Never let it be said that you don’t give good value for a subscription price. Banner week, Matt. Now go have a beer.

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Among the banned, mocked, ruined, silenced and hideously disparaged remarkable medical experts: Yale’s Dr. Harvey Risch, Stanford’s Dr John Ionnides, Jay Buttacharaya,,Dr.Scott Atlas, Dr. Levitt, France’s Dr. Luc Montangier,Houston’s Dr. Peter McCollough,Mount Sinai’s Dr. Pierre Kory, NY’s Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Dr. Steven Smith, Dr. Steven Hatfill, De. Richard Ebright, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Kary Mullis, Dr. Simone Gold,Cleveland Clinic,Johns -Hopkins Dr. Marty Makary,Dr. Judy Mikovits, Ford School Of Medicine, Dr. Oskqui, Mayo Clinic Dr. Ben Carson, Salk Institute,MIT Dr. Shiva Ayurvedi,NYT Medical Editor Nicholas Wade, Gay AIDS activist editor of Nature medical publication Charles Ortleb…. Suddenly are deemed “ Right Wing Fringe Conspiracy Theorists”, “ unqualified voo-doo hacks”. 90% are apolitical in their fields, fairly liberal in their personal ideology. Not mentioned: Most of the outrage pimps have used HCQ and Ivermectin including Chris Cuomo, his wife, children. Amy Kloubuchar,Newsom, the “medical experts” , military, frontline workers ( not alowed to speak out) Dr. Mark Siegel.. India’s Utter Pradesh region, more populated than the US, 5 % vaccinated has a 0% Covid rate. They lifted the Ivermectin ban

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The Australian, Doctor Barry Marshall was ostracized and generally screwed over by the "scientific medical industrial complex" for his theory of the microbiol contribution/cause of digestive system ulcers. He was so confident in his work that he deliberately have himself an ulcer, cured himself, almost dying in the process and even after the hypothesis was proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it still took ten years to come into common practice to treat for microbes. He layer won a Nobel prize. It's very hard to change the paradigm that the mainstream is heavily invested in, no pun intended. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to believe that gut bacteria affect almost everything but it went against the mainstream so was treated as heresy; we make progress one funeral at a time

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Whoever read this for the audio version did a great job. I found it easier to listen to than some of the previous audio versions.

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Zayner's treatment is particularly galling considering that fecal transplant has been studied as a potential treatment for gastrointestinal problems, and in particular Clostridium difficile (C.diff.), a debilitating infection, for many years. A quick search brings up this article from 2012: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3365524/ which links to one hundred more articles on the study and potential efficacy of fecal transplant in a variety of contexts.

I myself first heard about it years ago in the context of functional medicine, which posits that many underlying, chronic health conditions are caused by inbalances in our microbiome, the unique collection of microbacteria that each of us carries in our gut, that are responsible, at least in part, for good or ill health.

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As one of your subscribers on the deaf spectrum, I appreciate it when you provide transcripts of your podcasts since I cannot hear them.

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Funny, isn’t it? Our government creates viruses never meant to be. Bat guano retrieved from caves otherwise undisturbed enhanced with manipulated swine DNA,with human fetal tissue and monkey virus. Grown in a lab with an HIV spike protein insert.The virus is augmented by using “ humanized mice” to test inter species transmissibility. Said mice are created by transplanting fitfully formed thymuses and pancreas from aborted latex term fetuses. Said fetal parts are procured from vendors who directly purchase from PP, enabling the NIH to circumvent existing medical ethic laws. Among these “ very important discoveries “ is the transplantation of fetal scalps to the backs of “ humanized mice” to see if the scalps will develop hair growth. The super virus is released, allowed to spread globally. Two effective FDA approved, harmless repurposed, off label , incredibly effective prophylactics and effective treatments exist. The Mengelian virus would have been thwarted. . Instead, hundreds of thousands died to push never before used mRA vaccines without proper length of study determining future adverse effects.Think about that. The creator of the mRNA delivery has been warning of its dangers and has been cancelled. Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winning and Fauci’s vocal nemesis developer of the PCR test, went on a recorded rant , eviscerating Fauci’s ineptitude suddenly drops dead 2 months prior to the pandemic’s announcement.

The NIH is creating animal/human chimeric fetuses ala Dr. Moreau.

But Zaynar is insane.Many perfumes used fecal material as a peculiar scent enhancement. As grotesque as it sounds, something in the human perception of scent subconsciously processes eschatology as part of an overall experience.

How many scientific discoveries were based upon what would be considered grotesque? Countless.

How many gruesome deadly failures were incurred by Fauci, Bright, Baric ,Collins,Gallo,Shi and their sociopathic enablers, among them Gates,Bloomberg,Soros,Daszak, Tedras,Rockeller Foundation,Ford Foundation, Klaus Schwab, Big Pharma, Big Tech, multinationals,Bush, Hillary,Obama, Reagan ( by sheer stupidity). Hail to “ The Great Reset”.

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OK, if anyone would listen to Vincent Racaniello on his This Week in Virology podcast (at microbe.tv/twiv) you would know that most in the media aren't competent in science and it shows in their stories.

This, his "censorship", isn't a conspiracy, it's a far more mundane problem, that of real stupidity overriding knowledge and that's scary. It leads directly to conspiracy theories because most people are just too stupid. For example, in the flat earth documentary "Behind the Curve", flat earthers performing their own experiments disprove their belief in a flat earth and are forced to confront that.

What is necessary is that everybody take a basic science class that discusses what science is and what the scientific process is. Some of the flat earthers seem to have that basic understanding and did what experimentalists did before them and what Zayner is accused of doing and got some inconvenient, factual data. It's what moves knowledge forward, even if it is reinventing the wheel, it's a learning experience for the experimenter.

The reality is that sometimes people get hurt in experiments, so they should design them carefully and have a plan for problems. But to act to end scientific experiments is just plain stupid.

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Another complete media and political block out that is beyond inexplicable. The entirety of the Fauci/Covid back and forth is solely focused on this atrocity and the vaccine mandates.

However,this is only one of Fauci’s myriad crimes against humanity spanning 6 decades of sociopathic criminality, corruption,coverups,acts of genocide,Mengelian experiments involving foster children,disabled wards of state, animals, impoverished , starving, diseased innocent villager throughout Africa,India,Latin America,Asia ,Haiti and the US,17,000 HIV/AIDS patients denied treatment with the safe, long FDA approved antibiotic, Bactrim, instead relegating them to agonizing death vis suffocation from PCP pneumonia, the coverup of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic,In 1976, Fauci incited a hysteria campaign H1N1 pandemic spreading through the US. He and his flack coerced President Gerald Ford to issue a national vaccine mandate. Ford struggled with the ethical context and was given the Fauci propaganda psychological abuse-guilt,blame,mass death, it would be Ford’s albatross to live with. Ford finally relented, the vaccine caused an epic scourge of Guillam Barre , resulting in chronic devastation including paralysis, neurological damage, multiple sclerosis and multiple deaths. The vaccinations were halted immediately. The H1NI Pandemic? It never happened.

Fauci lied about the origin of HIV, the transmission, the actual viral code, that it was specially attributed and spread by homosexuals, originated in Africa and jumped species from a monkey reservoir.That it had become so transmissible, sitting next to someone on a couch was discouraged. But since it was a” homosexual disease” transmitted by male anal sex before raging to rabid epidemic proportion, gay men became lepers, scapegoats and homophobia skyrocketed as did hate crimes. The religious zealots were convinced it was God’s punishment for sodomy and promiscuity,, the average heterosexual male because paranoid and hostile, women, children, hospital workers, school employees, restaurant personnel, employers… everybody became paranoid. Not mentioned was HIV spread via sexual activity heterosexually and was transferred to the fetus of pregnant women. The disease was now spreading through the population with complete unawareness. And Fauci was blessed.He had carte blanche to create the most sadistic medical torture w/ aplomb. Injecting orphans with the most toxic chemo treatment of them all.AZT.The great hero, the god, the savior. The antichrist. The Angel of death.Oh, the patents, the patent theft, the lies, the graft, the coverups. And to this day, no cure.

The lies started to be exposed. The virus origin was linked to a swine infection outbreak in Haiti. Not Africa, not primates. Tainted vaccines contained infected bovine elements. The type known to cause prion disease, ie spongiform encephalitis, better know as Mad Cow.Other vaccines were tainted with mercury, monkey pox, human tainted blood products, live viruses.And covered up.Dr. Judy Mikovits who was a researcher at the infamous NC research lab blew the whistle. Her home was raided by the FBI, research files stolen and she spent 10 years in prison

Another atrocity was naming Dr. Steven Hatfill, the top researcher at Ft Derrick “ The Anthrax Mailer”.He was blamed for the random envelopes of weaponized anthrax that killed several innocent citizens. He was cleared. The next target was Dr. Bruce Ivins. He “ committed suicide” case closed. Undisclosed, days later the WTC was bombed. The perpetrators were in the US with legal Visas. They were not exactly sterling foreign workers.

Several lab leaks were covered up, most in the NC bioweapon research facility. Headed by that beacon of virtue, Dr. Ralph Baric.Also untamed we’re the Pentagon and DOD, both lax in security and engaged in funding research in Wuhan China as well.

And then there’s Agenda 201, the 2019 “ pandemic preparedness test run”, Fauci, Bright, Bloomberg,Gates presentation encouraging a man-made pandemic to force the mandate of novel mRNA vaccines and eliminate tried and true technology, removing the required testing, studies and 7 to 10 year parameters before vaccine approval. Or Fauci’s bizarre statement in 2017 predicting a pandemic the likes of which we’ve never seen during Trump’s presidency. And then selling all of our PCP to China. So there would be zero stockpile.And dissembling Trump’s pandemic and vaccine panel without alerting him. And the exquisite WEF at DAVOS unveiling of “ The Great Reset”. Klaus Schaub” They will own nothing and be happy”.

Now watch the 1958 Huxley/Mike Wallace interview.

This is not solely a leftist plan. It is the global elite, very much helps unravel Bush’s bizarre and UN-America attack on Trump voters at the 9/11 Memory. Equating them with Al Qaeda and the 9/11 attack. Or Liz Cheney, Kinzinger, Koch, Romney, Lincoln Project,Bulwark, the insane group of ex Intel and Military higher ups. Trump may have been extremely unlikable, but he didn’t know how right he was

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@ Ethan Allen:“ Zionist Propaganda”? Israel’s the size of New Jersey. Yeah. They’re going to take over the world.

I’m anti-globalist, anti-intervention, pro- sovereignty, pro-manufacturing,pro-small business, anti-big banks,anti-monopoly,anti-big government, anti-bureaucracy, anti-surveillance,anti-UN,anti-NATO buildup, anti-off-shoring all of our resources, pro- American citizen, pro-Middle Class, pro-family,pro-choice,pro-LGBT,pro-religious freedom, pro - legal immigration with proper. String, pro-representative government, pro-free speech and non-partisan Independent, ,pro-opportunity,pro-capitalism min vulture corporatism, pro- rights of sovereign nations, anti-nation building, pro-Constitution, anti-corruption and believe that our system is no longer that of “ We The People”, but we the elites who have bought and paid for the body politic to implement their own agenda.

And you go by the screen name “ Ethan Allen”? The irony is laughable

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Isn’t it ironic? Matt, Glenn Greenwald, Bret Weinstein,Alex Berenson,Lawrence Jones,,Lara Logan, Sharyl Attkisson,Bret Bozell,Joe Rogan, Tucker,Victor Davis Hanson,Bari Weiss, Russell Brand,JW, OAN are uniting the left, center, right, libertarian, independent and unaffiliated in a quest to purge the entire system? No smal feat.

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She does not appear to be promoting “Marxism”, but quite the opposite. I’m hearing “ Huxleyism”. The Technocracy of Surveillance and shareholder multinational corporatism


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Wow. Just wow. So I will be developing a laboratory in my house. More Max Keiser, go Bitcoins. This is some incredible content. I remember hearing about the 💩 transfer years ago. I never knew who was behind it, haha.

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How is Mr. Zayner’s discovery any more unusual than injecting botulinum toxin into facial muscles as a cosmetic treatment? Or a total bowel transplantation? What medical discovery has been less daunting? Insulin comes to mind.Hardly attractive.Premarin( pregnant mare urine).

. Hot dogs encased in intestines.Raw oysters.haggis, scrapple, sous,blood sausage…pretty repulsive but not “banned”

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Banned from FB… again.The great crime? Misinformation and drumroll… hate speech. Apparently, the mere mention of “ medical suppression” and California runoff water containing fecal matter is tantamount to recruiting for ISIS. Oh wait! That’s protected speech!

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The prescient terrifying prophecy of Aldous Huxley- That is now the ignored reality

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