".....I’ve been working on a research-heavy story...." Yeah baby, that's why I signed up.

I know by the overinflated and constantly flogged Elon Acquisition that the world of journalism seems to think the world turns on Twitter, but every time I see "Elon" and "Acquisition" in a sentence, I pour myself another drink and go looking for something that matters. Research-heavy is one of my favorite words. Twitland is the Bizarro World of research-heavy...

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40:20 Great, funny point about how they chose 8chan as their example rather than the United States. Also, you spoke to how "thumb on the scale" and suppression are every bit the tinder-box they consider "free speech" to be.

An amazing example is the situation of the violent attacks on Asians. The media/woke practice free speech by (falsely) ascribing the violence to "white supremacy," often linking this to Trump's "hateful rhetoric." This is also thumb on the scale because the reality is that Blacks are the primary group attacking Asians. This is clearly shown in the 2018 Department of Justice Criminal Victimization report in Table 14, "Percent of violent incidents, by victim and offender race or ethnicity." (In the following years, to the surprise of no one paying attention, that table -- and the listing of Asians as a separate entry -- have been disappeared from the Criminal Victimization report.)

Clearly in this example the media/woke consider lies to be free speech, but the truth something to be censored. And, yeah, as a white person, I'm not super thrilled that I'm being blamed for Black people attacking Asians just because it suits the "white supremacy" campaign slogan of the Democrats/media.

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The 21st century has seen the death of principle.

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Speech has always been free. There is no assault on free speech. If you doubt it just start talking. Preferably to yourself. In a closet would be best. See, no stormtroopers raided your home.

There is only an assault on disinformation. That's it. Really. Ask Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins would never lie. Or leave the house without an umbrella.

When people complain about the "privatization of speech" all they really mean is that they want speech to be a more DIY effort rather than bothering crowds of people with your speech. They obviously have speech of their own so it's just common sense to regulate it.

Look at it this way, if everybody keeps talking, the arteries of civilization will clog up with all of that intellectual cholesterol. No one wants that. Especially the elite. Our mental, emotional & physical health have always been their top priority. Anyone who doubts that is spending far too much time thinking & too little time standing in a closet & talking.

If you doubt this thesis just look at free speech advocates versus the "ve must control ze lips & ze tongue & ze teeth & ze brain" crowd. In the first camp I offer Jimmy Breslin. Just examine any photo of Jimmy Breslin and you'll see a paunchy, slovenly man, addicted to alcohol & cigars, obviously collapsing under the weight of all of that "free speech."

In the other camp, I offer Rachel Maddow, a perfect example of joy through control & freedom through bondage. Just watch her show if you doubt me. She is always cackling madly over something as her joy infects the viewer, making them cackle madly also. I have never seen Mxyzptlk Maddow smoking a cigar or drinking hard liquor. She has no need for those crutches because she is free. Free of speech. Free of thought. Free of...well she's just damn free.

So I leave it to you. Would you rather be a slovenly addict weighed down with truth, whatever the hell that is? Or would you rather be a shiny happy Rachel Maddow cackling madly at life's joie de vivre, bouyantly turning frowns upside down wherever she goes?

Oh yes, and always remember:

Questions are a burden to others; answers are a prison for oneself.

And just keep repeating "I am not a free man, I am a number."

The future will be much much more palatable if you do.

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I look forward to the availability of a manuscript of this podcast. I typically prefer reading to listening, and this looks to be a fascinating read

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Meanwhile at the asylum...

"President Biden on Tuesday blamed Russia's war in Ukraine, corporate greed, the pandemic and the policies of "ultra-MAGA Republicans" for causing record-high inflation, and insisted that Democrats' big spending didn't spur the highest price increases in 40 years."

Where is the disinformation department when you need them?...

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Twitter is a common carrier like your cell phone provider.


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Chomsky's influence on Matt Taibbi is palpable.


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There's that "safety" word again.

Humanity is simultaneously teetering on several brinks, but hey, let's spend our time on "feelings".

We worry about nothings, we focus on minutiae.

And meanwhile the oceans boil!

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How long before they come for what we say on our phones?

{checks watch}

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Please LORD Musk! May I have some more?

*freeish speech

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If the law is not enforced, or enforced unequally it is worse then useless; it is unjust.

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It's crazy talk, literally crazy talk, when the liberals are so fearful of ideas they deem "wrong" think infecting people and don't understand the thumb on the scales is the REAL scary thought that "they" just don't see!! Wow!

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Algorithms that favor one voice over another are themselves censorious.

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Dear podcasters. We are not impressed with your bookcases.

Do better. cf "Richard Medhurst"

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The two most surprising development in my recent world experiences are: the deeply felt racism in the West and the overtly nastiness of some social media (as well as its opposite)... it has a lot to do with unquestioned "rightness" of one's arguments. "Of course I'm right! I'm well intentioned , so how could I possible be wrong?"

Our powerful conscious perspective leads one up to this precipice, and w/o some necessary humility we simply fall off into grievous error, unfortunately.

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