If there were a marketplace where one could short a generation, I’d push all of my chips in on this one. I see heavy starvation & drug addiction in their futures. And a lot of breakdowns, with no one to fix anything.

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The “good guys” have redefined what it means to be “good.” Reminds me of Orwell:




I side with the people who don’t shut down debate, infringe on free speech, don’t spit and curse at people, and who don’t assault people for otherwise peaceful activity. I stand with those people even if I can’t stand their politics, which surely true of that Gavin fellow.

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Ummm...so we hate alleged "Neo-Nazis" when they're at Penn State but we fund real Nazis when they're in Ukraine?

Sorry, just trying to get all of my swastika wearing white supremacist ducks in a row.

Whether you like Stein or hate him he displayed some wheel barrow sized testicles when he waded into that crowd of rhetoric spewing whiners.

I bet that each & every one of those kid's parents are supremely happy their miserable children are away at school and not spoiling their meals with this shit.

I will say that this is literally the absolute best documentary dealing with why retroactive abortions should be legal.

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There are almost 100,000 students enrolled at Penn State University. So not all of them are at Happy (?) Valley, but still it takes what 100-150 students showing up instead of studying to close down what should have been a lightly attended ho-hum event. These are certainly the kids about to flunk out anyway, as they are too stupid to realize they brought publicity to an event they abhor, when it likely would have been like a light fart at a football game otherwise, completely unacknowledged.

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Within my adulthood, Matt, I have witnessed pretend American Nazis march through Skokie, a small suburb just north of Chicago with a large Jewish population.

The ACLU back then was a force to recon with when any of our Constitutional protections were about to be violated. Now, the ACLU is more likely to fight for a prison sentence if they know you used the incorrect pronoun while addressing another person.

Today, as I watched this video, I once again saw how successful have been forces within our society that have trained useful fools supporting players hidden within academia, large corporations, and large unions.

I see among the protestors young people who might not even know how different they are from Dr. King and his followers who were willing to be beaten and even killed for their cause.

I long for the time in my young and middle adulthood when as a conservative I could also say I was a classical liberal who was proud to live is such a diverse and powerful nation.

Today, as a rapidly approach my 8th decade as an American citizen, I am still a proud classical liberal with very strong conservative views.

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I find it interesting that A) paper masks are still being worn for an aerosolized particle; and B) the students are telling themselves that they were forced to put themselves in danger in order to get the event canceled. Police protecting free speech is lost to them. Seeing themselves as a violent mob is lost to them.

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They need to defund the universities and professors creating this intolerant woke atmosphere. I can't imagine hiring any of this kids. They aren't capable of anything rational.

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In a lot of ways, these students are pathetic, as well as terrifying. Pathetic in their absolute spoiled brat faith in and reliance on the goodwill of the society they at the same time trash. They know nothing much will happen to them, at the hands of the cops, the college authorities, parents, anyone. Their reliance on rage and the F-word is a way to mask their actual helplessness and dependence on the good will of others with a rhetoric of fake defiance. They are truly lost. Wandering the streets looking for a target to pretend to care about. No way of knowing what they will morph into next. It's not good.

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Oct 28, 2022·edited Oct 28, 2022

Campuses need to develop a Free Speech policy witch is similar in structure to the Title IX due process afforded to males accused of sexual harassment. In other words, zero tolerance for any justification of squashing free speech and expulsion from the University.

I know...fat chance.

Having said that, Title IX needs to be dramatically modified.

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So it's a college campus and "Fuck you, fascist" is their most eloquent phrase, and "Nobody likes you" is their best argument.

I think it's time to defund the universities, or at least the ones that can do no better by their students than this.

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20 years from now I wonder if these students, nestled in their segregated pod with a belly full of bugs and an arm full of mandatory daily flu shot, will look back fondly to the night that they stopped racism and fascism.

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The fruits of decades of radical Marxist indoctrination using our education system, they don't even understand the country in which they live.

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Someone give them a dictionary and a thesaurus.

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One last bit and I'll mosey...

When I was growing up, if you spit on someone, there were only 2 possible outcomes. You would have to kick someone's ass or you would have your ass kicked. There was no 3rd option. Being spit on is primal as is the response.

This leads me to believe that the young lady who spit on Stein has never had anyone push back on her bullshit. Ever. She appears to be a fucking poster child for privilege. Maybe she "needs to buy a mirror and some bailing wire and bail wire that mirror to her head so she can see what kind of an asshole she's trapped with."

Probably wouldn't help.

I give Stein much credit for not breaking her nose & then the way he flipped it into a sex fetish that turned him on was pretty damn brilliant.

While I'd like to think a broken nose would have taught her a valuable lesson I know it wouldn't have taught her anything. Zealots are often much too thick for lessons to penetrate.

Still, one can wonder...

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Another cringeworthy protest lifted from the pages of Bonfire of the Vanities. And I wasted 10 minutes of my life on it. The gravitas of the voiceover was funny, though.

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Fisher claims the speaker was “fleeing” when in reality, they were just leaving the the campus as the spineless admin canceled the event due to crying children throwing tantrums.

Fisher 100% knows the English language and how for

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