Comment about having an unreliable military. This may be a reason for using mercenary. Mercenaries are not bound by the constitution, military or international law. You never know who hires or owns them. Mercenaries can do what they want, unlike the police, or the army. Who would stand up to the mercenaries hired by a war lord?

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I'm looking forward to finding out if you solved the mystery you and Walter raised about the true purpose of Biden's speech. I think Walter was spot on that it was a get-out-the-vote ... for Republicans. Something very fishy is going on and your speculation about who's behind the script and the mausoleum lighting is warranted.

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along the lines of 'La Monde' story referenced at the end of eps 3.

UK sees 80-percent energy price hike amid cost-of-living crisis


check out https://dontpay.uk/

A movement against the rise in energy bills

- We demand a reduction in energy bills to an affordable level.

- We will cancel our direct debits from Oct 1, if we are ignored.

- We will take this action if pledges reach 1 million by then.

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China has "little emperors" so most of their soldiers are afraid to die. The US has recruits that are physical, cognitively and psychologically not prepared for the military. It would be a draw. Cowardly soldiers vs. soldiers with no mental resilience,

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