I got rid of PayPal long ago. They keep trying to get me back. Annoying & now this! 🤔

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If only there were some rogue billionaire who could post a few tweets about this, maybe it would create some pushback. Maybe someone like the co-founder?

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Funny how much the internet influenced by the crazy dot.com bubble and investment community solicitations turned into a huge monopolies for Amazon, PayPal, Apple/MSFT, Social Media companies --- all aligned with the mysterious myth of innovation and progress when actually they were mining our data, pushing out competition, and getting the US public addicted to massive amounts of debt, consumer product, technology, and conditioning the public for inflated prices in healthcare, housing, education, and food.

At some point, I think we have to see this country and its leadership as giving a big middle finger to the average person all over the world. And there will always be some asshole like David Corn who says this all could have been avoided if people had been smarter and voted for Hillary. What a steaming pile of revisionistic blackmail.

And now, as was so predictable, the reversal of Roe v Wade will cause the biggest Kabuki theatre of political pretend since "Wag the Dog". Democratic establishment figures don't care about Roe v Wade, they are too busy having to fund raise. It's a non-issue for them.

In the larger picture, we have witnessed failure at every level government: the failure to really fix the financial crisis in 2012, Obama's gambit not to install his own supreme court judge when he had a chance, the foreign wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Yemen, the constant onslaught of coups/regime overthrows by the CIA/US foreign policy makers, and the total inability of either party to deal with a pandemic that has killed over 1 Million people (without much reverence for the people who have died in the last 3 years due to CoVid), and this open display of miasmatic corruption (not to mention cryptocurrencies, NFT's, and the downfall of the dollar hegemony due to self-inflicted sanctions on Russia) can only be seen as the final embers of empire.

We should collectively find a way to punish their bank accounts, but also make it very clear - F U to elite decision makers in this country.

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Matt: I wrote to PayPal months ago about my frustration in seeing news sites and legitimate 501c3 designated charities I supported being blocked by PayPal. I was in disbelief. FLCCC, Del Bigtree's High Wire, Craig Paardekooper's vaccine site howbadismybatch.com and howbad.info, and so on. I copied my customer service note to PayPal management names I found on the website. I told them I held individual shares that have done nothing but lost value in the last year. I asked for answers and for transparency for shareholders to acquire a list of the blocked users and the rationale for doing it to be provided at a quarterly shareholder meeting. I cancelled my PayPal account and gave feedback again at the closing. I still have the shares. As do many indirectly through their retirement funds or ETFs. I got a boilerplate answer that was no answer. Can you continue to follow this up? Maybe listen to some shareholder calls, contact management and see what clues you can find? This is a big story in many ways but the angle of shareholders rights could gain traction where consumers feelings and preferences don't count.

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May 6, 2022·edited May 6, 2022

Kiss my ass PayPal. I'm out! No longer having this payment option will have the unintended consequence of saving me a lot of money as I will no longer be able to buy from many sellers on eBay as well. Now that's a true Win-Win!

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Canceled PayPal today.

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Matt Taibbi

I believe this PayPal situation is the tip of a much more insidious iceberg. It’s the contract and the lawyers that facilitate these, what can be considered, predatory practices. These “contracts” are unilateral, unlimited modification documents. They are referred to as “terms of service” perhaps because they are so lacking in “quid pro quo'' that calling them contracts may be too much of a streach.

They prevail in just about all interaction with businesses and government. They typically involve the consumer giving up constitutionally guaranteed rights, especially due process. Look at the terms of service waver you assume the next time you park your car. They even involve employees giving up constitutionally guaranteed rights, especially due process, just to get an interview.

There is limited to no countervailing bargining power to negotiate against these “our way or the highway '' corporate lawyers. The federal government isn’t much help, given, for example, not allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices. A State of California example is the monetized due process of attaching surcharges valued at 6, 7 or 8 times the underlying traffic fine. How many have had to decide to “pay a little infraction now or a lot more misdemeanor later” possible prosecutory extortion leverage.

Entrepreneurial spirited White Shoe lawyers can get paid more by billion dollar corporations, not to mention people. They will work for the combined highest bidder and “the best interests of their clients.” This is understandable given the classic code of ethics. Is, however, PayPal, et al, possibly using the cost of litigation leverage against their customers? Is “so sue us” the prevailing attitude to their possible predatory fee generation schemes? Who gets hurt the most are those who are least able to defend themselves.

In conclusion, we need to decide if we want our fragile democracy’s constitutionally guaranteed rights, especially due process, replaced by predatory reactionary contract law.

Thanks again for your spot light.

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Elon needs to buy back Paypal.

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Adios Papal. It has not been fun.

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So now Covid is a flu-like virus with a fairly low fatality rate?


And there were 42,000 adverse events and a little over 1200 deaths after the initial marketing of the Pfizer jab?


But...but...but Joe Biden said they were safe.


And the Johnson & Johnson jab of joy may cause blood clots? How unforeseen & shocking.


So when do the healthcare workers get their jobs back & an apology?

When does Great Northern Trudy apologize to the truckers for...well for everything?

And all those banned "conspiracy theorists" and smeared doctors who were saying much the same will also, I'm sure, get a big fat apology.

What's next? Russiagate was a hoax? Jan. 6 was an FBI op? Every white person really doesn't have a secret Klan suit under their work duds? Letting felons out of prison doesn't stop crime?

If you have any doubts that the US government and its elite owners do not give a tinker's toot about you or your kids you are either slow or a liberal democrat.

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The Ministry of Truth - Everything You Need To Know!


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I only have one service that uses PayPal for payment and I’m in the process of switching that over. Let’s all de-business these bastards before they have the opportunity to de-person us.

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As if to prove your point, the words 'bad request' are all that comes up when I click on 'read more,' or 'comments'

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To All Fellow US Citizens:

Thanks for your attention.

Please consider sending some version of the following letter to your Congresspersons.


Dear Senator/Representative (name),


Dear (first name of congressperson),

I am writing to express categorical opposition to the United States or any NATO member providing any further military assistance to the current Ukrainian government. Furthermore you and your fellow senators/representatives should be advocating clearly and forcefully for a negotiated settlement as soon as possible.

The idea of Ukrainian forces being able to defeat the Russians to any extent, let alone push them out of territory they have already occupied is a preposterous fiction that is ever more rapidly crumbling. This is obvious to any critically thinking person who will make the effort to look carefully for sincere and honest reporting.

Please distance yourself from the warmongering lies that are only prolonging the suffering and death, including egregiously obvious unnecessary deaths of Ukrainian military personnel due in large part to mass media fed delusions of any possibility of victory on their part.

Please advocate immediately for a negotiated end to hostilities, and against any further preposterous and dangerous rhetoric and above all actual participation by US or any NATO allies in the conflict.




Former CIA analyst:


Former Russian military & friend of above:



Further honest, expert analyses written and/or moderated by former military/intelligence professionals:




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An OUTSTANDING new interview:

Scott Ritter; Ukraine, Finland and Nato, a Warning to the People of Finland – May 8, 2022


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Quite obviously every freaking problem in this dipshit country of chunky, brain addled whiners was caused by VLADIMIR PUTIN.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is a Kremlin stooge. (Not to be confused with the 3 Stooges who have nothing to do with this.)

For example:

Putin caused inflation.

Putin caused high gas prices.

Putin caused the Supreme Court to go anti-infanticide.

Putin stole Joe Biden's brain, substituting lima beans, cilantro & 3 cans of Spam in it's place.

And then Putin used his extensive Russiagate underground to distract liberal Democrats from noticing that they were voting for a president whose head was full of lima beans, cilantro & 3 cans of Spam.

Putin sold Hunter Biden his 1st laptop.

Then Putin sold Hunter his 1st rock of crack.

Putin, using microwaves & Rasputin's mystical mind zapping power, turned liberal Democrats into gibbering idiots who believe the dumbest shit as long as the person telling them the dumbest shit is also a liberal or a neocon or an ex warmongering president they used to hate or a corporate propagandist working for a government approved propaganda source or a pharma CEO or Bill Gates.

Putin sent rogue globs of nano-fat to ensure that formerly svelte Americans would now look like bowls of suet with legs.

Putin paid Chauvin to off Floyd.

Putin was in background photos of the Jan. 6th resurrection.

Putin remote piloted the jets that toppled the twin towers.

Putin built the bubble that nearly collapsed the world economy earlier in this century.

Putin shot Kennedy.

Then he shot another Kennedy.

Then he shot his wad. (Everybody, even deranged madmen on a borscht & Stoli binge of world conquest, needs a little me time.)

Epstein was Putin's boy as is the judge who just reduced Ghislaine Maxwell's sentence by 10 years,

Putin is the reason not one wealthy kiddie diddler has been named or charged or convicted due to their making use of Epstein Island amenities.

It was really Putin's semen on Monica Lewinsky's dress. (More me time for Vlad)

Putin kept Hillary Clinton from ascending the throne to her rightful place as America's reigning cringe queen.

Putin gave Don Lemon a tongue bath during a hard night of binge drinking and bath houses.

Putin recommended Trump's spray tan color.

Putin is the real ghost writer of Stacey Abram's soft core porn romance novels.

Putin invented skid marks, halitosis & the heartbreak of psoriasis.

Putin is the real reason some schools are putting litter boxes in their bathrooms and tampons in their boy's rest rooms.

Putin is behind the slaughter in Yemen.

Putin picks his nose then rubs the boogies on photos of those notorious anti-Russian freedom fighters, Sean Penn & Orlando Bloom.

Also if you have acne, rancid groin odor, feet that smell like old garbage, a penis when you really want a va-jay-jay or vice versa, losing lottery tickets or curdled milk just blame Putin.

You'll never be wrong.

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