It's amazing how journalists will be duped by "sources" but then not apparently be angry or indignant about it. I would have expected them to go right back to the lying source and ream them out, and then blister them in followup reporting. By not correcting their own failures, journalistic operations are making themselves irrelevant.

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Gads, but where is this even going any more?

(Not your story, THE story,)

I sat at lunch this Sunday and my whole family, (except the three teenaged kids, ) were blathering on and on about Trump and "obstruction" as if it were some holy relic they had to clutch tightly in order to see the outcome they all wanted come true, regardless of reality.

I had to get up and walk away as someone handed out Ruth Bader- Ginsburg necklaces depicting the ruffles she wore when dissenting -as a reminder that "we, as women need to dissent more often in this age of Trump".

I called it out as being sexist and the result of a charade perpetrated by the corporate globalists and stormed off to the living room to escape the impromptu sermon's absolute insanity.

This whole thing is just so very fucked up and nobody sees it.

I'm convinced that humans are too stupid to carry on any longer, and that the next big war will decimate as many of "the masses" as possible, and on purpose.

I see it here, I saw it in London last week... the globalist cabal is desperately trying to maintain it's death grip on the masses, and it's losing. They've resorted to using school-age children as shields to stage "protests" blocking traffic all over London to "address climate change", but what they're really after is what the UN has been trying to foist on everyone -a totalitarian New World Order. Same talking points... twelve years til extinction, stop using cars, etc.

This goes way deeper, and I fear there just won't be enough exposure of the truth before shit really hits the fan.

How scary.

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I agree with you mostly except for the part where the "globalist cabal" is deliberately planning to control everything.

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Maybe the term "New World Order" goes back before your time?

Gloablism got going full steam under HW Bush and every president since has toed that Monroe Doctrine of global capitalism since. Fast forward to the Citizens United case and the campaign funding floodgates were thrown open wide.

All sorts of money from very awful places are dictating our policies... and have been for a long time. The only thing this globalism has gotten us were even more concentrations of vast amounts of wealth that have even MORE control over elections everywhere.

If you aren't familiar with invisible primaries, I'd urge you to look into it -since that's where all of our "choices" are made ahead of elections, typically.

The masses are fed up, and the icing on that cake was the many millions of un-homed Muslim refugees migrating out of Africa into Europe and parts of North America. These people are fleeing the wars that Obama, "W", Bill Clinton and H.W. got started. Those decisions were made by a select few, and don't reflect the general populations from which they derive their power. The migrations that are causing friction in EU host countries were a direct result of a decades-long war nobody even knows we are involved in and people are fed up, finally.

When political reporting is a fever-dream in it's intensity and scope, it's a sure sign to me that the ruling class is shit-scared.

Keeping a population from revolting isn't easy and they're out of touch. They've been burying their snouts in the trough for so long they don't even know who or what is behind them and doing what. Trump is a symptom of this.

The vacuums are being filled by extremism, it seems. Righty and lefty.

I may just have to take the clan back to Cape Breton Is. and go back to being homeless Acadians again. Maybe duck it out and grow potatoes hahaha

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You are right I don't know about New World Order or pretty much anything. My political interest starts in 2016 (primary) and hasn't expanded beyond anything relating to it. And I agree with you about the unjust things that's taking place. Only I suspect that instead of people deliberately planning for a defined outcome, a combination of greedy people (disregarding laws and ethics for short term gains) and ill informed, misinformed, and apathetic population created the environment we are in now.

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Comment deleted
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Really? Are you calling THIS Jew an antisemite?

Pull your head out of your ass, mate.

Gloablist elite arent "democrats" or "republicans" -that binary view of politics is why we're sitting here discussing the utter insanity that is modern life.

The new world order is the same as the old world orders... except this is successfully grabbing power wherever the big money's funding is losing traction and more... persuasive means are necessary -like toppling governments and installing puppet regimes.

You just called me an anti semite haha. How droll

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I'll add that now it's western governments that are under attack with the same tactics used by the CIA for decades to stir up dissent and ruin governing bodies -because now... it's their own countries in the way... and they don't consider themselves as belonging to any country at all -they're too smart and rich for that sort of tripe, and they know better than everyone else.

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will you comment, not necessarily now but in the natural order of events, on how?... ,

back in 2012 in the president, Romney suggested that the greatest threat to security was Russia, and thew media laughed and said that the 1980's were calling and asking for their cold war back. But by 2016 Russia and Putin were the most diabolical possible threat and therefore the obvious perpetrators of the election 'disaster.' Never even a thought that it could ever have been different. Emmanuel Goldstein had always been the arch-enemy and always would be.

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There’s a whole backstory about an internecine battle in DC about Russia/Syria policy that heated up in those years, but yes, definitely, it’s amazing how quickly the consensus flipped. People who never in their lives cared about Russia suddenly thought it was the most important thing ever. They’ll go back to thinking something else when told. It’s nuts

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Maybe they just got right on board with the anti-Russia propaganda because the FBI was spoon-feeding them information to whip up consent for another, more deadly war, eclipsing the Iraq redux over WMDs.

You can see where we're going by the road signs, not from listening to the radio in your car.

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Very much enjoying your series, quite revelatory. Wonder what you take is on the fact that according to Mueller that it was only after Trump called for the 30,000 emails that Russia first hacked Clinton's personal server (page 49), along with Assange's continued assertion that the emails were leaked, not hacked, though Podesta and other files were provided by Russian hackers.

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