“Suckage visible from space”. What a great line.

The problem is you are taking this seriously while Scarborough and CNN are not. They don’t give a fuck about anything but ratings and money.

I would try Ashleigh Banfield and her new show/network. She wants a conversation. Give her one.

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It's frightening how they simply lie with impunity now. There's nobody who can stand up and stop them, they just keep lying. And if you point how they are lying, you might get unpersoned.

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Trying to engage anyone on MSNBC on the substance of their allegations is futile. They're not here to engage. They will take morsels from your writings to scream mockery, unopposed, to their viewers. Sadly, that's all their viewers want. I always go back to laying blame at the feet of the viewers who actively seek out and support slanted "reporting."

Remember when Scarborough was a Republican congressman? lol.

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I'd pay a fair amount of cold, hard cash to see Matt Taibbi or Aaron Mate debate Joe Scarborough. Is that ever gonna happen? Of course not! Smug, ill-informed, overpaid clods like old Joe would rather have their teeth pulled out with pliers.

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Pfff Joe Scarborough would never invite anyone on his stupid show because A: He's just a television personality and B: He's an ignoramus.

He's like a younger Wolfe Blitzer. A talentless hack.

Fuck these douchebags.

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There's not a suckage's chance in space that you'll be invited on.

You can see that they have already adjudicated the issue with the "right more often than not" claim; this allows Joe to set up whatever scoring system he wants, assigning colossal weight to trivial "rights" but few demerits to enormous "wrongs."

If I wanted to trash this newsletter, I would assign a huge level of importance to "structural elegance" and refer to the small handful of times last year you dispatched incomplete posts, and assign almost no weight to the dogged work you do just to make your own posts possible, the content itself, etc.

Why they decided to do this bit at all is a mystery, but it smells of a pre-emptive kind of "no true Scotsman" fallacy.

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I believe management and staffers at MSNBC, CNN, NYT, et al, rationalize their ineptitude and duplicity as follows:

Yes, we intentionally misled our audiences with lies and fake news with our reporting on the _________________________ story (insert Russiagate or any other Trump era fake news scandal), however, Trump was such a threat to our democracy and Western Civilization that we had to use all means necessary, including creating and/or perpetuating false narratives, to keep Trump from being reelected.

Curiously, MSM reporting of false narratives has not slowed down or stopped since Trump left office, which proves the adage once you start telling lies it's very hard to stop!

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You're kidding, right? Contradictory viewpoints must not be heard. Dissenting voices must be eliminated. That is the raison d'être of the old media and the national intelligence apparatus (but I repeat myself).

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When I read this thread from time to time, I see a few glaring errors from posters.

One of which happens to be confusing Democratic Party Leaders with being left, liberal in the general sense or having much connection to the masses of people who've taken on the progressive identity. These leaders put on this identity like it is a costume, but in no way is it reflected in their most important policy initiatives.

Do you think here in this space, we could agree to quit calling the Bidens, the Obamas and the Clintons of the world leftist liberals? It is inaccurate and contributes to division.

I say this because in almost every category one can evaluate a President (distinguishing it from political candidate), they are uniquely Neoliberal. This means that they support the war machine, defense department policies. They are led by their scrotums to nominate Goldman Sachs executives into the White House as their Treasury advisors, and have been responsible for:

1. Creating Shitty Neoliberal Policies (NAFTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, ZIRP, Drones Warfare)

2. Substituting Shitty Neoliberal Policies (Affordable Care Act, Prison Pipeline, WS Bailouts)

3. Ignoring Popular Progressives & Labor Initiatives (M4A, Min Wage $15, Free College)

The number of wars, their financial allies, their vacuous pandering at election time, their disgust for the average working person, their absence during and contributions to our worst national events home and abroad would lead me not to think of these people as left or even right, but attached to the billionaire class in discernible ways, which makes party affiliation as we, the people, tend to use it errant--- it is more of a mask they put on when they need to belong and one they quickly take off when they get to where they are going.

Neoliberals are known for having one foot in the culture when it suits, and one foot attached to power making our labels inaccurate --- and destined for the pleabs to argue over.

Biden, Obama, the Clintons are NOT leftists --- once you get a net worth near $50 million, your political affiliation goes from the traditional pick a side 50/50 Left or Right theatre to the gaming both sides 100 (whichever party does what I want) side where they win whomever wins.

Thank you for reading.

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Why would MSNBC invite on someone who would shatter the carefully constructed narrative they've spend years fabricating?

That would be like Lincoln buying theater tickets for John Wilkes Booth.

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Go get them, you magnificent son of a bitch.

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What a terrible human being Joe is. Despicable cheating lying moron married to a brain dead twit. Pathetic.

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I'd like to share some entries from the Newspeak Dictionary, 12th Edition: "Media screw-ups" means shabby government propaganda efforts which failed. "Useful Idiots on Russia's payroll" means, courageous critics of power who are well worth the top Substack subscription fee. And "misinformation/disinformation" means attempts to get at the truth and expose power's crimes & misdeeds.

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No question that JoSco intended the swipe at Matt...

The funniest part is that the colossal prick thinks he was punching down the whole time.

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The Bad Orange Man tormenting the living crap out if this fool and his wife was priceless entertainment.

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Rather see you on Rachel Maddow since Maddow desperately needs to be subjected to a soul crushing "have you no sense of decency?" style calling out live on the air, given her betrayal of her journalistic integrity spreading the Russiagate lies like she did.

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