It's even worse. In order to coverup the failure/betrayal by Obama and the Democratic establishment, the party had to vilify half the country - anyone who didn't vote blue, no matter who - as ignorant, uneducated, resentful racists, conspiracy-nuts, and now insurrectionists and selfish anti-vaxers. As the coverup continues, it's clear to them that the only "solution" is Big Tech censorship to eliminate all social media "misinformation" that seems to be riling up the rabble. This is the way a society, not just an economy, falls apart.

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Why can’t people see that we no longer have democracy. The Supreme Court killed democracy by voting 5 to 4 for Citizens United. They decided that “corporations are just like people”. That stupid decision has allowed a flood of corporate money to flow into Congress. No member of Congress has to go home and ask for money anymore. They just stay in DC and live off of their corporate sugar daddies. Voters no longer have a voice in government. Corporations have the only voice. It is grotesque that Democrats campaign to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. It was George Bush who gave that gift of prohibition to Big Pharma. Congress has sat on its hands for decades watching US citizens get ripped off by Big Pharma. That George Bush gift could have been changed any time, but they care more about corporate contributions than they care about citizens. If Citizens United is not reversed, we will never get our democracy back.

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IMHO, Mr. Sirota is right about many things involving the 2008 Meltdown and the feelings of the average American citizen concerning it. He dilutes his message, however, by incorporating the obligatory "Orange Man Bad" code language into various parts of his analysis. Love him, tolerate him, or hate him, Mr. Trump was neither a tool of the Russians nor inherently "corrupt" (at least any more than 99% of the politicians in D.C.). Then Mr. Sirota really goes off the rails by his insistence that our government is a "Democracy" (First Grader, Elementary Schooler's mistake) and the solution is for the Democrats to hand out money to the voters because the "want" it. No, Mr. Sirota, we are a Republic and, as a Republic (and as intended by the framers of our Constitution) we want wise government by exceptional men and women who have the best interests of our entire Nation at heart. People like that don't print money we do not have in order to curry favor with the voters,. They scrupulously avoid conflicts of interest in their decisions, and they keep the long-term best interests of the Republic in mind at all times when making their decisions. Unfortunately, there are precious few folks of this nature left in existence in the U.S. anymore and certainly next to none in D.C. We can argue all day long about why this is, but it is a fact nonetheless.

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Looking forward to watching the video, because this discussion in print is sort of off-putting.

". . .(R)ace certainly played a significant role . . ." in the Dems losing in 2016. Really? What if Trump would have run against, say, Colin Powell, or how about Oprah, instead of HRC? Why is race the go-to with Dems? I say this as a life-long Dem (until recently) who ran for and held local elective office as a Dem. Apparently NO discussion of the shortcomings of the Dem party can be had without prefacing that America is racist. Despite electing and re-electing an African-American President.

And the series is meant as a "wakeup call for the Democrats." Almost sounds like the White House Press Secretary saying that when they get the messaging right, all will be well.

"Corruption" is the word. Not only of financial policy, but of the concept of governance. In 2008 The Chicago Way took over the federal government. For readers who want some insight into what that means, dial up some articles by John Kass, who used to occupy the Mike Royko desk at The Chicago Tribune. Control is the end game.

The power that was wielded in taking care of the 2008 corrupt parties in need may look pretty subdued compared to what is going on now with the Attorney General and the Department of Justice. In 2008 the PTB stole our life-long earnings. They are now coming for our liberty and certain forms of dissent. Good times.

Trump never hid who he was, yet he got millions of votes. Even if he had not won that should have alerted the Dems to a problem. But at Organizing For America, victory is a number, and the real problems of the little people are just a news cycle management issue.

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The saddest thing is the demonizing of Donald Trump and all his supporters. Instead of 4 years of Russian Collusion, and impeachment and Schiff, there could have been debate on the real issues facing this country. Trump Derangement Syndrome was and is still real. And I think disgraceful. Its always been an excuse for covering up business as usual by the Congress.

I was initially terrified of Trump being President, and voted for Jill Stein in 2016. But I listened to

what he said, and there were some good things, but when the entire Congress is against you,

even your own party, its pretty hard to stay on course. Its time for the disaffected to get together, from all different philosophies, but those who really care about this country, and organize state by state, my suggestion is get rid of Winner Take All, (Nebraska and Maine do it) and build local organizations, thats the only way and its not going to be easy to change the

dismal road our country seems to be going down. Truthfully everytime someone focuses on dissing Trump, I'm turned off of whatever else they may have to say. So Sue me Sue me shoot bullets through me"!!!!!!!!forgot what musical thats from.

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Think about the profound level of intellectual dishonesty, and/or profound lack of self-awareness, currently projected by the Trump-hating Biden-loving elite political media chattering class as we...

- Have millions of COVID-infected illegal immigrants streaming across the southern border and being shipped to red states after Trump had effectively stopped the caravans.

- Have run-away inflation due to Democrat COVID "relief" spending in excess of what was required.

- Have supply chain breakdowns and empty shelves.

- Have COVID infection rates, case rates and death exceeding that during Trump's term after being assured by Biden that he would end the pandemic.

- Have run-away crime in all the major big cities that Democrats control.

- Have small businesses being destroyed from draconian shutdowns and then lack of employees because of the Democrats paying people not to work... and then hear about the Democrat's plans to raise taxes on those same small business owners. Meanwhile watching the Democrat's meg-corporate campaign donors have their best years ever.

- Have our major allies disgusted with our disastrous Biden pullout of Afghanistan.

- See China launching hypersonic nuclear capable missiles while Biden appoints transgender 4-star Admirals.

With all this and more, we get to read that the real threat to the nation is the "cult of Trump" and the people supporting him are just too ignorant to see the truth.

No, just like this Meltdown book... the explanation for Trump is that the Democrats suck pond water more than the Republicans suck pond water. They have since Bill Clinton blew his bad sax on late night and Monica blew his bad sax late at night. Trump is a symptom of the American voting public seeing the pond water sucking and knowing that the country needs someone to clean it up.

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I'm always dumbfounded when I meet people that believe the major parties have interests other than furthering their own power. Similarly, I can't understand people that don't recognize that the majority of politicians operate purely for their own self interest. The Congress is bought off and has been for a long time. What progress do people observe in solving our nation's problems to make them think otherwise?

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What annoyed me most when all that was going down was that a few people WERE asking those questions, but the pols, including Obama, would give these sly hints that they didn't like it either but there was nothing they could do without wrecking the economy further. It was like they possessed some specialized, Insider knowledge from Experts that the rest of us couldn't understand or they couldn't tell us. It was obvious Dodge Ball from the jump and the more they did it, the more patronizing, no paternalizing, it sounded. At that point is was obvious, the fix was in.

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the greatest comedy of this all.. are the suckers' that childishly label obummer a socialist. rofl.

his entire admin was deeply neoliberal. aka libertarian.

the us is a galt's gulch, libertarian shithole, after decades of Buchanan, Freidman, Chicago school bs, all derivatives of Hayek's pimping lies about the dominion of the inbreds born into perverse wealth.

"As soon as the land of any country has all become private property, the landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed." - Adam Smith The Wealth of Nations, Book I, Chapter VI

Neoliberalism did this.

#HostLife the people are "hosts" (food - rent slaves) for the inbred 1% parasites (leeches - rent collectors)

With a great deal of noise and made-4-tv passion, the neoliberal puppets pimped their "freedom" and "liberty" message, to the gathered "hosts" (food for the inbred parasites), and all the Opus Dei sheep, clapped excitedly for their own slaughter~

Free Market:

To the classical economists, an economy free of land rent, usurious banking practices and monopolies in private hands. But as finance capitalism has superseded industrial capitalism, it has inverted “free market” rhetoric to mean a market free FOR rent extractors to obtain land rent, natural resource rent, monopoly rent and financial gains “free” of government taxation or regulation. This INVERTED re-definition depicts a free market as one free for the financial and propertied classes to subject the economy to a network of extractive tollbooth fees. Such a “free market” has become a doublethink term for the path to neo-feudalism, financialization and kindred rentier policies. (See Free Lunch, Kleptocrats and Road to Serfdom.)

Hudson, Michael. J IS FOR JUNK ECONOMICS: A Guide To Reality In An Age Of Deception

The RNC and DNC, like the corporate state media, are force multipliers for global generational wealth and power.

The Mont Pelerin Society's (Austria 1940's) favorite "economist" F. v Hayek proposed path of "liberty" and "freedom", 4 "planks": [only for the 1% (Neoliberalism)] (Buchanan, Friedman, the "Chicago School", were later disciples and advocates)

1) Deregulate global financial markets - DONE

2) Deregulate global trade - DONE

3) Create the illusion and urgency of national bankruptcy with fake (fiat) debt (thereby neuter a nation's capability to enforce laws - eliminate the people's ability to defend against being overwhelmed and consumed by the 1%) - DONE

this manufactured illusion of bankruptcy is critical path for the 1%'s agenda. the "debt" is used to justify austerity measures for the people, and to tee up, the privatization plan, which is about transforming the public debt, into private debt, where the 1% can extract usury, ad infinitum.

#AusterityIsCode4Looting - austerity measures are plain evidence, the system has already been looted by generational globalist wealth.

then lastly, the kill shot:

4) Privatize Everything. recreate us ALL as permanent rent payers of even the most basic necessities of life (Air, water, food, shelter, health care). the public debt of a nation has been effectively eliminated, transmuted into private debt (bonds); the service of which (usury) is FOREVER- Almost COMPLETE

#PrivatizationIsTheft - privatization today is STRICTLY about prioritizing national productivity (work) away from the commons and general welfare, extracting and transferring it to the 1% rent-seeking parasites (Extreme Redistribution of wealth from the people TO the Billionaires, NOTHING for the people)

the use of "liberal" in this context, describes the "liberal" (freely used, as one would "liberally" spread butter on toast) projection of any and all force available to maintain, enhance, and grow, a condition of monopolized wealth and power, in the hands of a small group of generational feudal lords.

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There are so many reasons and ways to say: "America is circling the drain, we are completely fucked" -- and then you look at the sold out arenas and stadiums for basketball and football games and it looks completely normal and sane; the national anthem is playing, people have their hands over their hearts. It's the very definition of cognitive dissonance...

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This type of article sure is interesting. I’m remind of events from more than 12 years ago and I’m also reminded how thick people are. It’s hard to know how to interpret the thought processes of people like Matt and this David guy, but I eventually conclude they say what they say, in the way they say it, so as to justify their work.

Consider this description of Trump, “ …a foul-mouthed game show host“‘. Ok, that works for the moment, but where’s the comment of “… a foul-mouthed former, 6 term US Senator from Delaware”? Do Matt &/or David think Trump is unique in foul-mouthness?

Throughout this article one might conclude the author(s) really were surprised by the behavior of the political class. That might explain a lot, if sharp people like Matt are deceived by politician’s promises, it’s no wonder the diverse dolts in the MSM are so easily duped into being Satan’s mouthpieces.

There was one funny line tho, “In a crisis, a leader in full control of the government has to act decisively, …”. As a 64 y/o geezer I can say without a lot of fear of contradiction, I don’t think, in my lifetime, we have ever had such a leader.

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Matt, you're both overthinking something that is very simple. The reason Trump won in 2016 was because he was running against one of the most corrupt candidates in US history. There's good reason Arkansas voted some 25% against their former governor's wife. Obama won in 2008 because the economy collapsed and was reelected because the GOP ran Mitt Romney, a lackluster candidate at best. Journalists and political pundits make big deals out of "issues" the general public is barely aware of.

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Matt, I get why you have to put in the obligatory digs at DJT, but don't you think that maybe, just maybe, the guy is as sincere as you and hates corruption as much?

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When Obama supported TARP (along with McCain) in 2008, that’s when he confirmed himself to be a swamp creature. Prior to that I still had “hope” for him. But not after that moment.

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" To this day, the all-but-mandatory explanation for the Democrats’ 2016 disaster is a combination of racist reaction and Russian interference. Though race certainly played a significant role..."

I know that race is always the Left's go-to answer for anything it doesn't like, but this is just getting silly. The mistake that the Left constantly and continuously makes is that they feel that everyone else already regards racial issues the same way they do, and this is just not the case. And, frankly, it is what is sinking them. In whole or in part, doesn't matter, the fact that not every person sees things this way, and reacts to events differently as they see things through a different lens should have occurred to the Left and Dems by this point, but, sadly, it hasn't.

I suggest a moratorium on using the term unless you can point to a specific action, done by a specific person or persons, to a specific person or persons, due to the perceived color of their skin and no other possible reason. I know, I know, it's a high bar, but the left and all its acolytes need something like this, if for no other reason than it will make them much better thinkers, but also so it won't be a constant thing they look for/makeup, which lessens the impact of real racism.

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I agree with Sirota...but what he doesn't say is...."I will vote out the corporate congressional Democrats, even if that means electing Republicans." That's the ONLY message that will change the current Wall Street rigged congressional system.

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