Speaking to friends today about the media's mis-reporting of the WMD and Russian collusion issues I was appalled to hear one respond that WMDs were proven to exist and another that the Russian collusion charges would still be proven to be true. It's clear that the media is either under the government's control or is comprised of lemmings searching for the nearest cliff. Fortunately for the media they have created an audience that live in their own echo chambers and bring no capacity or desire to discern the truth. Contrary to Matt's conclusion, there is no reason to believe that anything will be learned by the average person from the debacle we have observed over the past two and a half years and the media need not worry about losing an audience.

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As a thank you for this exhaustive examination of the entire “Russiagate” affair, I did something I’ve never done, paid for the privilege to thank you be subscribing.

I think your fear that this years-long abdication of the 4th Estate selling it’s birthright for a bowl of porridge is a bit of noticing too late the cow has left the barn.

The Donald, for good or ill, broke through the pack of vacuous president wannabes first, because he got angry with how the MSM treated him, and second by using social media to ridicule their obvious advocy for The Hillary.

I think the clearest departure for the MSM goes back to accepting Reagan’s talking points - letting Reagan make their jobs easier for them.

They came to love “access to power” - always a PART of the MSM, but in the past viewed with suspicion.

I’m not sure, given the fracturing of information gathering that has come to the fore in the rise of the internet, the MSM can ever regain the trust they have thrown away.

This article has been a breath of fresh air to me, and I pray, I truly PRAY that there are many other journalists out there who share your view of the pursuit of Truth, and the traditional role journalism has played in keeping politians honest.

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I voted for Clinton. From the very start of this scandal I smelled a rat. For one thing, I figured when in hell has Trump needed collusion outside of bankers or other finaciers? And another, who in the hell would collude with a loose cannon, ( fill in the blankety blank) character like Donald Trump? Never mind the fact that this collusion is an attempt to usurp the U.S.A. General Election System, the #Russiagaters eat that scenario with both hands! This fantasy would involve Trump getting involved with people he doesn't really know ( or really trust) with people who are in a position to put all their trust in a very arguably untrustworthy accomplice.

Boy, that is some kind of conspiracy, if it were only true. No, loud mouth Donald Trump is what he has been to me all these years: a one of a kind and a proud American Citizen. I don't have to agree or vote for the guy to know he isn't a traitor.

And obstruction, obstruct what? there were no Russians, so nothing there. He can fire Comey for Breakfast if he wants too. Talking trash about Attorney General Sessions, what about a case Sessions recused himself over, where or how is that obstructing. Inflammatory tweets... yes, even creeps like Donald Trump have First Amendment Rights. Oh lets see, Oh an "Unpublished Draft" that contained erroneous material about Donny Jr. and the Russian lady Lawyer at Trump Tower. How can "Unpublished Material" be obstruction of Justice. Has anybody asked this question, " How come this so called Unpublished memo suddenly became a headline and a topic for OBJ?

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Rachel Maddow actually shed tears Friday night when she realized her two years of conspiracy theorizing was over. Can't see how she wriggles her way out of this one.

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“The biggest thing this affair has uncovered so far is Donald Trump paying off a porn star.”

I beg to differ. Mueller's investigation didn’t uncover the payment to Daniels. Daniels and her lawyer did that.

PS. I believe that, like Mueller's report, the Daniels Affair will also disappoint the Schadenfreude Crowd, as similar accusations couldn’t convict Edwards. He used actual donor money to pay off his baby momma vs Trump using his own money, to pay off a prostitute. No one can reasonably argue that keeping his affairs from his wife wasn’t even a partial reason for his payoffs.

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Thank you. After this weekend, I had searched for an explanation. Your reporting puts it all into context. My greatest professional passion is the media. My heart breaks to read how the media abdicated all ethics and values. To present the case against WMD reporting clarifies it all. I can only hope the consequences are nowhere near as painful.

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Uh, I believe you're absolutely full of it. I think the press, the media, did an excellent job covering these stories. Especially the Washington Post and the New York Times. I think you're just jealous, you and Glenn Greenwald, because, duh, you didn't break any of the stories yourselves. Granted, obviously, there were some missteps, but, no way can you compare it to the Iraq WMD nonsense. This country went to war because of that, you fool! Hundreds of thousands of people have died, including at least 4,000 American soldiers.

Are you in cahoots with Julian Assange like Greenwald is? Assange isn't left or right. He's just an idiot. He just wants to cause chaos whatever he does. And, look what he got. Is he proud of himself? So what if he hated Hillary Clinton. Now he's got the biggest asshole on the planet as President of this country.

So, I don't know Robert Mueller worth beans. I have no reason to not fully respect him. But, I really want to know his reasoning for "no collusion." I mean, his asshole son brought a Russian lawyer, with other Russians, to Trump Tower, specifically to "get dirt on Hillary." His campaign manager handed over polling data to a Russian operative at a cigar bar in Manhattan. He was kissing the ass of Russians trying to get his tower built in Moscow, during his campaign. OK. So, maybe it's not criminal conspiracy. Fine. But, I still want to know what Mueller calls that.

And, no obstruction. Right. So, now we can look forward from now on to have disgusting assholes as Presidents, ones who feel themselves kings.

Your website is Hate Inc. Wow. That's really positive, man.

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You're on a roll, Matt. But: the Russiagate stuff was targeted towards a relatively specific part of the US electorate, compared with the WMD, which was aimed at all. Maybe your thesis can accommodate this, but I feel it's an important distinction.

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Thank you Matt -- enjoyed every word and an astonishing journalistic effort !! Including the visit/pilgrimage to Noam -- wanting to update the seminal "Manufacturing of Consent"

There is another very important angle of the "Russia-gate" fraud. The "Hope and Change" fraud - Obama, in the last days of his failed presidency kept expulsing a large number of Russia's diplomats from the US....

Why exactly was he doing this? A collusion with DNC and "deep state" national "security" apparatus?

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infamously including a story that bomber Mohammed Atta met with Iraqi intelligence officials in Prague.... Michael Cohen was at that meeting right?

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This is a fantastic series, and pretty much everything in this particular installment rings perfectly true. But I don't get one line: "Stop. Just stop. Any journalist who goes there is just making it worse." Journalists may have completely screwed this story, and in precisely the way described, but "the 37 indictments? The convictions? The Trump tower revelations? The lies! The meeting with Don, Jr.?" are all, as near as I can tell, actual facts, and places where journalists need to go. The dots may have been connected in thoroughly irresponsible fashion, but that doesn't make the dots go away. Of course, this entire series has been devoted to the proposition that the way journalists do their job is destructive of the public good. But if only by accident, some disturbing things (disturbing to me, anyway) have come to light, and need further exploration. And while I don't trust the media to do its job responsibly, if they don't do their job at all, then the odds that we'll learn anything about anything drop considerably. That's how it looks to me, anyway. Maybe I missed the point--I'd appreciate clarification.

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im sure this needs updating in a post durham report world (post truth!!) but it shud be your pinned article

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The flip side of this is the suppression of the high crimes and misdemeanors committed by Biden in office and after leaving office on Ukraine. He ran the overthrow of a friendly democracy, and stuck his drug abusing son in the midst of it to profit hugely for the Biden family. This is incredibly brazen.

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depressing to review how corrupt and insipid MSM has become- there doesnt seem to be much real reporting anymore aside from an occasional in depth investigative piece in The Onion.

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I just heard the single, flat out honest journalist,Amy Kellogg,reporting from Russia.Putin is sick of the anti-Russian sentiment and NATO build.up and the West, fabricating storylines and “I shared Intel”.He wants an agreement,not the interference Russia is accused of.

Kellogg said he is not necessarily seeking conflict,but the “Anglo Saxon “ NATO EU and US “ are testing him.

He’s very cagey and very smart.He’s not a Communist.But whatever is lurking in the Deep State CCP globalist kleptotechnocracy (my opinion)is .My grandparents were Russian immigrants.They hated the Communist regime,but loved Russian culture,I.e. the Great composers, ballet,Art,gymnasts,literature,sciences,architecture ( minarets),ethnic cuisine.My stepfather,son of Russian immigrants, is a Constitutional, patriotic American,served in WW11 believes Putin is a strongman,corrupt,but not Communist and typical of Russian culture.Push him and he’ll push back harder, proving his “ machismo”. BTW, my family is Jewish.Putin is not an antisemite.Not even close, unlike the CommunoFascist left and it’s self loathers.He’s not an Islamist,but push him,he’ll seek options. Unlike the globalist elite and far left Islamist empathizes.And Biden,Kerry,McMaster,Soros and the “ EU NATO “Anglo-Saxon” Nazi empathizers and opportunists😂

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