you have it.

The old DLC/Clinton formula remains unchanged: make a bunch of noise about social issues while letting the rich do whatever the hell they want, with the side benefit of making it possible to be simultaneously wealthy, liberal, and sanctimonious. If anything, this has gotten much worse, as we are all now treated to endless lectures about how everything in America is awful and always has been, often from people who have endured such horrors as attending Ivy League colleges, working at national media outlets, and exercising political power while (somehow) becoming millionaires.

If there is anything surprising about this, it's the twist the Democrats have added to the narrative of how a democracy is supposed to fail. According to the old formula, democracy was a fine idea, but would inevitably stop working when the people realized they could vote to get free stuff from the government. The Democrats don't even want to go that far - they'd prefer not to hand out free stuff unless you're already rich - so instead they've decided to satisfy their voters by taking a pass on enforcing laws for favored political constituencies and encouraging the application of social and economic consequences to dissenters in the name of "justice."

It's appalling how well this is working, how many people are willing to not only hop on the new social issues bandwagon but even to shave their heads, put on robes, and start proclaiming The Word. The levels of grift and graft reach unprecedented heights while mobs fight in the streets over manufactured controversies, propelled to violence by the messaging necessary for the longest of cons to keep rolling along.

This relief bill is more of the same. Sure, there's money flowing out. But most of what we're going to see, moving forward, is largely symbolic gestures like this one accompanied by a continuing breakdown of social and political systems so as to provide moral and legal "goodies" to voters instead of money or any other economic benefits, all while the upward transfer of wealth continues, not only unabated, but mostly unnoticed.

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In a nutshell, we’re fucked.

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Hey, who cares about doing the people's business?! As long as we get a black female president, all is good as the sun sets on the Potomac and the Empire!

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I mean it's obvious they held out for political purposes. They didn't want a "win" for Trump before the Presidential Election. Afterwards, they couldn't care less ... see: bill.

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Yep, you guys will be amazed at what you voted for- like nothing you ever would have expected.

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Democrats stopped working for the People in 1993. Bill Clinton paid off big for Wall Street and Silicon Valley donors, and started using trade deals and open-door immigration policy to dismantle the American middle class. Lose your good-paying job at the mill but pay less for Chinese-made blue jeans. The monolith of DONOR OLIGARCHY has controlled the levers of both parties ever since. Trump was a poor substitute for a genuine political force aimed at helping those thrown under the bus and out the window by the sycophants of the Oligarchs. As the so-easily-fooled Bernie-Liz-Yang supporters have learned, the Oligarch Empire has struck back. Joining the Anti-Trump parade was a severely self-destructive move by the "Progressives." [Liberty or death] has no meaning for these Milk-Toast "Progressives." Do we even have a half-decent supply of the key ingredient we need to water and replenish the Tree of Liberty ? If we do, slandering Trump and ignoring the Oligarchy has not proven astute or constructive. We need to blood of patriots to save the Republic, not scolding and hand-wringing.

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