The boundary between Stanford University and Palo Alto is a road built by Spanish missionaries, El Camino Real. Permanently parked are dusty, dreary, recreational vehicles. A mile of mobile housing; Winnebagos and vans and camper shells, a scene out of Steinbeck. Vagabonds, trying to eak out a living on the King's road, in sight of present and future billionaires.

Marina Del Rey, on the westside of Los Angeles near LAX, is a lovely public space with hundreds of magnificent sailboats and yachts. It was built by Howard Hughes. His erstwhile aircraft factory was within walking distance of the harbor, across Bologna Creek. The factory property was redeveloped years ago. Its grass runway (the longest in North America) is now luxury housing, a development called Playa Vista. Google converted two of the aircraft hangers into office space for software engineers. Jefferson Avenue runs along the northern boundary of Playa Vista, toward the Pacific Ocean. From it you can almost see the masts of the sailboats bobbing in the harbor. Permanently parked on the side of the road, a mile of vagabond mobile housing.

The economy has developed beautiful new ways to accumulate wealth. The federal government appropriates trillions of dollars in new spending, feeding a vast bureaucracy that seems to do nothing. Tech start-ups long to join the ranks of the FANG, a Mount Rushmore of immortal corporate vampires feasting on the carcasses of companies built upon obsolete business models. Behind the scenes, the magic of the federal reserve ensures the world's largest financial institutions never fear failure.

I noticed a new no-parking on a street near my house near Stanford. Vehicles longer than a prescribed length are not allowed to park overnight. We are Martha's Vineyard. Go, survive elsewhere.


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I'm worried that the "I'm so cold" comment comes from Snowden (?) in Catch 22. I read it when I was a kid, and wouldn't want to read it again, but the "I'm cold" is not pretty. Then God's cornucopia. Read it 40 years ago. fyi: my uncle did 32 missions (and more) and didn't lose any of his crew, somehow, but saw others fold-up off his wing. Not pretty.

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Matt, maybe you would be interested in this? - WHO Virtual Press Conference tomorrow, 8am Eastern ~ https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/world-health-organization-virtual

Weaponizing public health for authoritarian control. Sounds like a "conspiracy theory".

But so much of what was warned about by those looking under the surface is now far above any rabbit-holes, and in plain sight. ( https://tessa.substack.com/p/conspiracy )

Central Bank Digital Currencies + vaccination passports + a system that proclaims "safe and effective" when they are sitting on data showing clear evidence of harm, for fraudulently tested products that don't give the protection claimed + "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" + Emergency Powers = Nightmare.

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