The banksters are selling us a fantastical product; fractional reserve Fiat banking. Conjuring money out of nothing and charging you money to borrow what they just conjured with a few key strokes. Now this requires absolute ignorance of how the system works on the part of the population and a trust in the system by the masses including the ? intelligentsia who are fed their pieces of silver so they don't question the system. Stealing people's money from $100 bucks from a trucker supporter to tens of billions from Venezuela to hundreds of billions from RUSSIA ultimately will cause a loss of faith in a faith based industry. The media has replaced the church in the mind manipulation business and they are starting to loose the faith too. The lumpenproletariat sheeple have been dumbed down and the professional managerial classes bought off but the whole system based on fraud and corruption is heading for a very bad Fall.

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My Chase story. Cause I love it.

My daughter banked with Washington Mutual which was acquired by Chase during the 2008 meltdown. WaMu allowed clients to transfer funds instantly from savings to checking. WaMu accounts became Chase accounts. Merger plus a year and Chase, without notice, changed the policy to "transfered funds are not available for two days." My daughters tight scheduling of moving a mortgage payment from savings to checking meant her mortgage payment was late. In the Chase world of bounce the largest check first, she had five checks bounce in a day.

When my daughter told me how "foolish" Chase was being I countered with "No, they're evil". Good trooper that she is my daughter went to the physical bank and told them they were evil to the point she was shown the door or threatened with arrest.

She eventually got $275 of bank penalties removed.

My daughter learned to appreciate the evil around us.

My definition for better or worse is that evil people hurt others just because they can.

Seen any evil lately?

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No mention of Tulsi Gabbard’s devastating takedown of the Democrats? Common Sense didn’t mention it either. Am I seeing a pattern here? If so that’s a shame; Her “I’m quitting the Democratic Party” speech was magnificent. And no, she not joining the Republicans. She’s an independent. She absolutely savages the Dems:


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Dear Matt;

While I do appreciated all your work , I’m asking you to have a discussions on Iran and those opportunists who in US and in west in general are taking advantage of the situations to turn a very legitimate demand by Iranian women relevant to their human rights into a regime change.

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Bizarre to me that the mainstream position is that a socially conservative midwestern bakery should be required by law to produce a congratulatory wedding cake for a gay couple but that some nameless middle manager paypal employee who doesn't like the cut of your jib shouldn't be required to give you your own money.

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In a commercial society, money is essential for survival. To obtain money, one must work, and the monetary compensation for your labour belongs to you alone: you are responsible for managing whatever you've earned competently enough to ensure your survival. For governments and banks to interfere with your ability to do this strikes at the very heart of implicit social agreements (and in law explicit agreements) that have guided western life for centuries.

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"We seem to have lost some essential leverage in the world, and it’s unclear how and when that happened."

This is tongue-in-cheek, right? Asian, Indian and European economies have been chipping away at America's post-WWII political and economic preeminence for half a century, a rebalancing process to which Americans themselves have contributed in full measure. A subsequent redistribution of 'leverage' was inevitable, and appropriate.

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All the on going problems are a result of policy decisions. Whether by design or incompetence energy, immigration, crime, inflation and foreign policy and every other cluster f*** is a result of Biden’s administration actions. The road to socialism and eventually a dictatorship is achieved by creating a financial collapse and controlling the media.

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Speaking of the banksters… I believe the way the Fed traditionally tweaked the money supply was raising or lowering deposit requirements for banks. The higher they raised the requirement, the less money that could be “printed.” But the banks didn’t like that. So instead we penalize savers by raising and lowering interest rates. It’s pretty clear whose ox is being gored when the bank goes from 3% mortgages to 7% mortgages.

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Never thought I’d see the day when the US President getting pantsed by the Arabs would be so hilarious...in a very macabre sort of way.

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Oct 15, 2022·edited Oct 15, 2022

" They were accused of charging blacks and Hispanics more for mortgages than white clients. "


1. Credit Score,

2. A 30-year fixed mortgage will often have a higher interest rate than a 15-year fixed rate mortgage.

3. Work & Financial History

AD: Best Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval: Get No Credit Check Loans From Top Payday Lenders.

"Trump was the ultimate boss for America. He was the frankly Scorsese-an character who said, “We’re the big dogs. Let’s act like the big dogs."

Trump had no Big Dogs on his side and NO government agencies, No media as they were plotting against him the day he took office. He was a loner. He had 1/2 the cash in his war chest as Biden. Look at Biden donors. Look at the Biden Mandates and Gestapo Executive Orders against the Constitution. Was Kirn even in America when Trump was president and is he here now?


KIRN: "if after the election we went full Game of Thrones, and the White House becomes a place where there are heads of Republicans mounted on each one of the gate-ends and it’s covered in spray paint. "

It is Biden crumbling the forefathers and historic statues and defacing the Lincoln and Jefferson Monuments, not Trump. It is Democrats spitting and burning the US FLAG. For what country would they fight, Mexico, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Russia, or China?

I don't believe Kirn has any Idea what's happening in the US! OBVIOUSLY!

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It seems like the banks have become the new behavioral police. God help us! Be afraid when cash is gone, because it will be so easy for banks to cut us off with a digital delete. As for the insane economy, we will see what happens when the BRICS nations create their new currency, backed by tons of gold. The G7 might live to regret kicking Russia out of the G8.

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"We seem to have lost some essential leverage in the world"

I'm having trouble seeing how that's a bad thing. The US doesn't deserve to have any leverage at all with all of the countries we've invaded, with all the coups we've staged, with all the people we've killed and imprisoned who did nothing to deserve it, etc.

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Kind of tangential, I know, but you do realize that Patrick Bateman never actually killed anyone? He's a classic unreliable narrator who switches seamlessly between his real life of being a rather unimportant investment bank employee who isn't taken seriously by his coworkers and his fantasy life of being a serial killer. It's how he makes himself feel important. Anyone who missed the point earlier in the book should have realized something was amiss when one of his victims reappeared alive and well.

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«So we entered a new age last week, of frank social engineering»

That happened a long time ago with thatcherism/reaganism and the "property owning democracy" fueled by rising real estate prices, but that was not as "frank" as contemporary arguments. As to "frank" contemporary arguments here is one in "The Guardian" of an eminent "journalist", a loud, passionate call for widespread preventive censorship by "North Atlantic" governments:


«There have always been Alex Joneses spreading poison from the world’s soap boxes and pavements. As a boy I used to listen to them at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park. We would turn away with a grimace from their rubbish, while a couple of police stood by in case of trouble. Their lies never made it into newspapers or on to the airwaves.

Free speech went only as far as the human voice could carry. Beyond that, “news” was mediated behind a wall of editors, censors and regulators, to keep it from gullible and dangerous ears. [...] Justice can avenge lies – but not prevent them. [...] an ex-president with a fantasy can lead followers towards a coup in the capital of world democracy. [...] But if freedom is to be protected and treasured, this means the US and Europe acting in concert.»

That includes what is not even just an admission, but a "frank" boast, by a knowing insider, that mainstream media have been and are managed by “a wall of editors, censors and regulators”. Never mind the smug satisfaction that thanks to that “Free speech went only as far as the human voice could carry”.

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The banks have always been self serving and crooked. I got a survey from my bank and one of the questions was “ did the bi feel I was important to the bank”. Of course I answered no. That the bank was in business to make money not be nice to me. And if it helped their bottom line they would run over me with a truck. I’m not saying that’s wrong but stop the hypocrisy

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