I was hoping to see a post calling out the incredible inability of the press to act appropriately in reporting the facts of Rittehouse, in contrast with the amazingly measured response to Waukesha this week. Comparing and contrasting the reasonable response this week to the 15 months of hysterics and lying about Rittenhouse would be hilarious.

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‘Everybody in America you don't like, gathered in one place’ Thanksgiving

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Did you actually watch the entire trial vs. the corporate msm and Dem bullshit?

The “ protesters” were all white, extremely violent with lenghthy criminal records, including attempted strangulation, assault, DUI w/ possession of illegal firearms, rape of 11 boys under the age of twelve, arson, armed robbery… to name a few. One of the white assailants was screaming at Rittenhouse, repeatedly telling him, “ I’m going to fucking kill you, ni**er!

The prosecutor broke every legal protocol, including withholding exculpatory evidence, pointing an AR rifle at the jury w/ his finger on the trigger, accusing Rittenhouse of wrongdoing by exercising his 5th amendment rights after being Mirandized and hiring an attorney, enhancing and altering photos,comparing Rittenhouse being savagely beaten w/ a skateboard ,drop kicked and the assailant trying to take the gun while he was on his back in the middle of the street to a “ bar fight” where you call it a night and go home.

To make matters worse, the prosecutor’s “star witnesses” testified against the prosecution! When the prosecutor said to the witness, “ I didn’t coach you or tell you to change your story”, the witness said, “ Yes, you did”. Another witness, Gauge something, who was shot in the arm was asked by the Defense, “ Did you have a gun pointed at Mr. Rittenhouse’s head?”, he answered, “ Yes, that would be correct”. He was also arrested two weeks prior on a second DUI and possession of an illegal firearm. Just prior to the trial, the prosector dropped the charges so they could be brought into evidence by the defense.

The weapon charge against Rittenhouse was dropped because the size was within legal parameters, Wisconsin law allows for open carry and the legal age to purchase a weapon is 17 .

The MSM named Rittenhouse a “ White Supremacist”, member of the “Proud Boys” ( he wasn’t and the boogeymen Proud Boys leader is Afro-latino and turns out, an FBI operative)

His mother didn’t drive him “ across state lines with a weapon. She was at home, sleeping. His father, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents live in Kenosha. He works in Kenosha. He grew up in Kenosha. His best friend lives in Kenosha. The gun was in Kenosha.

And as the city burned down, law enforcement was nowhere in sight. So the 17 yr old, though way out of his league made the unwise decision of trying to be the adult in the room.

Meanwhile, all the focus has been on his having no right to be there, but not a peep as to to rioters, many of whom were from out of state.

The MSM, Biden and the Dems ratcheting up the narrative, the BLM/Antifa protesters were intimidating the jury, including George Floyd’s cousin from Minneapolis posting a video telling people he had the names and addresses of the jury.

The MSM and the Dems kept up the Jacob Blake skews narrative of him being unarmed and “killed” by the white cops. He was attempting to steal a. car and was waved a knife at the cops. Nor do they mention the cops had been called by his ex-girlfriend who had a restraining order against him for battery. He broke the restraining order and was attempting to strangle her. A real hero.

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Phrases such as "...21st-century American political culture has become an ever-widening suckhole of cringe" leave me laughing through my tears.

Nobody tells it like you do, Matt.

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Will Biden, corrupt DNC leadership and corporate media be responsible for Kenosha parade massacre? We don't know yet but likely....

A Question:

All this emphasis on "woke" and white racism – is it to desperately avoid something else ?

-- Unprecedented income and capital gap, that is class inequality chasm ??

-- In addition to the modern "original sin" - DNC-CIA-state (corporate) media concocted Russia-gate hoax ??

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Let's have more media coverage of the Epstein-Maxwell trial, instead and get into that trove of video and photos, the flight log of the Lolita Express, etc. That's much more interesting to me.

Or if that's too much trouble, have someone produce a "Stand Your Ground" reality TV show where "contestant-combatants" face off with the firearm of their choice at 300 meters and move ten meters closer after each miss until blood is shed.

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America is addicted to pseudo-outrage.

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The strapline on this video—“Everybody in America you don't like, gathered in one place”—is poor journalism, and I think it violates the basic principles of TK News. If I’m reading this strapline correctly, it taints, even undermines, the great journalism of the video itself. Was this strapline meant as clickbait? Was it supposed to prep me to feel cringe for all the "idiots" outside the courthouse? Because, instead, except for a few exceptions, I was heartened by the mostly peaceful humanity of it all. I saw real people exercising their rights to speak and assemble. I even saw cops trying at least to de-escalate a potential pressure-cooker situation. It was almost like a textbook example of “The System” actually working, something I usually don’t even believe is possible.

I wish the journalism of the legacy media was half as good as this video in fairly portraying the many sides and opinions in the Rittenhouse case. I wish this was standard reporting on CNN and NBC News. But this strapline makes me realize (and worry) that those of us who are enthusiastic followers of TK News, and of Glenn Greenwald, and of the Grey Zone, and the Jimmy Dore Show, etc.—that we are in our own potentially flawed bubble, and that we are just as likely as any other group of humans to become holier-than-thou, pearl-clutching deranged tribalists who think we’re better than all the propagandized sheeple who disagree with us.

Hopefully, I'm just misreading or misunderstanding that strapline, but if not, then perhaps we're all due for a little self-critique.

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Huxley wrote that a method of totalitarian tyranny is to use tools of propaganda that divided the nation. Most aligning with the propaganda being fed and everybody else as not human.

Seeing a pattern? The most glaring at the moment is the vaxxed vs. the un-vaxxed. Everything is an effort to divide, distract, conquer and control… while the country is at war with it’s neighbors, a far more nefarious plan is being enacted. Nobody is paying attention.

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The people formerly known as reporters are the twenty-first centuries’ version of Ned Beatty’s character, Bobby Trippe, in “Deliverance”. Their handlers tell them to squeal like a pig, which they do.

The only difference is Beatty’s character didn’t enjoy it.

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American media loved that protest circus. The protests they didn't love enough to even cover this passed weekend were the huge worldwide protests against vaccine mandates & passports.

Australia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Budapest, Scotland, etc. In Italy folks with green vaccine passes were burning them in solidarity.

I suspect that they're already preparing the obligatory "Look at these white supremacist, anti-vaxxer, Trump loving, anti-science idiots" speech they give when they see protests they don't like about subjects they're not paid to support in case America pulls its collective head out of its collective ass.

Luckily for the media many Americans seem to be gibbering idjits in clown makeup.

To steal from Deadbolt, "The only good clown is a dead clown."


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The guy with the Jesus poster in Portland in the video with Activism, Uncensored STILL makes the most sense of anyone in these videos...

"Stop. Just stop! Stop shooting people, it's not right! What are you thinking!"

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Scary to think Maserati Mike used to be a police officer, guy seems unhinged. Well said about "Every person you never want to meet appeared to be present" lol.

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FBI and Edgar Hoover === CIA-FBI and Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Hayden === SAME despicable dangerous bastards

Just watched "1971" (2014 documentary) -- overall message - CONTINUITY

Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI: 1971 - YouTube


Among the materials obtained by extremely courageous break-in was a single file mentioning "COINTELPRO", a secret surveillance program that was run by J. Edgar Hoover. Subsequent investigations regarding COINTELPRO played an important role in the 1975 Church Committee.

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Everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame for being the most extreme activist out there. Doesn't seem much different from people acting a fool in front of the British guards, all that has changed is how far we're willing to go to get a reaction. Sensible people stayed home.

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Drama, drama, drama, and nobody cares about the facts. When did people become so selfish and disrespectful that they can’t even listen when other people speak? They have to shout over them to make their ideas disappear. Listening is more important than speaking, and a lot more important than yelling. “The second amendment is there to protect the first amendment” was an important part of this video, but did anybody listen to it?

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