Thank you very much. It is never explained WHY such pathological hate of capitalist Russia and total support of Nazi-dominated Ukraine government !!

Stand with Russia – it fights for all of us against bipartisan fascist US/UK clique.


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As Katie Halper once said to the parents of this country, “It’s not happening, it’s a right wing conspiracy, I asked my friend in San Diego”.

No, Katie was fired because she’s not a real journalist and doesn’t have the voice or demeanor for broadcast journalism. Her Trump derangement syndrome prevents her from seeing the world through anything outside of that binary stunted thinking. She can’t seem to elaborate on anything unless Greenwald, Mate or Norte has said it first.

Her loathing for those outside of her little bubble is palpable, and we return the sentiment.

None of you reported on all the women who lost their jobs and livelihood for their feminist speech. You never reported on women censored for talking about their sexed bodies and it’s functions. All of you have reported as of TERFs don’t exist and that we are leftists that have been cast out of The Left for our feminism. All of you have framed this issue through your own misogyny, which turns out to be so much more pervasive than The Right.

I agree with Katie’s position on Palestine, but given everything else she reports, I dont doubt for a second that the delivery was bad and out of context for the domestic issues people care about. Talib voted to erase women in law, as did every member of the squad, Talib deserves no defense on anything. Katie doesn’t have the capacity to understand that issue, because “it’s not happening”.

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Matt you are a good friend but I stopped listening to “Useful Idiots” because of Katie . Her voice is angry and grating . Her attitude ( from a Jew) towards Israel is unfair and angry like her Pallie friend Talib. Where else but in Katie’s mind does Terrorism and Hatred of Jews by Pallies rate above a History of Peace offerings rejected...she admires Hamas? Sad but Katie’s has no shame in pointing my people out as pariahs. I like you Matt because you keep your views on Jews to yourself. Most should

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