The Canadian protests bore little in common with what was covered in this piece. The film seems to deliberately display the trucker community and their supporters as semi illiterate goofs with a poor understanding of what they are doing What struck me about the Canadian convoy was the variety of people involved; truckers, nurses, doctors, teachers, blueberry farmers, office workers all making the trek to the dismal city of Ottawa every weekend to stand with the truckers and give another voice to their concerns about freedom of choice.

For 2 years millions of people who did not agree with the WEF/Covid agenda have been ridiculed, called right wing, called selfish and stupid by friends, family and their government. The trucker convoy showed us that we were not alone, and that there were in fact people around us who we might never have connected with on any other issue, but in this we were united.

So go ahead and make the classist assumption that the convoy was full of silly people, waiving their anti- commie flags or wearing Maga hats. I probably wouldn’t agree with 50% of the people there on issues like abortion or LGBetc rights, guaranteed incomes or the right to bear arms, but on this issue of mandates there are millions who stand with the truckers and their courage to speak out.

Attention should be paid to the underlying malaise of the working person about the declining standards of living for many. Trump should have been a warning about the desperation of people to pry themselves from a corrupt political system. Instead, his opposition spent 4 years consumed with hatred instead of looking at themselves and where they had gone wrong And nothing good can be born of hatred.

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Mar 11, 2022·edited Mar 11, 2022

MSM has completely sequestered this national story. Not a word of it anywhere.

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It was wise of them to avoid going into DC. After Jan 6 it is clear that DC is the US version of Iraq's Green Zone, a militarized safety zone for a paranoid, illegitimate occupying force, complete with barricades, secret police, and scheming apparatchiks who do nothing but plot against the American people in an endless "schlock and awwwww" campaign.

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I think the third to last paragraph hits at the source of discontent that drives movement. I was in Hagerstown last weekend donating food and water at the racetrack. Everyone has an opinion, but behind that opinion everyone has a story. A lot of people in this country have no sense whatsoever of the feeling of economic precariousness that permeates "flyover territory".

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The convoy was 12 -18 months too late. The Canadian convoy was timely.

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We were paying more than a few cents more for fuel months before Putin invaded Ukraine. We've yet to see that built-in. Our leaders talk to us like we are stupid. It is most insulting to see these posers work everyday making America poorer. Biden is a fool's fool who thinks we are fools. FJB!

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The trucker comment 'we're about to lose our asses' is the one that struck me. The idiocy and sheer evil of the Covid mandates coupled to a dangerous war in Europe will usher in a crashing economy the likes of which we haven't seen in a century. 1922/23 was the year that inflation really took off in Germany and then spread. The people who will suffer the most are, as always, the already marginalized, but don't worry, the oligarchs are doing just fine. Follow the money.

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Those trucks run on diesel fuel not gasoline. From 3/7 Central Atlantic (where the big trucks are) gasoline was averaging $4.25 per gallon, diesel $5.093 per gallon. Many truckers will lose money at high diesel prices, so the supply chains (food, building materials, etc) will crash.

Just so Americans can show they stand with NAZIs in Ukraine. Biden and Zelinsky should have negotiated in good faith.

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Covid policy has been worse than a complete failure. In addition to having not helped, it has created massive harm to children and everyone. The damage globally is massive. 150 million people pushed into extreme poverty and starvation.



Vax stopping spread- virtually zero

Prevent severe outcomes- fades to zero

Masks- zero

Social Distancing- zero

Scrubbing surfaces- zero

Plexiglass- zero

Mandates & Passport- zero

Travel ban- zero

Capacity limits- zero

Curfews- zero

School Closures- zero

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The revolution will not be televised... unless it's Maoist.

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I can think of 2 valuable lessons I've learned from liberal America.

1. That old saying, "In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king" is one big lump of happy horse shit.

In reality, in the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is de-banked, debunked & de-personed, shoved into a jester's costume & renamed Benedict Arnold, while the blind just mill about, bumping into each other as they grind common sense & civilization into a fine powder.

2. With the proper spin and PR it is possible to make anyone palatable to the masses, even Nazis. Any future despots and serial killers should take note and make sure they hire a good PR firm before the blood starts flowing.

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Something about events transpiring - first as tragedy, afterwards as farce.

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I haven't watched this yet, but I've enjoyed the New2Share pieces, and I will.

I'm just responding to the responses of people who obviously haven't watched this on Matt's Twitter feed, and his Twitter feed in general. There seems to be a small army of people on Twitter that seemingly only exist to second-guess, swat down, or make moronic accusatory inferences on Matt's Twitter feed.

I follow a lot of other media types/journalists that have now been branded as heretics, or worse, but this seems mostly unique to Matt's Twitter: about 1,000 or so people who only exist online to tell Matt Taibbi that he's wrong, about everything. I'm sure it frustrates him. It frustrates me when I see it. I'm not conspiratorially-inclined, but I wonder how much of this is actually an organic response, and why it's more Taibbi than seemingly anyone.

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Here is the explanation for this less than large American trucker protest.

I have a friend that owns a trucking business. 2020, 2021 and 2022 have all been his best years ever... by far. He also got a $2 million PPP loan that he never needed, but he and his wife are about done building their new home funded by company owner distributions. His employees are all making higher wages. Nobody in his circle of trucking-employed people are motivated to stop working to protest... even though my friend and most of his employees are Trump supporters.

It just has not gone bad enough yet for the American blue collar masses to rise up. It will happen though... the Democrats in charge seem committed to making it happen.

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US Media to their scribes:

"Lead with massive Ukraine propaganda, curtsy to your left with the CDC Pandemic mask mandate changes, and curtsy to your right with the DC area Truckers and throw the implications for cancel culture, climate change, and class conscious warfare (inflation-de-dollarization) into the "we'll scare them later on down the road" bucket.

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Not that anyone should be compelled to write about war atrocities, ancient cities being reduced to rubble, and innocent citizen... many of whom are children... being murdered while they flee madness....but writing about a bunch of utterly lost souls driving their trucks around a city... rallying like they're going to rush the stage...to demand what's largely been taken care of and the rest of which no government is ever going to dignify with a response... but writing about this shit is sad commentary in and of itself. The Lefty side, I won't dignify with a comment. I don't give even a slight fuck about the truckers or the Lefties. Since TK is allegedly democratic, that's my vote.

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