I wish all Americans would read this insightful article.

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I have given up on broadcast news and cable news (rabbit ears on the TV helps). I just don't trust them anymore. I am a frequent reader of Zero Hedge and I subscribe to both Matt and Glenn. I believe I am well informed and don't miss the chattering classes at all. Thanks, Matt.

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Five years ago, the BBC had no problem documenting the neo-Nazis groups in Ukraine.



I’m sorry to say, but I think trying to frame the Nazi problem in Ukraine as “Russian disinformation” is well, Anglo-American Western spook “disinformation.”

I feel people are being completely Psyoped here.

We don’t need a good guys vs. guys narrative.

The Ukrainian government was overthrown in a putsch in 2014. Ukraine was brought under the topdown control of the Anglo-American Intel establishment. There was even a leaked call between “Lady” Catherine Ashton and the Estonian foreign minister talking about how snipers were shooting on both sides of the protestors. This was pointed out by expert analysts as well. The presumed culprits were guess who? The very same non-existent or small “fringe” radical groups that have no power in Ukraine, apparently.

I don’t see how anyone can call Ukraine a sovereign democratic country at this point. It’s been through two color revolutions. One in 2004 and one in 2014. Two color revolutions on a country whose name literally means “border.” Hmmm, whose border?

Could two color revolutions in 10 years have anything to do with that?

Where’s the Realpolitik?

Why didn’t the Western leaders just agree to a summit over the last 8 years since the maiden, one that would declare Ukraine a neutral country, or that NATO would back up?

NATO did nothing but advance.

Why are we surprised that a country finally acted on its consistently stated red lines? Why violate all those common sense policies, and then call the response an invasion and say the Russians want to reconstitute their Soviet empire.

These are really D-grade narratives with no nuance and zero Realpolitik.

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Gotta check out Orwell’s essay “politics and the english language” where he says “ Political language – and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists – is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Spot on 100 years later.


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This is the real reason behind the big push by politicians for Marijuana. You see it really does affect your ability to remember things and if you can't remember you can be manipulated. Silly as it might seem we might just try going back to yesteryear and another Nancy (the Reagan) and just say no to drugs of all sorts and maintain our ability to remember otherwise we are lost. Why not try to really commune with nature on the real plane of sober thought and reflection rather than drug induced fantasies where electric cars run on Unicorn urine as Senator Kennedy so aptly put it. They run on coal nitwits, and electricity comes from power plants not your wall. Lets try telling the truth instead of what comes out of the Ministries of Truth and Love. Time to grow up kiddies.

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Matt is obviously wired similar to me. It's a go-to book for me when I get depressed at the state of the world. Along with other dystopian novels and films!

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You could read Through the Looking-Glass and have more conceptual purchase of contemporary political economy than if you read the last 20 years of wsj or nyt.

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Great article. Love the narration too!

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what will we do without Chris Cuomo?

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Where are all the views?? Great article!

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Bless you, Matt Taibbi. Your sanity keeps me on the brink of mine.

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The last time Russia stood alone against Europe the Romanovs ruled Russia and Victoria sat on the throne and Alfred Lord Tennyson was the poet laureate of Britain.

Tennyson was the poet of the Victorian era and he was lower middle class and his most famous poem was written in 1855. It was about a battle in Crimea and The Charge of the Light Brigade.

When the TV was turned on this morning there was high Supreme Ignorance Joe Scarborough talking about Ukraine and the American left and right and their lack of fealty to America.

In 1854 the light Brigade were Britain's Elite soldiers, they owned the horses they sat on and they were of Britain's middle class.

The oligarch's media will control the US narrative and this isn't 1984, 1948 or 1939 it is 1854 and it is the Charge of the Light Brigade written LARGE.

Ours is not to reason why,

Ours is but to do and die.

This is about Democracy and the right of the people.

This isn't about the USA or Russia.

This is about Ukraine and the people of a liberal democracy right to determine REASON before they die.

Russia and the USA are on the same side and they will decide whether we all die.

I don't know how those who know war, and know war knows no winners; combat those doing God's will.

Maybe God just wants to start over. Maybe next time She will use natural selection instead of intelligent design.

Instead of a call-in how about teaching the Charge of the Light Brigade . Maybe it is time to send the Generals off to Florida and listen to the poets. Britain had Tennyson, Ukraine had Yevtushenko, Canada had Cohen, Scotland had Burns.

Today all of Canada will stand united behind its President Volodomyr Zelensky. We can't afford another USA victory. It is time to stop the shooting and sing in harmony.

The Star Spangled Banner was about ours not to reason why. It was about a victory to continue human bondage.

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What is his "third degree" event reference?

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Orwell was 1948 The Charge of the Light Brigade was 1854. It sure sounds like 2022 except America was the Empire and the Russians had a Czar and the Patriarchy or should I say Putin and the Patriarchy. Meanwhile back in Crimea.


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Regardless of causes, Russia must be destroyed any way possible. I am embarrassed by my American Culture that says I am a kook for saying so. Yes America is guilty of evil, especially towards nonwhites, but this Ukrainian invasion is as bad as things can get. Even nuclear war makes more sense than this.

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