Great article but flawed by the bizarre, apparently obligatory, diss of Trump.

Believe it or not we can cite specifics as to why we like him, which is the opposite of cult-like thinking.

Start with these:

--The bad guys hate him

-- He avoided new wars namely refusing to expand into Syria or attack the Iranian missile bases)

-- Energy independence

-- Cheap gas, which benefits the poor and middle class much more than the rich.

-- Changing the tax code (real estate tax deduction policy) to benefit the middle class at the expense of the rich (Democrats)

-- Ending life-long prison sentences for those who did what Hunter Biden does

-- Recognizing the reality of human trafficking and the fentanyl crisis, and that a secure boarder is an important part of the solution.

-- Standing up to China and trying to return good jobs here.

-- Standing up to Boeing. Remember that?

The question isn't why we like Trump, it's why Hedges doesn't.

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He’s one of the most important voices today. Also can’t believe Cornel West was denied tenure. WTF!

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Subscribed to Chris today.

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I wonder how many capitalists took the advice in the Powell Memo. Seems like the quest to dominate the world is as deeply ingrained as the urge to win at monopolizing cats. Fuck the cats. Chickens.... No. Corn. Get the CORN!

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This s$#t has got to STOP!

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I had no idea that he had been booed offstage during the lead up to the iraq war, the third iraq conflict. I did protest against the Iraq invasion in southern pines north Carolina, where many major and generals go to retire. Just outside of Fort Bragg, it does not have the titty bars and pawn shops of Fayetteville. There is also a Quaker house in Fayetteville. There are people who love peace in the home of the 82nd airborne.

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I can ignore the obligatory Orange Man Bad logorrhea but a BDS proponent. No thanks.

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As always another great and informative article. I’m curious to know what we all think of a paper version of free speech⁉️ Not exclusively of course but as a resource. I’ve done some light research into this but would be interested to know if anyone here knows of anybody who’s printing articles from those of us who speak the truth.

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