In other words

Big Brother is watching.

Big Brother is always watching.

Big Brother will tolerate no dissent.

On a podcast.

Or in an errant phrase uttered in a bathroom in Poughkeepsie.

Big Brother will find you.

Big Brother will delete you.

Now let's imagine how this will look when Big Brother controls your money & your 15 minute Existenz pod & your lockdown/booster status & your ability to earn a living, etc., etc.

It also makes me wonder about Joe Biden being in charge of what we think.

Does that mean we'll all begin craving the subtle olfactory wonders of a prepubescent girl's freshly laundered hair?

"Corporate liberalism...first it controls your mind...then it destroys your body."

"The vaccine will set you free."

“I want you to stay away from the vaccine! Those mondo weirdo Big Pharma guys, they've got unsavory connections, they play rough. Rougher than even Russel Brand wants to play... You know, in Brazil, Central America, those kinds of places, making underground vaccines is considered a subversive act. They execute people for it. In Pittsburgh, who knows?”

“Corporate liberals have not engaged in conversation for at least twenty years. The monologue is their preferred mode of discourse.”

"Debate is a trap."

“Your sexuality, like your reality, is already half video hallucination. If you're not careful, it will become total hallucination. You'll have to learn to live in a very strange new world.”

"Long live the new flesh."

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The fantastic point of this is that the people that used to march in protest against big brother are today fully in support of big brother.

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Yeah, but this new Big Brother wears a rainbow colored strap on and has already declared its desire to transition into Big Sister.

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Spiderbaby, you are VERY funny!!

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I received FOUR death threats for my vocalization and protesting of the Great Financial Crime Spree of 2008. I know exactly of what you speak. Their message, "Pleb, we can do away with you at any time, any place. Fall in line."

It's so fucked up.

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I think that the protest against the Great Financial Crime Spree of 2008 was the inspiration for our current "Authorities Know All/You Know Nothing" dysfunctional reality paradigm.

Right & left almost united on that one.

Can't have that.

Can't have them realize that their neighbors aren't the enemy.

Can't have them realize who the enemy really is.

Those are dangerous realizations best detoured by rabid Trump hate.

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Yep. And rather than the Democrats look at and wonder why Trump won (was it Obama's putrid administration???) They doubled down on "Orange Man Bad" because he embarrassed their Queen Wanna-Be, Hillary.

BTW, thank you for using the appropriate term for the "Great Recession." My term, "The Great Financial Crime Spree" more aptly describes what went on.

And right/left DID unite on that one. At least until they really began to ponder why all their neighbors were leaving in the middle of the night. I think every family in the U.S. was affected by that Crime Spree somehow. Maybe they knew a friend or a family member, but the victims were made to feel that they did something wrong, when it was the collusion between the banks and the government who were committing the crimes!

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I used to call it The Great Financial Gang Rape.

I've mellowed a bit.

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GREAT GATSBY!!!! I love your term! We should be friends. :)

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Careful what you wish for. I'm a bit of an asshole. And I grow more asshole-y by the minute.

One of the mysteries of the early 21st century is how Obama managed to screw everyone a good Democrat was supposed to love and give financial hand jobs & blow jobs to everyone a good Democrat was supposed to hate yet they still love him.

Quite strange.

It's...it's...it's almost like corporate liberals have become completely unhinged & unmoored from anything remotely resembling reality.

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Yes, well, God can do away with them at any time, too. But since they don’t believe in God, they’ll never see it coming.

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I have to hand it to them: circumscribing our freedoms in the name of freedom itself is a pretty neat rhetorical trick, even coming from a political tradition long accustomed to seeing rhetoric as both means and end.

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It's...it's almost diabolical.

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When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

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Big Brother now has the means to collect all your statements and categorize them quite easily.

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Given the caliber of what passes for "thought" on the interspy reading it all must be a turgid & depressing slog through bad spelling & repetitive blather.

Luckily they have AI for that.

Although what happens when humanity's banal irrationality drives AI bonkers?

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That was uncomfortably on point, I already live in total hallucination.

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I'm always on the lookout for that assisted care home that will feed me DMT instead of cream of rice cereal so I can exit this shitty asylum on a rocket.

No luck so far.

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Why does anyone believe we can live in a fascist state without censorship? That is ridiculous. Either you're a fascist or you're not. You can't have it both ways.

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good interview, other than her incessant pitching. I get it, but it felt over the top.

so when a person "wakes up" (half baked definition: realises the dems aren't for the people, the media serves the establishment, etc) why do they mistakenly go rwnj then?

trump/gop doesn't serve the people in anyway greater than the dem/media. the trump clown show and the gop, serve the very same masters, oligarchy, the dnc/biden do.

the appropriate response , as I see it: the SYSTEM is broken, the dnc=rnc, and neither serve us, and I'm not inclined to listen to rwnj anymore than Im inclined to listen fake liberal pro establishment clowns

I find it very sad, and illogical. out of the pan into the fire. oh well.

we had 4 years of trump already, and he failed, hard, by design, folks no less than biden has failed us. thinking it will be different this time.. is INSANE.

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There is no doubt the establishment itself views Trump as a threat. People can't fake that level of constant hysteria.

I would agree with you that he is in no way an actual threat, being about 95% bravado and posturing, which can only take a person so far.

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personally, I am skeptical that he's a threat. I'm more inclined to see him as the system's antagonist, playing yet another role, but still completely aligned with the establishment's agenda. he certainly isnt an outsider, that's pure theater. in the age where EVERYTHING is filtered through the system's data collection, I find it impossible to imagine.. anyone at all. could get even close without being controlled, vetted, puppeted. they will eliminate genuine threat long before this.

our world is imaginary. all of it, produced, curated, processed and delivered for effect.

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Yep. It is a superimposed hyperreality (psyop) the colloquial term being LIE.

Living inside a LIE makes human beings ill. Through manipulated spasms of fear, hysteria and disinformation (terror) the perpetrators create Menticide in the general population. The citizen can no longer trust his own reality and suffers mental and emotional collapse. (Check the definition of Menticide. It will explain much of the "..why is this happening.." cultural/social and financial chaos we're experiencing.) As in the rise of the totalitarian regimes that slaughtered millions in 20th Century (if you believe C.G. Jung) America, like Rome, Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Maoist China is departing the political and slipping squarely into the pathological. The disease: At the top the hubristic megalomaniac narcissism (DNC/WEF/EU/CCP/Davos crowd) of the billionaire elite. At the bottom the well paid ideological utopianism that supports them. (surveillance bureaucracy/BLM/Antifa/the D.E.I. commissariat/the XYZ community the MSM/etc.) It is a parallel reality.

The explosion of world consciousness created by the leap in tech and communications empowered the citizen and made the political/financial grifters looting and exploiting Planet Earth transparent to reality. Control of the "net" is the fight. The crazy making American general conversation doesn't fit American reality because the "net" and the concentration of immense wealth in the hands of a few rigged game perps redefined the terms of human survival. "ism's" are dead. The perps (2008) looted pension funds, took life savings, destroyed families, drove people from their homes, gutted American industrial centers and split town. Ultimately, as with all the criminally insane, ( Hitler, Mao. Stalin) out of self-protection they will rationalize the imprisonment and murder of their victims.

The only engine of American survival and the only legitimate political frame of reference is the American Constitution, the Republic and the citizen.

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this excerpt is from a 2016 documentary, called "HyperNormalisation" by the celebrated BBC documentary maker, Adam Curtis.

this part, really struck me, as foreshadowing our current dilemma.

here's the film at this section's part https://youtu.be/fh2cDKyFdyU?t=8614

and here is the transcript, the excerpt is from pg 66/77 https://www.scripts.com/script-pdf/10432


But then a technologist emerged who went much further.

And his ideas would become central to Putin's grip on power.

He was called Vladislav Surkov. Surkov came originally from the

theatre world and those who have studied his career say that what he did was take avant-garde ideas from the theatre and bringthem into the heart of politics.

Surkov's aim was not just to manipulate people but to go deeper and play with, and undermine their very perception of the world so they are never sure what is really happening.

Surkov turned Russian politics into a bewildering, constantly

changing piece of theatre. He used Kremlin money to sponsor

all kinds of groups - from mass anti-fascist youth organisations,

to the very opposite - neo-Nazi skinheads.

And liberal human rights groups who then attacked the government. Surkov even backed whole political parties that were opposed to President Putin.

But the key thing was that Surkov then let it be known that this

was what he was doing. Which meant that no-one was sure

what was real or what was fake in modern Russia.

As one journalist put it, "It's a strategy of power that keeps any opposition "constantly confused - "a ceaseless shape-shifting that is unstoppable "because it is indefinable."

Meanwhile, real power was elsewhere - hidden away behind the stage, exercised without anyone seeing it.

And then the same thing seemed to start happening in the West.

By now it was becoming ever more clear that the system had deep flaws.

Every month there were new revelations,

of most of the banks' involvement in global corruption,

of massive tax avoidance by all the major corporations,

of the secret surveillance of everyone's e-mails

by the National Security Agency.

Yet no-one was prosecuted,

except for a few people at the lowest levels.

And behind it all, the massive inequality kept on growing.

Yet the structure of power remained the same. Nothing ever changed, because nothing could be allowed to destabilise the system.

But then the shape-shifting began."


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i ignore the context "russia/putin", that's irrelevant. the mind breaking process, and it being exported, is the take away. shape shifting.

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Perhaps rethink that context and relate it to Ukraine/Zelenskyy.

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Interesting looking film you've linked to! I clicked through the link, and it went to a YouTube message screen saying: "Video unavailable

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)"

Of course, that makes me want to watch it even more.

I found it on Rumble(thank goodness for Rumble!), and have marked it to watch after work today.

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Ya, my link was saved a year or two ago, I failed to validate before posting it. Curtis also did the “century of self” series, about propaganda , bernays, etc. Really good. Thanks for letting me know it’s broken

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He played a heel before in the WWE. Why not a reprise in international politics? He's absolutely the system's insider antagonist and agent provocateur.

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Not the real world.

We all have limited perspective and cannot sense the real world but through our feeble bodies. We also rely upon the honest assessment of others who view the same real world from a different point of reference. This is similar to a large array telescope.

The problem with our large array is trusting the assessment of others. The secret state has an objective of distorting the image toward it's nefarious goals. Trusting the opinions of others has become difficult thanks to parties with nefarious intent.

Our secret state cannot conduct disinformation campaigns abroad without lying to us. This is untenable. RFK Jr. Has suggested reeling in the sections of the secret state which are dedicated to actions rather than mere gathering of intelligence. The actions taken without the knowledge and consent of the citizens are a shadow government beyond our consent and control.

Unfortunately, dismantling these agencies is much easier said than done. Many Americans work for them, knowingly or passively, and will vote accordingly.

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"Her incessant pitching"

Hey, fuck you! Do you understand that people have to support themselves? Do you understand that she was FIRED because she had the audacity to speak out? Did YOU fucking give her any money for listening to that interview? Jesus Christ.

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Oh my Gosh! A person expressed a legitimate opinion and got screamed at. How appropriate to this interview.

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Oh my gosh! A person expresses a legitimate response and Sera can't handle it. So fucking appropriate. You are the people we despise.

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By ‘the people we despise’ do you mean the one’s who call you our on inarticulate boorishness?

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Maybe you need to practice what you preach, hypocrite?

"I don't particularly care if you agree with me. Just have a depth of understanding and principled reasons for doing so and we can get along. " -Mickel Knight

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I actually agree with you on the commercials in the podcast. The lady was done wrong and is no doubt blacklisted by the ‘open minded’ folks. She’s got to keep the lights on.

What I didn’t care for the hair trigger ‘fuck offs’, which last time I checked was not an informed opinion. You do you and keep on winning hearts and minds with the profanity.

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No, the people who fucking CALL FOR CENSORSHIP! I had no idea that boorishness means my opinions are not valid. Sera could have easily said, "Gee, that was unkind." But instead she indicated that I should be censored on an article talking about fucking censorship.

What the fucking hell?

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Your boorishness means you're boorish. And while your opinions are valid, rest assured they also are, indeed, boorish.

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Hated Trump and never voted for him. But when he was president I had free speech and could pay the bills and save money. That sort of feels like everything when it's gone....

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Once again, Washington State citizens must be faced with our State's draconian responses to the truth. I request that all of you seeing this podcast write to the WA State Dept of Natural Resources and demand an answer as to why Alison was fired for what she did on her own time!

Personally, I bought Trump bumper stickers but am fearful of putting them on my car, because I work for a woke nonprofit. My fear is if they saw who I support, they would find something to fire me over. Isn't that fucked up? Too close to retirement to fuck that up. Trump 2024!

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I will not be patronized by my government. They are paid to serve me, not the other way around.

The silly alien affair is but a minor example of them telling me I cannot handle the truth. I doubt that we hold actual alien corpses, and the fact that this evidence is being held secret tells me that it is simply more diversionary psyops designed for entertainment of the masses.

A pigs ear is "non human biological material". Weasel words. A real scientist would have specified that the material was "non earth based biological material". Just a minor example of the deceptive tacics of the secret state.

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And the damn virus did not evolve naturally.

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The Covid-19 virus originated from alien piss. They're covering it up.

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That would be their next disiformation campaign. Would not put it past them.

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"They are paid to serve me, not the other way around."

That was my thought before I was schooled to know better. I spent a decade fighting both the banks and my own government to try not to lose everything I had worked for during the Great Financial Crime Spree. Believe me when I say that "they" do NOT work for you. In fact, the COLLUDE with big business to fuck you over. And to win against this collusion machine, you must stoop down to their level. I am not proud, but I did stoop and won.

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The first amendment doesn't apply to US government entities. As individuals they have the right. Unless Alison made it clear she was interviewing Dr. Kheriaty as a DNR employee she should not have been fired.

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That's why I am requesting everyone to send a message to WA State Dept of Natural Resources asking for an explanation!

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"The first amendment doesn't apply to US government entities. "

Can you clarify this? SCOTUS ruled that the first amendment extends beyond Congress and applies to all federal government entities.

Are you referring to those entities speech? Or are you referring to those entities abridging the speech of a private citizen?

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Hmm... That’s a good point. I was too broad in saying that part. I was specifically referring to Alison’s “not as DNR” interview. It was her personal persona rather than her DNR persona. However, first amendment protections don’t cover agencies advocating for speech restrictions of citizens.

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I understood that to be your meaning, but the wording threw me off slightly.

No worries.

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Incredible interview. You guys are absolute heros. You have no idea the trauma, pain, and isolation that these policies and this censorship have caused so many of us that's completely ignored and suppressed -- the worst part is the complete and total disconnect with reality that these narratives force on us, let alone the constant threats to our livelihood.

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Great move on CISA’s inclusion! Looking forward to listening to this interview! Thanks, Matt.

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Great choice of topics, thanks to you both!

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Failed to say another win for docs in CA. On Sep 30, Gov Newsom signed a bill repealing Misinformation Bill: https://www.theepochtimes.com/us/newsom-signs-bill-repealing-californias-covid-19-misinformation-law-5503600?ea_src=frontpage&ea_med=top-news-us-0-large-1

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In the event of a real emergency the government promises to lie, obfuscate & divert our attention long enough for our elite overlords to move mechanisms into place that will capitalize on the emergency for their own financial gain while manipulating us for future profit & control.

Thank You.


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Behind the censorship is their coordinated plan to prevent questioning their false idea of an emergency which is how they get so many to take their clot shots. It is imperative that we continually dispel their notion of an “emergency.” We must recognize at the outset there was a tremendous amount of over exaggeration by the media. Here in NY the Javits Center for example was empty. I met people who went down there and spoke to EMS drivers who said so. As for the hospitals many were not overflowing as many would LIKE to believe. If some were crowded that's because of the panic instilled by these exaggerated news reports. Most of the deaths were typically of the elderly due to pre-existing conditions. In China and Northern Italy atypical pneumonia due to longstanding air pollution. Many deaths were caused by iatrogenic treatment--giving people Remdesivir which caused kidney failure and then putting them on ventilators. The PCR tests cannot diagnose infection. It does not measure viral load. All it does is declare that you have a "case" of Covid, the vast majority being asymptomatic. But the CDC falsely uses these "case" numbers to make people believe there is a "pandemic." The problem is that so-called "science" today is nothing more than a religion. It's because too many people trust the "experts" and believe whatever they’re told without investigating viewpoints outside the mainstream.

THE EMERGENCY. Unending fake public health “emergencies” enable global elites to maintain an iron grip on a worldwide population living in fear. Listen to Turfseer’s new song. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-emergency

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Appreciate you Rackers! Our aggregated independent newsletter draws attention to these stories too. Fist pump !

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I began following Morrow when she reported on Antifa riots (when MSM wouldn’t touch it).

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Oct 22, 2023·edited Oct 22, 2023

The impulse to control information is rooted in three insights that seem to me incontestable. The first is that people tend to act on their beliefs about what is true; the second is that judgments about what's true are only as reliable as the evidence that informs them; and the third is that, in modern mass societies, when truth and popular belief diverge it will still always be the case that belief will give rise to action. From the point of view of ensuring the compliance of a governed population, therefore, the decision to put more effort into fostering suitable beliefs than into adhering to truth is perfectly logical. If true things have to be edited out of people's information diet to make things easier for officials and guarantee social order, so be it. What's true and false can't be controlled; but to the extent that the information funding people's beliefs can be, that's the target to aim for--and control freaks from dictators and politicians to ideologues, social engineers and advertisers have internalized the message (see Goebbels, Joseph; and Fauci, Anthony).

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I am disgusted by the celebrations taking place in Berlin and London. Hamas is an evil organization.

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