Matt, this is pretty typical left wing behavior these days.

It was mirrored in the left's characterization of anti-vaxxers as white Trump loving racists when, in reality, a huge chunk of the vaccine wary were black folk.

It's also mirrored in the "pro-lifers are white Nazi Republican scum" when, in this crazy place called reality, a hell of lot of black folk were anti-abortion. They understood that those 19 million black babies that have been aborted since the 70s are just another face of genocide.

As far as guns go, if liberals really care about raped women why aren't they pushing for self defense classes in public schools. Or even gun safety classes since, every year, many rapes are prevented because the woman was packing heat.

Either one of these classroom experiences would benefit kids a hell of a lot more than teaching them that "men can get pregnant too."

At the end of the day I think it is quite obvious that the Dems only want victims as their clientele. Victims seem to be much easier to manipulate for votes.

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The media has been trying to shove two narratives on minorities at the same time (well, really all of us, but at the moment I'm focusing on minorities):

(1) The government along with all other American institutions are systemically racist and out to kill innocent minorities in droves simply for being minorities


(2) You can trust the government to take care of you if you give up your guns.

The messaging doesn't quite work.

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Sane, law-abiding adults (SLAAs) should be encouraged to have guns.

Yahoos should be discouraged.

SLAAs come in all skin shades, as do yahoos.

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Despite the media's selective favoritism for only portraying those '2nd amendment activists' that fit their pre-concocted narrative, we are ALL 2nd amendment activists when we stand up for our Constitutional rights, regardless of skin color. We are one, and we are everywhere.

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Jun 30, 2022·edited Jun 30, 2022

1. A former Marine, Robert F. Williams, formed a black NRA-sponsored rifle club in North Carolina during the Civil Rights Era. Suffice it to say that when the KKK came calling, the club members had the temerity to actually shoot back. The KKK, who had so often shown themselves to be real heroes when it came to mobbing defenseless people, proved to be less brave on that occasion.

2. The NRA actually supported tightening gun control laws, after Black Panthers started walking around armed in California in the 1960s. Governor Ronald Reagan signed what was then the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation at that time.

Funny how times change.

3. Contrary to MSM reporting, there are quite a few black militia members, sovereign citizens, and the like.

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Clearly the media has narratives they present in lieu of reporting on news. Anything counter to these sacred cows must be ignored at all costs.

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The underlying principles in this article are twofold:

1. The deterioration of capitalism into oligarchy, with the purposeful weaponized use of race, women's bodies, and economic depression to override the average person's sanity, patience, and ability to cooperate with one another regardless of difference.

2. Amplifying the use of violence as solution to a problem using America's main symbol, the gun. We are going to see a great deal more pissed off people using them in the next few years, but god forbid we start talking about solutions which do not involve violence, force, or "winning" a confrontation.

This should be in a manual somewhere, how to divide and conquer a weary public (most propagandized US population in five decades) by using CRT, US exceptionalism, and the evil boogeyman - Russia, Russia, Russia.

The sooner we acknowledge the problem is an internal one, full of rotten neoliberal and neoconservative elites running the economy, the public domain, and our country into the ground, the better.

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Back during the Rodney King riots, we saw the full measure of what the 2nd amendment was really about. Because it is two parts, both the famous "shall not be infringed" which is infringed every fucking day in this country, but the "well regulated militia." Roof Top Koreans.

And this has been shown all up and down the time line; Said Rooftop Koreans? Militia. BLM? Militia. Kyle Rittenhouse? One man militia. In fact, any group that convenes together to provide for its

defense is a militia, simply because the whole point of the 2nd was to eliminate the gov't monopoly on violence. And each of those things I mentioned, which are but a fraction of the incidences of this need throughout history, are the citizens ensuring their liberty when the gov't has abdicated its claimed responsibility. Here in Oregon, during the battle of Portland and the wellspring of Antifa into the surrounding communities, we saw (you had to really look for any news coverage) streets blocked off by groups of residents. Remember Missouri, and he two lawyers defending their home? That is what this whole thing is about.

When BLM gathers together to protect their communities, as we see above in the videos, they are taking part in a tradition going back to the end of slavery. The point of Well Regulated is simply to say that they aren't a mob, and are acting in concert, however loosely.

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It goes against the narrative. As I understand it Democrats worked hard for years to keep blacks disarmed in the South. We all have the right to defend ourselves.

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As I recall, Harriet Tubman's most famous image was scrubbed of the gun she was carrying. That which does not comply with The Narrative will be erased or ignored!

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"ARMED NEGROES PROTEST GUN BILL; 30 Black Panthers Invade Sacramento Legislature Lawmakers Startled. With loaded rifles and shotguns in their hands, members of the antiwhite Black Panther party marched into the state Capitol today. A leader announced they were protesting new gun legislation scheduled for consideration by an Assembly committee." - New York Times, May 3, 1967.

Frederick Douglass once stated, “A man’s rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.”

I'm with him. Then and now.

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Come on, Matt. We know black people don't own guns. Joy Behar said so on The View not two weeks ago.

“Here’s the thing, once Black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change. Trust me,” Behar said.

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I remember reading that sales of guns soared in traditional black cities like Philadelphia following the 2020 BLM riots and protests.

For all the associations with conservative whites, gun ownership remains very real among black Americans too. A nice reminder that we have much more common in our shared diversity than some would like to think.

Mind you, I'm still not thrilled with all the gun violence regardless of the perpetrators. The gun related crimes in urban areas, the increase in random violence (this latest one genuinely scares me: https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/road-rage-shooting-in-delaware-county/3285342/)


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They're ignored because they don't fit current political theory. If the theory doesn't fit the facts, change the facts.

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I often read/hear comments like "Wait until Black people start arming themselves, then you'll see how fast the U.S. gets strict gun control laws." But...

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“What’s behind the taboo?”

Too much money is being made and too many political careers are being elevated by the “white racism” trope being shoved down America’s throat. The designated scape goat for this madness is the white redneck Trump voter. Anything that confuses or threatens this projected psychosis is suppressed and eliminated from consciousness by the psychosis profiteers.

The Galilean scientific revolution threatened the Church authority which had produced enormous riches, and predictably was suppressed and persecuted by reactionary Church authority. What we have here is no different. Any empirical, fact-based narratives that threaten the current “white racist gun owners” myth is a danger to empowered politicians and the economic/academic/media structures that profit from the madness.

It’s not complicated. It’s a social psychosis that has taken over the cultural operating system and economic institutions the way human sacrifice of war captives took over the Aztec approach to petitioning their Lord with prayer for salvation. Why so many people buy into the bullshit and propagate it — that’s a little more complicated.

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