Sure is weird seeing the media talk like real reporters for the last few weeks -- it makes me think that Biden's time is up and they'll be replacing him sooner rather than later. The tricky question is -- how do you time it in a way that denies democratic voters the right to choose the candidate? And how do you justify passing up Harris for somebody like Gavin Newsom?

On the other side, nobody's coming close to Trump. He'll be the nominee unless he's in jail -- and maybe even then.

Oh, and the Democrats pretending you're stupid and Hunter was only selling "the illusion" of access has got to be one of the most offensive things out there. Yet that's clearly the talking point that went out today.

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I did not vote for Trump in 2016. I did not vote for Trump in 2020. (I did not vote for HRC or for Halfwit Joe, either) but I can recognize a witch hunt when I see one.

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Covid revealed that there are 2 camps - the obedient, rule followers who question nothing and believe everything, and the malcontents - people who question everything, want proof and start from a place of distrust. There is no convincing either group of the legitimacy of the other.

Now we're seeing another group re-emerge - those who hate Trump and feel rage toward anyone who voted for him. Those who hate Trump still subscribe to cable tv, still believe CNN, still have a magazine or newspaper subscription and will never admit they got fooled, lied to, gaslit or manipulated regarding anything about Trump being a Putin puppet/Russian spy, getting a golden shower from Russian prostitues, Covid, vaccines, social distancing, masking, Fauci, Wallensky, Biden, Russia, Ukraine or any number of topics they're convinced of with no proof. They have no problem with the government censoring speech, no problem with Pfizer lying about side effects of 'vaccines' and no problem with anyone they voted for or trusted.

They're petrified of being wrong. Of acknowledging they got bamboozled. Of admitting they're no better than any garden variety scientologist.

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“More restraints than Hannibal Lecter on the tarmac” Great stuff Matt!

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It amazes me that the media, the corporate and academic elite, and the parties cannot see WHY this is happening.

I bet Michael Moore would get it even through gritted teeth.

Trump was elected as the greatest FU to the establishment ever sent by voters. He advocated policies that ran counter to those of the DC consensus that so many voters hated and still hate. He attacked everyone they hate, the media and coastal elites that call them flyover country and deplorables. The same elites, DC apparatchiks, lobbyists that have screwed them economically, who mock them and their suffering.

The media, the elites, the DC apparatchiks, then proceeded to do all they could to take down and make impotent the man they sent to DC. They used every means, fair or foul, to get him. They openly undermined him. They encouraged people in government to not follow the instructions he issued. In short, the elites kicked back and then announced loudly that it was the pathetic, evil losers who voted him in that had to be reined in too. These voters and Trump were now tied together. You hit Trump you are hitting them and their views and their interests and you just proved you will play dirty to hit him and them. The elites took their masks and their gloves off, ready for a knock down, bloody fight. If they did not rig the 2020 election, they sure put their thumbs on the scale with media bias among other things.

Those elites then proceeded to show openly the corruption that they had at least tried to hide before. They engaged in censorship, told people the were racist or transphobic or stupid for not just falling in line with the latest social wave fashionable in LA or Manhattan. They screwed up COVID. They screwed up Afghanistan. They screwed up the southern border and public safety. They are screwing up our debt, our currency and our foreign policy. They are incompetent elites that feel entitled to judge others those they perceive as rubes and fools.

Trump's numbers go up with each indictment because each indictment is an attack not just on Trump but on those who voted for him. Each indictment feels like an extension of the attacks that happened during his term in office, a term those voters sent him for, the elites undermined.

My money is on Trump beating Biden. Then, look the hell out. Because Trump is a vindictive SOB with nothing left to lose and no second term to worry about, and he will be supported and encouraged by a voter base that is bordering on enraged and hates elites and DC more than ever.

The only option the elites are gonna have is to have a kind of revolution and to use some kind of coercion to check Trump and that, I suspect, will lead to REAL chaos and REAL (not words) violence. God help this country if Trump were to be assassinated.

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Just one radically unprecedented prosecutorial theory pulled out of thin air would be bad enough, but it's shaping up to be *four* against Trump. Anyone who says there isn't a political vendetta against Trump is full of shit.

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Both major parties are appalling, serving the elites in ways both disgraceful (corruption and legal grift) and dangerous (our brinkmanship with Russia over Ukraine, which is now seeming like just another money laundering opportunity for the Biden Crime Syndicate).

Adding insult to injury for anyone with a shred of leftist sensibilities left, is the craven folding of the progressive-left to become the water carriers for this above state woke-militarism, arguing not about the bloated almost 1 trillion dollar pentagon budget, but how improbably woke the military can actually get. The only people manning the ramparts as far as the peace movement goes are--Rand Paul? Meanwhile, the middle class rots and dies and the working class has mostly just given up the Ds for dead. The economic populist measures that people truly love have withered and disappeared, universal healthcare would cost a fraction of even a percent of the Pentagon's budget.

It's truly a Looking Glass World. And one must ask--was this the end-game of the neocon/neoliberal dream? To truly push nearly everyone but the .1 % into precarious lives, a virtual feudalism? Certainly the disgraceful lockdowns during Covid hinted at it.

I'd sit back and eat popcorn and watch this whole shitshow unfold the next year, if it weren't for my OWN family being behind the 8 ball financially. I guess I'll watch it unfold whilst working my 3rd job to make ends meet.

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Aug 1·edited Aug 2

Voting for Trump even if he is in jail sounds like something a clear majority of Americans would love to do as the biggest ever 🖕 to the media and crooks in DC. If government can't be fixed, destroy it.

Blow it to hell and back and devil take the hindmost. That is the agenda. The only sanity I have to offer is a vote for RFK even if he's sort of nuts. At least he's inquisitive, anti-war, and pro environment. He did a good interview with Jimmy Dore and is going to do one with Max Blumenthal on Israel.

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As part of their cult deprogramming, I would suggest to all the professional liars of the MSM, most esp the bigshots like Tom Friedman, MoDo, the odious reptiles Bill Kristol and Jen Rubin, and really the entire staffs of the NYT and WaPo et al. to look in the mirror every morning and say:

"At least half of the country was willing to vote for a con man in the shape of a human anal wart because people like me are such arrogant condesending hypocrites who live like whores yet imagine we deserve to give the Sunday sermon. They hate us and are right to hate us because we are modern whited sepulchers who pretend to care about things like "freedom" and "democracy" while obviously only caring about status and money. But as we deserve and have earned their hatred, I will atone by handing over my job to a member of a Victim class I pretend to care so much about and by spending the rest of my days never opening my stupid mouth unless I know what I'm talking about."

A man can dream!

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America isn't the same today as it was in 2011 or 2016. We have craven Democrat prosecutors, who don't care what they are doing to the country. We have a brazen DOJ who doesn't care either. It's out and in the open now. It feels like not only do they want to punish Trump, and even imprison him for life, but they want to punish the electorate too. I'm very concerned about our country and where it's headed.

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I think the messaging paralysis is also due to the irrelevance-induced shock that main stream media outlets must be experiencing by now. How is it that the American public isn't paying rapt attention to the decrees handed down by the Media Industrial Complex? How could Kennedy be ahead of the pack, when WE'VE TOLD YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN HE'S A CRANK?? Messaging is being ignored, rightfully so, and thus the messengers are stunned into silence. But it's temporary. They'll revive. UFOs are on the way, right?

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They really don't get why people are still supporting Trump. I don't think they ever understood it. They assigned a bunch of reasons that were false and then truly started to believe those were the reasons. Trump support will only continue to go up because people know what happened with Russia hoax, they can see that none of it is about Trump (they just want to remove a candidate because they don't trust the people), and the obvious and never-ending attacks and law changes and two tier system are obvious to the average voter. They are offended. It's a stupid strategy for the Dems and they keep doubling down, as usual.

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I remember thinking (when I leaned Democrat) during the G.W. Bush administration and see that administration’s absolutely flawless manipulation of reality, language, media and how the Democrats just didn’t seem to understand how to wield power and be COMPLETELY without morals or shame.

I guess they’ve learned that lesson exceptionally well.

The Bush neo-cons were superlative teachers because even they would not have been SO blatant. They would have at least made up a story.

The Democrats don’t apparently have time for fairytales (except the one about equality under the law), they are bound and determined not to even acknowledge that there could possibly be any other way than theirs of looking at the world.

May this country never forget how they behaved during these times.

I know I won’t.

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Truly mindboggling. I am no fan of the Trumpster but I can sure see how many people want him to take a sledgehammer to the establishment. It is a 24/7 gaslight.

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Taibbi swings...there's a shot...deep, deep...

It's a homerun!

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Wow - "both nominees in ankle monitors" -this is where if you don't laugh, you'll cry or get your ex-pat gig going. As for laughing - we're already the laughing stock of the world, it's just that when they laugh at us, we bomb, sanction, coup them, and poison yet another sovereign well in the name of - ta da - democracy!

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