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The fact that the MSM seem to have quietly dropped the subject shows that everyone knows who did it, even if they can't say so out loud.

The Europeans know too, but their leadership also dare not speak up. Europeans should think about this, and ask whom do their "leaders" really represent, 'cause it sure ain't them.

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From (at least) Iraq, and Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Russiagate, Jan 6, Covid etc the US political/media mainstream discourse has been pretty much nothing but spin, hypocrisy, propaganda and outright lies. But, goodness me, after Ukraine it’s gone further still and now the entire West is basically in Orwell territory: Goebbels and Stalin could only dream of such a relentless blatant monolithic reality/reason-defying propaganda machine. “Russian invasion was unprovoked; Ukraine is a democracy defending Western values; Russia is bombing the nuclear plant under its own control; Ukraine’s Nazi problem is just Russian propaganda; Russia has sabotaged its own pipelines…” Problem is, tens of millions of Western sheep still believe whatever their politicians/msm tell them…

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I'm so happy to be fighting the memory hole with Matt Taibbi

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I wish you would take this out from behind the paywall. Some of your posts are so good they really are a public service. The average liberal ( I am a leftist, which isn’t the same thing and yes, lefties have their own blind spots ) has little or no conception of just how much our media functions as a propaganda outlet for the military- industrial -think tank complex. I expressed skepticism about the press to a liberal acquaintance a year ago and he immediately assumed I was echoing Trumpist propaganda.

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It’s as if the State has completely given up on caring about their credibility, as viewed through the lens of MSM reporting, which the State has a stranglehold on through well placed intelligence assets over the decades and that now dominate most every major newsroom and print media in America.

It’s a level of propaganda that is so nauseating that reeks of desperation. As in…no one believes you.

When I see a pro-Ukraine report these days I almost immediately believe that Ukraine must be in the wrong.

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I don't trust much of anything that comes out of our CIA/FBI and certainly not the Executive Branch anymore. They have proven to use any means to and end and lie effortlessly about their roles. They've declared war on half of our country, and don't even hide it anymore.

The Ukraine was hopelessly corrupt, and a playground for the Biden syndicate, which gives me pause about who to even support in the current war. I absolutely believe our country was every bit as motivated, and willing to carry out the pipeline bombing.

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The biggest disaster wasn’t the scuttling of NS-2. It was the collapse in faith of the US citizen to ever have faith in government and its media lackeys. The US government/media symbiosis is demonstrably incapable of ever uttering the truth.

And trust this: the next NS-2 “mystery” will be the synchronized “silencing” and “disappearing” of independent journalists.

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Matt - I think you and Glen are the last two honest voices in the media - where would we all be without you

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The fact that Brennan said (and is allowed to say) this ON AIR “All the signs point to some sort of sabotage,” said former CIA director John Brennan. “Russia is certainly the most likely suspect.” And Winken while Blinken publicly says “ it’s an opportunity to stop European dependency on Russia’s natural gas”..... seriously, folks, can we be this stupid ? Oh right, the media says it was Russia. This make zero sense and again, succeeds because of course it’s always Russia and “we” are always comforted by Media’s go to bogeyman.

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Great topic. We are being led to War by compliant sheep in government and the press. The War Party. “government and media have merged. There’s no discernible difference now between the Sangers and Chuck Todds of the world and the craggy-faced retired CIA flacks”

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If Krystal agrees that Russia did it then I don't regret my decision to unsub from Breaking Points at ALL.

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thank you Matt!

it's clear to me.

We dont have "governments". (which are nothing more than legal fictions, straw man, like "corporations")

we have rival mafia gangs.

none of them actually run, by the Scarecrow like puppets, smoky back rooms install as "leaders", or that people imagine they "vote" for.

despite chicken in every pot bs stump promises (fReEdUmB!!!1! lIbErTy!!!!)

not a damn one, globally, gives a flying f*&K about the people.

this is galt's gulch, libertarian utopia. machiavellian madness. every cuck for their self.

#HostLife - The people have been turned into "hosts" (a food source - rent payers) for the 1% parasites (leeches - rent collectors) by the re-establishment of the "West Virginia Coal Mine Experience"™ (circa 1900). See Earned Vs. Unearned income

By incrementally monopolizing necessities (food, water, shelter, utilities, even information), by debt expansion, and by wage suppression: we now work in their company "mines" (cube farms, whatever), live in their company housing (mortgage), shop in their company store (credit card debt), pay MONOPOLY prices for basic necessities.

Literally, cradle to grave slavery to a small collection of "Nanny" Transnational Corporations (all owned at the top by a handful of investors)

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Just about everything published by the MSM concerning Russia, Ukraine, and energy policies and even possible nuclear war has been dangerously dishonest to the point where you recently had Neil deGrasse Tyson (the guy who gleefully announced Pluto's planetary demotion) arguing with a straight face that nukes aren't as scary as they used to be. Huh?


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"The media performance on this one was and is as bad as it gets."

What, seriously, this one is the worst?

Russiagate, the Insurrection, everything Ukraine, oh, you name it. And this one is as bad as it gets?

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What's next Matt? What other shibboleth of truth, justice & the American Way will you cast aspersions on?

Biden is really senile?

Trump really isn't the bastard love child of an Adolph Hitler/Beelzebub drunken hook up?

Russiagate was a fairy tale?

The Covid vaccine doesn't stop transmission?

Mashing together Covid strains to make 80% lethal variants is actually a bad idea?

There really were no WMDs in Iraq?

Men can't have babies?

Ukraine Nazism really isn't just a social club for Ukrainian patriots?

I suppose that I should expect, given the season of the year and all, some long essay explaining how Santa Claus isn't real & reindeers really can't fly?

You've become just another naysaying nabob of negativity Mr. Taibbi.


Very sad.

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Why would RussIa blow up billions of dollars worth of equipment, interfereing with critical hard currency flow, when the could simply shut off the spigot?

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