I'm still looking for a piece on the Queen penned by an Irishman. Anyone found any?

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I am sorry. The biggest story this week was the death of Marsha Hunt at 104.

Google Ronald Reagan Marsha Hunt. Find the article from the Trib the World's Greatest Newspaper. 😢

Elizabeth the first ruled and never met a Jew and Elizabeth II had to serve millions of Jews and other undesirables.

Cromwell let the Jews back in and created a hell on Earth even without a minyan.. The British Civil War still being fought in America is the bloodiest war in English history.

My wife was born at Vanderbilt Hospital and grew up in deep red Michigan and dark blue Chicago. I told her Thursday morning I hoped she loved Elgar. It would be a week of Pomp and Circumstance and the Hymn to Hope and Glory. I watched Pathos turn to Bathos and wondered whether it was safe to sleep. I want to ride through the streets of Boston warning the pickpockets are coming.

Look up Bathetic Farce.

My wife considers me quite mad and incredibly brilliant and loves me despite it all. I am a lucky man.

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So this misadventure into raiding Mar A Lago should be tempered by the experience from the Iran Contra affair, where the special prosecutor said that he turned off his radio in his car when he heard news related to his investigation. There was no prosecution of the senile chief executive or Ollie North. Ronnie Ray gun is a bigger hero than ever amongst republican people. How can the resistance liberal idiots not see this very apparent lesson from recent history?

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The Queen’s passing portends a playoff win for the Lions (and none for the Patriots) as this is yet another signifier of this Time of Transition. With the Lions +1100 to win the NFC North, this is your chance to bet small and win big!

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Matt, Here's a topic you may be interested in. The Fed is intent on raising interest rates. They say it's to cut inflation, but it may be just to depress wages by throwing millions out of work. When the CPI numbers came out this week, all the media tripped over themselves saying how bad the report is and that it justifies even higher (job-killing) interest rate hikes. But actually, the month-over-month inflation was 0.1% (vs. 0.0% the previous month). https://www.bls.gov/news.release/cpi.nr0.htm

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Your weekly discussions with Walter Kirn are now the highlight of my week. They are excellent and I hope you keep them up.


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